Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 173 - Don’t You Have Even the Slightest Shred of Feelings for Me!

Chapter 173: Don’t You Have Even the Slightest Shred of Feelings for Me!

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When she heard this, the color in Bai Meijiao’s face drained to one that was even paler than the paint on the wall.

The eavesdroppers around them looked astonished.

Our condominium?


So Mu Xiaoxiao was staying with Young Master Jie?! They were co-habiting?

“No, I didn’t.” Yin Shaojie pinched his eyebrows and turned towards Bai Meijiao beside him. “Did you say that?” he asked, his gaze cold and sharp.

Hit by a wave of terror, Bai Meijiao shook both her hands and head hurriedly. “No! That wasn’t what I said. I’ve never said that!”

Han Qiqing crossed her arms and said sarcastically, “Finally knowing fear? Why didn’t you think of the consequences when you were lying?”

Bai Meijiao’s eyes were rimmed with tears as she hugged Yin Shaojie’s arm. “Young Master Jie, I really didn’t say that. Please trust me, will you?” she said with a pitiable look on her face.

She then shot a hateful glare at Mu Xiaoxiao and continued, “I only said that Young Master Jie and I were together last night. I never mentioned that I’ve been to Young Master Jie’s house! Don’t wrong me!”

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned and understood everything in a flash.

Right, Bai Meijiao never said such a thing. She had only tried to steer people into misunderstanding the situation.

She had to admit that Bai Meijiao was really smart.

However, Mu Xiaoxiao was only bothered with the first part of her sentence. She turned towards Yin Shaojie and asked, “Were you together with her last night?”

Bai Meijiao scrambled to reply, “That’s right! That’s absolutely right! How could I lie in front of Young Master Jie?”

Yin Shaojie looked at Mu Xiaoxiao but didn’t speak, seeming to agree tacitly.

Mu Xiaoxiao took in a deep breath. Smiling, she stood up suddenly.

“I’m full. Thanks for the treat.”

She then turned around and left.

Han Qiqing was stunned. She looked at Yin Shaojie angrily and said, “How could you do that to Xiaoxiao!”

She then rushed after her.

Yin Shaojie sat there quietly, his gaze expressionless.

After school, in the afternoon.

Just as Yin Shaojie entered the condominium and prepared to close the door, Mu Xiaoxiao’s foot appeared, and she used her hand to block the door.


Noticing him gazing into her eyes, Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her chin and shot him a glance. “What? Aren’t you going to welcome me home?”

She walked in and changed into her pair of slippers, throwing her bag onto the sofa carelessly and making herself very much at home.

“I only stayed over at Little Qing’s place for one night. I never said I wouldn’t come back.”

She was smiling her usual bright smile as though nothing had happened today.

Yin Shaojie stared at her smile, but his dark eyes seemed to hold some coldness.

He had liked her smile in the past, for it was really sunny and cute, and it made her seem like she had not a care in the world.

However, he felt that it was overly-dazzling now.

Mu Xiaoxiao walked into the washroom and washed her face, not giving him a second glance. She seemed to be unaware of his weird gaze and the fishy atmosphere.

After she finished washing up, she walked out and stretched before heading to the fridge to get something.

“Any drinks for you?” she lifted her head, her dark eyes looking at him as she asked.

Yin Shaojie’s patience finally ran out.

He grabbed her arm violently and pushed her against the fridge.

His handsome face was furious as he bellowed at her angrily, “Mu Xiaoxiao! Don’t you have even the slightest shred of feelings for me?”

He had been together with Bai Meijiao last night.

Did she not mind it at all?

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