Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 169 - Going to Find Yin Shaojie

Chapter 169: Going to Find Yin Shaojie

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Why did he say that?

It was because Yin Shaojie was the celebrity who received the most attention at Shangde High!

His every action was scrutinized by everyone, and even the littlest news about him would spread throughout the school like wildfire.

Moreover, the girls he had dated were especially fond of striving for his favor. If one of them received a gift from him, they would broadcast it to the entire world.

If a girl had done it with him, she would definitely have announced it to the entire world. However, such news had never been circulated since the very beginning.

Yin Shaojie’s personality was known by everyone, and no one had the guts to spread fake news about him.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at Yu Zhe and asked blankly, “Really?”

Yu Zhe nodded. “Really. Do you trust me?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and didn’t speak anymore.

It was really hard to endure through the first lesson. She couldn’t help but think that even if Yin Shaojie hadn’t done that with Bai Meijiao, did he really bring her over to the condominium?

Even if Bai Meijiao had only stood in their living room, it was something Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t stand. She would demolish the entire living room.


If this is really true, I will commit arson and burn the entire condominium down! Mu Xiaoxiao thought furiously.

The class finally ended. Unable to stand it any longer, she stood up and went out.

This time, Yu Zhe didn’t stop her but followed behind anxiously.

Bai Meijiao coincidentally walked over too and started heading in the same direction as her.

It was obvious that Bai Meijiao was looking for Yin Shaojie as well. She looked askance at Mu Xiaoxiao proudly as though she was the winner of the two.

At the first floor, they bumped into Han Qiqing.

“Xiaoxiao, where are you going?” Han Qiqing questioned uncomprehendingly, moving forward to hook her arm through hers.

Bai Meijiao was, of course, aware of Han Qiqing’s identity. Her expression changed when she saw how intimate she was with Mu Xiaoxiao.

Why was Han Qiqing acting so familiarly with Mu Xiaoxiao?

“I’m looking for Yin Shaojie,” Mu Xiaoxiao said. Her voice sounded choked and funny as though something was blocking her throat.

“What’s up? Why is this woman tagging along with you?”

Han Qiqing looked towards Bai Meijiao and noticed the weird atmosphere.

Yu Zhe knew that Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t feel like speaking and spoke for her, narrating what had happened in class to Han Qiqing.

“This was what happened.”

Bai Meijiao looked a little panicked and tried to scramble away.

Unexpectedly, Han Qiqing shouted at her, “You, wait!”

Bai Meijiao froze and didn’t dare to take another step. Turning around, she put on a charming smile and asked, “Miss Qiqing, what did you call me for?”

Han Qiqing held Mu Xiaoxiao’s hand as she walked in front of her, chuckling coldly, “Did you say that Yin Shaojie spent the night with you? What happened between the both of you?”

“Uh, this… This…” Bai Meijiao stammered.

“You f*cking liar!” Han Qiqing was blunt and spat the three words to her face. She harrumphed mockingly and said, “I believe he hasn’t even kissed you once!”

Bai Meijiao’s face turned pale as a sheet as if Han Qiqing had hit the nail on the head.

“Excuse me! I have to go!” she said hurriedly before rushing off swiftly.

Han Qiqing ignored her. Pulling on Mu Xiaoxiao, she headed outside.

Yu Zhe felt out of place and could only stand there and watch them as they moved out of sight before returning to the classroom.

When they had arrived under the shade of a tree, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but blurt out, “How did you know that she was lying?”

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