Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 157 - She Doesn’t Want His Kiss

Chapter 157: She Doesn’t Want His Kiss

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“Did you say that she’s blacklisted me?” Yin Shaojie asked, enunciating each and every word.

Han Qiqing could feel his fury even over the phone. She replied a little awkwardly, “Yeah… That’s why I’m curious. What did you do to make her so angry?”

Yin Shaojie pinched his brows but did not reply. He was also confused as to why he had acted the way he had in the office earlier; it was as though he had been possessed.

However, he hadn’t thought that things would be this serious!

He had only wanted to kiss her. And so what if he did? Did it warrant such fury?

He really didn’t understand what girls were thinking.

Yin Shaojie really wanted to ask Han Qiqing how girls thought. There was no harm done in just a kiss. Moreover, weren’t there numerous girls who wanted him to kiss them?

However, he dismissed that thought and didn’t ask.

When he didn’t speak, she had no choice but to continue, “Actually, Xiaoxiao is only temporarily blinded by anger, so it’ll blow over soon enough. Let her sleep over here tonight; we’ve not had a sleepover and talked in a long time. Still, you should think about something quickly to coax her back.”

Unexpectedly, Yin Shaojie became upset at these words and harrumphed tsunderely, “Why should I coax her? She has forgotten that she was the one who lied to me first! I haven’t even forgiven her, yet she’s angry with me now. I don’t care whether she’s coming back or not anymore!”

His anger rose as he thought about her blacklisting him.

Most importantly, she was angry because he had wanted to kiss her!

Did she despise him so much?

So what if he had really kissed her? They were currently engaged, and she was his wife. Wasn’t it natural for him to kiss her?

Yin Shaojie felt the frustration in his chest grow as he thought about her rejection, her repulsion at being kissed by him.

Han Qiqing was speechless.

She suddenly didn’t know what to say any longer. This was the epitome of a lovers brawl. Both of their emotions were clouded by anger, and none of them wanted to yield first.

Alright then, things were up to both of them now. She wanted to see who would yield first.

Han Qiqing thought, I bet half a yuan that it would be Yin Shaojie who yields first!

“Alright, I’ve got nothing more to say. Do as you see fit then. Bye-bye,” Han Qiqing said before hanging up.

Yin Shaojie threw his phone onto the coffee table, his handsome face dark.

He swept a glance at the table of food and walked over. “If you’re not coming back to eat, I’ll have it myself then!”

Sitting down, he picked up a piece of red braised pork with his chopsticks. This was Mu Xiaoxiao’s favorite.

He managed to scoop up two mouthfuls of rice before pausing his chopsticks. He remembered something when they were young — he had refused to eat, and she had been beside him, coaxing him. She had been standing on a chair as her little hand picked up a piece of red braised pork unskillfully, pretending to revel in the delicious smell of the meat. She had made such cute noises, saying that it smelled so good, asking if he wanted some, even just a mouthful.

A wave of frustration hit him again. That stifling feeling felt even harder to get rid of.

Looking at the table of food, his nose picked up on the aroma of good food. It smelled delicious and appetite inducing, but he could not stomach it.

Food simply did not taste good without her to eat it with him.

The two scoops of rice he had stuffed in his mouth suddenly felt like wax under his tongue, and it was hard to swallow.

However, he forced himself to swallow it. Slamming his chopsticks down onto the table, he got up, took his keys near the front door, and went out.

The door banged shut.

The lights in the house were still lit as if awaiting their masters’ return.

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