Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1539 - One Lie After Another (10)

Chapter 1539: One Lie After Another (10)

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The helper was smiling through her eyes as she watched this.

 It seemed to her that the two were reconciled, and that was great news.

 The helpers saw everything and really wanted to let Mu Xiaoxiao know that though the Young Master seemed very aloof, he had been staring at the same page the whole time. It should be known that their Young Master could speed read and easily finish reading a page.

 Just then, Mama Yin happened to come downstairs, and upon seeing this scene, she couldn’t help breaking out in a smile.

 These two kids were being so romantic already so early in the morning.

 However, this reassured her.

 Xiaoxiao’s hesitation about the marriage last night made her worry. But now that they seemed so close, she was relieved.

 “Madam,” the helper standing by the stairs bowed.

 “Shh.” Mama Yin made a hush gesture, but it was too late. Mu Xiaoxiao and Yin Shaojie had heard the helper.

 Mu Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed. She got up from Yin Shaojie, her face slightly red as she looked at Mama Yin, and she greeted her awkwardly, “Good morning, Mama Yin.”

 “Good morning, Xiaoxiao baby. You two continue. Pretend I’m not here.” As an experienced person, of course, Mama Yin understood how she felt. She gave a warm smile and turned around to head upstairs.

 Mu Xiaoxiao ran over and hugged her arm. “Mama Yin! Have you had breakfast?”

 “I’ll go up and eat. You two can eat together.”

 “I’ve eaten already. He’s had his breakfast too. Oh yeah, we’re going to school. Mama Yin, you should have breakfast soon too.” Mu Xiaoxiao smiled sweetly, her cheerfulness returning.

 Mama Yin rubbed her little head. “Alright then, you two should get going.”

 Mu Xiaoxiao then let go of her hand. She hopped back to Yin Shaojie. Hugging his shoulder from behind the sofa, she bent down, her head placed beside his as she said, “Come on, let’s go to school.”

 “Okay.” Yin Shaojie put down his iPad and stood up from the sofa.

 Mu Xiaoxiao had to release her hand, and it slid down.

 She reached her hands out to him.

 Yin Shaojie looked at her hand deliberately for a moment. Instead of holding her as she wished, he walked towards the door himself.

 Mu Xiaoxiao curled her lips. It seemed that she was not done with the revolution. She still had to keep it going strong!

 This was no defeat, she still had a plan!

 Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled mischievously, turned around and waved to Mama Yin and said, “Mama Yin, we’ll be going to school then, bye bye!”

 “Okay okay. Off you go.” Mama Yin smiled, looking curious as she asked the helper beside her, “Were they fighting?”

 Strange, her son actually ignored Xiaoxiao’s hand. This scene seemed to have only happened when he was a child.

 Yes. It happened when both of them quarreled when they were young.

 That was why Mama Yin concluded that they were probably fighting.

 But from the looks of it, they didn’t seem to have fought.

 Perhaps, it was just a little disagreement?

 The helper bowed, and she answered with a smile, “The Young Master seems to have an argument with Miss. But when Miss tried to humor the Young Master, he secretly smiled. It should be alright. They will reconcile soon.”

 The helpers who had more experience working in the Yin residence had seen such a scene many years before, so it didn’t cause them worry.

 Mama Yin smiled. “It’s okay to quarrel once in a while. That’s how a relationship develops.”

 “Yes, Madam,” the helper agreed.


 At the entrance to the Yin residence.

 Mu Xiaoxiao was chasing after Yin Shaojie from behind. Though it clearly seemed as though he wasn’t walking very quickly, she was panting breathlessly as she chased after him.


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