Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1536 - One Lie After Another (7)

Chapter 1536: One Lie After Another (7)

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“Stop!” Ning Ruyan couldn’t help but raise his hand and stop him from continuing, “Those are not how normal people use it, okay?”

 Normal people use their cell phones to browse Weibo, post Moments, chat via WeChat, watch videos, and things like that right?

 For Jun Zeye, a smart cell phone was as good as a portable computer.

 Ning Ruyan had enough and didn’t want to continue discussing WeChat.

 “Why did you suddenly want to use WeChat? When I told you to use it previously, you always said that you didn’t need it.” He couldn’t help but wonder.

 Jun Zeye gazed outside. “I just suddenly thought of using it.”

 The car stopped at the usual place.

 Ning Ruyan got out of the car, held out his hand, and said to him, “Give me your cell phone then. I’ll help you to register.”

 Jun Zeye glanced down at his palm. Instead of complying, he simply said, “I’ll do it myself. Just tell me how to do it.”

 They found a place to sit and ordered something to eat.

 “Firstly, download WeChat. Then, you want to register with a cell phone number.”

 Jun Zeye quickly registered to WeChat as he listened to him.

 “Add me, add me,” Ning Ruyan urged him as he showed Jun Zeye the WeChat QR code. “You can just scan this.”

 But Jun Zeye brought his phone over to him.

 Ning Ruyan wondered, “Scan it, why don’t you scan it?”

 “I don’t want to add you,” Jun Zeye said, not giving face to him.

 Ning Ruyan was speechless.


 “If you don’t add anyone, why did you make a WeChat account?” He was extremely annoyed.

 “Who says I’m not adding anyone? I’m just not adding you,” Jun Zeye said bluntly.

 Struck by his comments, Ning Ruyan was aggrieved, “Why not add me? I’m your brother. You’re starting a WeChat account but you’re not adding me? Who do you want to add, then?”

 Jun Zeye said, “You’re too noisy.”

 “You…” Ning Ruyan could not rebut him, “Okay, okay, okay, I promise you. I won’t be noisy if you add me, okay?”

 “I don’t believe you.” Jun Zeye fiddled with the cell phone, his eyes fixed on the screen as he clicked on the add friend page.

 Ning Ruyan couldn’t help but be curious as he poked his head over to see who Jun Zeye wanted to add.

 “Who the heck are you adding? A girl?”

 The waiter came to serve the food. Jun Zeye picked up a steamed dumpling and stuffed it into his mouth. “Aren’t you hungry? Eat some.”

 Ning Ruyan groaned, “If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll make guesses. Who could it be? Let me see… I know! Mu Xiaoxiao! It must be her, right? You’ve been treating her very differently lately. You went to call her when we were in the interrogation room earlier, right? Did she ask you for your WeChat? That’s why you wanted to make a WeChat, right?”

 It had to be said that Ning Ruyan’s thought process was very active.

 Jun Zeye picked up another steamed dumpling and stuffed it in his mouth. “Eat it.”

 Ning Ruyan sighed, “Why are you more concerned with Xiaoxiao than me?”

 How he should feel about this!

 Jun Zeye fiddled with the cell phone and frowned, “Why does it fail?”

 “Fail? Are you on the add friend page?” Ning Ruyan glanced over as he ate.

 Jun Zeye pursed his lips, looked at him, and said, “It doesn’t seem like I can add people.”


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