Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: You Have To Obey Even If You Don’t Want To

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“Oi! Clear this up before you shower!”

With a bang, the door shut in Yin Shaojie’s face. It almost hit his high nose bridge, which he took pride in.

“Come out, Mu Xiaoxiao!” he shouted as he hit the door.

Before long, Mu Xiaoxiao emerged from the room carrying fresh clothes. “I’m so, so tired right now that my brain is fried. I can’t think. We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” Mu Xiaoxiao said while half-leaning on the door frame.

With that, she brushed past him and walked toward the bathroom.

Yin Shaojie was at his wit’s end. Noticing the tiredness on her face, he decided to drop the matter for now.

The next day, Mu Xiaoxiao, who had had a good night’s rest, heard noises coming from outside. She woke up, and throwing her blanket off of her, got out of bed.

Opening the door, she spotted Yin Shaojie.

“Yin Shaojie, where’s breakfast? I’m hungry.” Her eyes were only half-opened. Apparently, she was still half-asleep. She walked over to the sofa and dropped herself on it. She then grabbed and hugged a cushion to her chest. Her head nodding, she looked as though she would fall back asleep.

Yin Shaojie poured a glass of water in his open kitchen, his extraordinarily elegant figure leaning on the counter. “There’s no breakfast. I don’t cook here, so if you want food, go out and buy it yourself,” he said nonchalantly.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s face scrunched up miserably, and she started to wail pitifully. “No breakfast? What am I going to do? I’m going to die of hunger soon, boohoo…”

She kicked her legs as she lay on the sofa and pretended to sob.

Seeing her immature behavior, Yin Shaojie felt that she had not changed at all since she was little.

“There are beverages and milk in the fridge, and the cabinet has some biscuits and snacks. Help yourself to those first. I’ll call home and get my mum to take you up.”

Upon hearing that there was food, Mu Xiaoxiao rolled off the sofa quickly and rushed over to the fridge. “You want me to stay at your mum’s? From today on I’m staying here. Didn’t I tell you before?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was completely at ease here and acted as though she was at her own place. She casually took out some milk to drink, and seeing an apple, she took that as well. After downing half of the milk, she proceeded to eat the apple.

Yin Shaojie looked at her and said, “I will not agree to an engagement of any sort!”

Shrugging, Mu Xiaoxiao said, “If you disagree, bring it up with your parents and Grandpa Yin too. I don’t have any say in this.”

He frowned. “Grandpa Yin too? What is this nonsense?”

“Mama Yin said that she will explain it to you when you go back this weekend. Even then, if you don’t like it, you still have to agree to it, so be a good boy and don’t oppose them any longer.” Mu Xiaoxiao was apparently aware of the consequences and knew that Yin Shaojie had no choice but to obey so long as it was Grandpa Yin’s orders.

Frustrated, Yin Shaojie said, “I’m not waiting until the weekend. We’re going back today to clear things up!”

“Whatever.” Mu Xiaoxiao spread her arms disinterestedly. She had already given in; he would follow suit soon.

Finishing her apple, she threw the core in the bin and washed her hands. “Aren’t you going to school? Wait for me—I’ll brush my teeth, wash up, and change my clothes really quickly,” she said.

“You’re coming to school with me?” Yin Shaojie asked.

“Of course. From today onwards, I’m transferring to your school.” Leaning on the door frame of the washroom, Mu Xiaoxiao grinned.

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