Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1119 - Having Someone to Pamper Her (3)

Chapter 1119: Having Someone to Pamper Her (3)

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It looked like he couldn’t just let Xiaoxiao sleep. They had to meet up with Ye Sijue.

“Also,” William’s tone was a little stern as he continued talking. “There’s something that I feel I have to tell you. Annie and Chris’s engagement isn’t a simple one. It affects not just my and Chris’s families. I can’t divulge any details but their engagement cannot be broken. I hope you’ll be able to understand this.”

Yin Shaojie was silent for a while before replying, “I understand.”

William then ended the call.

Yin Shaojie put the phone away. He looked down at Mu Xiaoxiao’s peaceful sleeping face.

He couldn’t help but think about Ye Sijue’s current situation.

How would he feel if My Xiaoxiao were secretly engaged to someone else?

He was unable to imagine how wretched he would feel.

Ye Sijue was one of his best buddies. He had to help.

But the situation…

William was Xiaoxiao’s good friend. He already told them not to break Annie and Chris’s engagement. Xiaoxiao would be put on the spot.

Yin Shaojie sighed again. Lowering his head, he kissed Mu Xiaoxiao’s head softly and gently.

He was lucky that his relationship with Xiaoxiao was relatively steady.

He felt that growing up with Xiaoxiao laid a solid foundation for their feelings and that their love ran so deep that their relationship indestructible.

No one in the world could snatch Xiaoxiao away from him.

Chris’s castle was beautiful. It was built in the European medieval style, which made visitors feel as though they had traveled centuries through time.

Sunlight glittered across the large bed.

Annie opened her drowsy eyes. She felt a little disorientated.

She felt that she was still in China.

She was obviously in a very beautiful castle right now, laying on a gorgeous European-style bed. There was nothing around her that had anything to do with China.

However, she was still thinking of her condominium in City A. She particularly missed the bed that she had slept on for only a few days and the living room in which she had chased Ye Sijue around.

Annie turned to the side and hugged a pillow to her chest as she looked out the window. She didn’t know why but she sighed a little.

She then flipped over, sat up, and got out of bed, putting on her slippers.

After washing up, a female helper walked in and went into the cloakroom to help her pick out her clothes. A dazzling line of clothes in all sorts of styles awaited her. Chris had specially ordered them for her.

After changing, Annie walked down to an enormous living room.

She hadn’t expected Tian Yunxin to already be there.

Tian Yunxin looked like she was enjoying herself. She was sitting on an European-style three-seater sofa as she drank coffee from an elegant porcelain cup with a floral design. From where Annie was, she looked like a princess.

It couldn’t be helped. Anyone living within the gorgeous castle walls could easily be mistaken for nobility.

“Morning.” Tian Yunxin lifted her gaze and smirked a little as she greeted Annie.

Annie frowned slightly at her attitude.

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