End of the Magic Era

Chapter 993 - Break Through 

Chapter 993 Break Through 

As the Odin Kingdom’s people got louder and louder, they disturbed Lin Yun to the point where he couldn’t completely tune them out. Xiuban and the others were angrily staring at them. Lin Yun frowned, not paying attention to the Odin Kingdom.

‘A bunch of idiots… They think that everything is over because they killed a Nine-Tailed Icefox? The ice marks in the surroundings are at most a hundred years old. In other words, that Nine-Tailed Icefox had definitely been sleeping here for around a hundred years. It wasn’t always guarding this place.

‘This means that there is nothing here apart from the twelve Beast Gods’ statues. The hallway is huge, but there is nothing valuable. The materials used to build the temple are valuable, but unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to dig it up.

‘This kind of lousy area only had a Heaven Rank Magic Beast to protect it. Are they all idiots? They only rushed and got rid of that magic beast…

Lin Yun ignored Dedale and frowned as he kept carefully studying the temple, especially that several-hundred-meter-tall wall.

Seeing Lin Yun walking towards the corpse of the Nine-Tailed Icefox, Dylas immediately shouted with a sharp voice, “Mafa Merlin, you damned scoundrel, what do you think you are doing? You only lazed around and didn’t help out, yet you want a portion of the loot now that we managed to kill that Nine-Tailed Icefox? This is too much!”

Hearing Dylas’ loud shout, the other forces of the Odin Kingdom also reacted. They didn’t know Lin Yun was only walking over to study the strange patterns on the wall at the end of the hallway, so they assumed that he was going for the corpse of the Icefox.

“Andlusan insects, you are really a group of louts! You stayed away when fighting, yet you are first to come to collect loot once the fight is over!”

“You are really disgusting, lazy, cowardly, and greedy goblins…”

“Letting these leeches follow us was the worst decision…”

The Odin Kingdom’s people were all criticizing him. Dylas felt proud of himself as everyone stood on his side.

“Mafa Merlin, what do you have to say now? Immediately f*ck off, stay far away from the body of the Nine-Tailed Icefox…”

Lin Yun frowned in concentration without paying any attention to them. He looked at the patterns under the corpse of the Icefox and linked them with the patterns on the tall wall and managed to gather some clues.

Those numerous patterns were strange, and they also looked gorgeous. They weren’t decorations, but rather some sort of alchemy pattern, a very ancient one. They covered a few hundred meters, close to a kilometer, but that was just a portion.

Lin Yun’s expression suddenly worsened as he noticed that there was no blood around the corpse of the Icefox, and it became even worse when he found out that even the blood on the surface of the Icefox’s body had disappeared.

Lin Yun frowned and moved back towards his team. He sneered as he saw the Odin Kingdom’s side still blaming and scolding, especially Dylas, who was making the most noise.

“If you have this kind of drive, then you might as well start thinking about how to deal with the incoming troubles.”

After saying those words, Lin Yun returned to his own group with a heavy expression. Seeing his expression, Xiuban and the others instantly understood that there would be trouble. They all stopped quarreling with the Odin Kingdom and instantly got into battle stances.

The Odin Kingdom’s forces were suddenly startled when they heard this, especially Morgan and Arnaud.

The others didn’t know how powerful Lin Yun was, but Morgan and Arnaud had seen how easily he had dealt with a Pseudo-Heaven Rank Magic Beast with their own eyes. Something that would make him look worried would definitely be troublesome.

But the others were only slightly startled. Their first reaction was to assume that Mafa Merlin was making excuses. Dylas even sneered, “Mafa Merlin, you are still-”

But Dylas didn’t have time to finish his sentence because a terrifying change occurred. The corpse of that Nine-Tailed Icefox rapidly shrank, its bright fur darkening. It was as if its body was being devoured by Demons.

The corpse withered, and at that time, everyone discovered that not a single drop of its blood could be seen after its death. Now, even the flesh essence and the mana of the Nine-Tailed Icefox disappeared.

In less than three seconds, the Nine-Tailed Icefox’s corpse turned into a pile of withered ashes. Only an icy blue mana crystal was still floating in the air. But soon after, before anyone could react, that mana crystal also collapsed in a glaring brilliance and turned into fragments.

That true Heaven Rank mana crystal exploded, but not a single wisp of mana was scattered. The mana completely poured onto the ground, and those beautiful and strange patterns shone as if swept by a ripple.

In an instant, the entire dusky hallway became bright as the patterns covering every corner of the hallway shone.

Lin Yun came to a conclusion after clearly seeing the arrangement of the entire hallway, as well as the arrangement of the patterns.

Blood Sacrifice.

That Heaven Rank Nine-Tailed Icefox was an offering, an offering waiting to be slaughtered. The flesh, soul, and mana crystal of the Nine-Tailed Icefox were all part of the offering, the offering to activate this temple!

Using a Heaven Rank Magic Beast as a Blood Sacrifice’s offering in order to activate this temple would cause everything within to be teleported.

This temple’s hallway was an Extreme Teleportation Array, but where would this teleport everyone?

That definitely wouldn’t be a cheerful place…

Lin Yun frowned. He didn’t say anything because it was already too late. He originally thought that the secrets of the temple were related to the Raging Flame Battlefield, but he hadn’t expected that this temple was only a portal, a Teleportation Array.

After the entire temple was activated, a blinding light suddenly blossomed, and everyone instantly disappeared. Whether their defenses were up or not, or whether they roused their entire strength, it had completely no effect.

The next moment, everyone could see a prairie stretching across the horizon.

The first thing everyone did was to raise their defenses to guard against potential danger in their surroundings.

But nothing happened after ten seconds, as their surroundings were deathly silent.

The prairie was very flat, with no undulations in the ground. They could see very far into the distance with a single glance. Everyone used Eagle Sight, but they were unable to see the end of the prairie.

Lin Yun’s expression wasn’t very good. The prairie spread as far as the eye could see, and the green grass on the ground didn’t come from Noscent or the Raging Flame Plane. It was a kind of forked green grass. That kind of grass was very short and appeared in large quantities, spreading everywhere to the point where the ground couldn’t even be seen anymore.

And the surroundings were really too quiet. They couldn’t even hear any insects, and Detect Life didn’t give any feedback.

While using Eagle Sight, they looked around the flat prairie and could see at least up to ten kilometers away. They could faintly see some vague outlines.

But after looking around, they didn’t see any lifeforms. In other words, with everyone at the center, there was nothing alive within an area of twenty kilometers. They couldn’t see any birds either.

Moreover, there wasn’t a single trace of any scents in the air. It was as if the air wasn’t flowing here. It was filled with this strange deathly still aura, calm to the point of making people tense.

Just as everyone finished probing the surroundings, the earth suddenly shook, and they could even see vibrations on the ground.

A deathly pale bony hand pierced out of the depths of the earth, followed by another hand and half a head. Moss-green Soul Fire could be seen flowing within that skeleton’s eyes, and four thick fangs indicated its origins.


An Undead Beastman…

Morgan was startled and exclaimed with a tinge of fear, “Heavens, Undead Beastmen?”

After saying that, he promptly cast a few Detect Undead spells, but the feedback made Morgan’s hair stand on end.

“Undead! Undead everywhere!”

Morgan’s voice changed as he yelled, his face extremely pale.

Following Morgan’s screech, countless Undead continuously emerged from the ground like trees.

Most of them were various kinds of Beastman Skeleton Warriors holding big bone sticks. Some of them had no weapons in their hands as they emerged from the ground, and those broke their own ribs to use them as weapons.

At that moment, the sunny sky became dusky, and a terrifying aura of death filled the atmosphere. The grass rapidly withered as this prairie seemed to transform into the Undead Plane.

They were surrounded by the pitch-black earth, the sea of the Undead, the dense death aura that had already condensed into strands of dark grey evil wind, and the mournful sobbing that sounded like a Banshee’s wailing.

Just as they were about to fly up, they saw a large number of Skeleton Wyverns coming out of that Undead army. Numerous Wyverns flew up and covered the sky.

Along with this, more and more Undead Beastmen burrowed out of the ground. Some huge Skeleton Kodos also surged from the ground.

And this wasn’t over. Everyone could see a steady flow of the Undead coming from the ground, and as more and more of them appeared, their levels were higher and higher.

“Break through!” Dedale shouted with a shocked expression.

No one here dared to look down on these enemies. even the lowest Beastman Skeleton Warrior was Level 15, while the stronger ones were between Level 20 and Level 30.

But as time passed, the level of the Undead coming out of the ground kept increasing, as if there was no limit to how many of them were buried there. They started to worry that after a few minutes, a few Heaven Ranks might start appearing.

And the terrifying thing about the Undead wasn’t their levels; it was their numbers and their fearlessness. With no fear of death, even Level 10 Undead creatures would dare to attack a Heaven Rank powerhouse with their bone sticks.

When faced with their endless numbers, even a Heaven Rank powerhouse could end up dying from exhaustion once they fell into a sea of the Undead.

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