End of the Magic Era

Chapter 776 - Effortless

Chapter 776: Effortless

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Only those who could be called Prophets among their tribes could have these kinds of soul and mind-related spells. Hoppet could actually use them too?

It was said that fifty years ago, there had been a Raging Flame Beastman Warlock who was a disciple of a Prophet and knew how to use Mind Fog. He only released one Mind Fog in battle, and it was enough to make all the most powerful Archmages lose their sanity, giving the Raging Flame Beastmen the chance to kill at least half of the companions of those Archmages.

‘How could Mafa resist? He must actually be overwhelmed. Hoppet is the Tribal Chief of the Fireblade Tribe, so his power is definitely not that simple.’

Just as Thorne was feeling worried, Hoppet waved his staff while chanting a sharp and strange sound. In the Mind Fog, eight monsters appeared, as if created from blood.

Blood seemed to be continuously converging on these monsters, but after some meticulous examination, they could see that these blood monsters were just phantoms. Those eight phantom monsters cackled as they pounced towards the center of the Mind Fog.

Thorne’s expression changed. He had drunk the Health Potion, which had helped his injuries recover greatly, but he was still weak, so he couldn’t do much at this time.

‘That’s Blood Phantom!’

That sinister spell was said to be able to directly enter an enemy’s body and make his blood flow the wrong way. By killing itself, it could still cause hallucinations and make the victim die completely unaware. The idea was terrifying.

Especially in a situation where the target’s mental defenses weren’t strong enough. As long as this spell hit its target, they would definitely die!

Mind Fog was the spell that could destroy mental defenses. Thorne didn’t expect the evil Hoppet to be hiding sinister Mind Spells!

Thorne tightly held his greatsword with his right hand, ready to force himself to go and help.

Hoppet had a pleasantly surprised expression as he watched from the sky. He looked at the blood-colored shadows flickering within the churning fog and he kept laughing his head off.

“Arrogant Human! I can lead the Fireblade Tribe to become the most formidable tribe in the north. It’s not just Rank, it’s my strength. All those who try to stop me will die, just as all those who learnt that I could use Mind Spells died. You’ll also die, and a miserable death at that! I shall accept the warship you are gifting me!”

Hoppet burst out in loud laughter as he flew towards the Intrepid. At the same time, the Mind Fog started churning at a fiercer speed.

Lin Yun’s expression was the same as always as he slowly floated out of the Mind Fog. The eight blood monsters had crazily attacked him, but they were obviously phantoms. Even if they looked real, they stopped three meters from Lin Yun, unable to touch his body.

Hoppet’s smiling face froze as he blurted out, “How could this be, Archmages can’t resist my Mind Spell!”

Thorne also looked astonished, and the Aura he had gathered scattered. He looked as Lin Yun was continuously being attacked by the eight blood phantoms within the churning Mind Fog, but Lin Yun didn’t seem to be paying them any attention.

‘These Mind Spells have no effect on Mafa!’

Thorne instantly came to that conclusion, and he looked at Lin Yun as if he was a monster.

‘Damn, aren’t Warlocks’ most terrifying spells their debuffs and their Mind Spells? Why does it have no effect on Mafa?’

In the sky, Hoppet’s face was filled with shock, but it soon became extremely ferocious as he waved his magic staff.

Three long and thick transparent whips appeared in the air. These whips didn’t create any wind as they moved, almost as if they didn’t exist. Hoppet swung down, and they fiercely flew towards Lin Yun.

Mind Whip! A fierce and damaging Mind Spell. This was more dangerous than an elemental spell. If not blocked properly, it could turn someone into an idiot, completely destroying their mind and soul.

The three huge phantom whips were just in front of Lin Yun when they loudly shattered and caused Hoppet to spit blood, and his red skin instantly darkened.

He suffered from powerful backlash before even hitting his target.

But this time, everyone could see clearly how Lin Yun had blocked it.

Countless transparent shields could be seen around his body. Over a hundred of them were stacked on top of each other to form a huge ball protecting him inside.

Hoppet was dumbfounded.

‘Spirit Defense, no, this is Mind Shield!

‘Damn, although Spirit Defense isn’t a hard spell and every Mage can comprehend it, those that comprehended Mind Shield are very rare.

‘But what’s going on? Over a hundred Mind Shields? Who is the Mind Warlock here?’

The esteemed Peak 8th Rank Arch-Warlock was most proficient in Mind Spells, but even he couldn’t cast over a hundred Mind Shields in a few seconds!

His Mind Fog and Blood Phantom had no effect, and the Blood Phantoms weren’t even able to affect that human’s blood flow!

Lin Yun slightly frowned. Mind Spells were truly troublesome because the defenses always had to be strictly stronger than the attack in order to be effective.

A Warlock proficient in curses and Mind Spells was simply better than mages on the same level, but that’s all it was to Lin Yun.

When the wheel behind him rotated at full speed, over a hundred spells could be assembled at once. There was no pressure in readying over a hundred defensive Mind Spells in a second, and he didn’t even need to chant.

“Is that all?” Lin Yun slowly said.

Hoppet focused on recovering from the backlash. He roughly wiped the blood from his mouth and raised his staff once again.

At this time, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff, and a golden red rune shone at its tip. The wheel behind him started rotating slowly, and countless runes appeared.

Terrifying mana fluctuations were emitted as the color of the sky turned fiery red. Boundless fire elements frantically converged, and a huge hand of dark red flames appeared in front of Hoppet.

The large hand ruthlessly swung at Hoppet, and as it did, the flames seemed to shrink and solidify into a lifelike red palm showing no signs of flames.

But Hoppet became alarmed. He wasn’t stupid enough to think that this resulted in reduced power. It was the opposite: All the flames were condensed to an extreme degree, resulting in an even more formidable burning power!

Hoppet waved his staff, and a black-colored light membrane appeared in front of him to protect him. A starry sky could be seen on top of it, and the boundless expanse of space could even be seen in it.

This Dimensional Shield, which was said to be the strongest defense when compared at the same level, could absorb all attacks and turn them into its own defensive power.

But it loudly shattered when swatted by that dark red palm.

The hand exploded, and everything within thirty meters turned into a sea of flames. The frantic flames wreaked havoc, and the sound of the air crackling echoed.

A shadow rushed out of the flames. More than half of Hoppet’s clothes were burnt, and his skin had been burnt black. His hair had also been charred, making him look extremely miserable.

But Lin Yun didn’t wait for Hoppet’s counterattack. He casually waved his Draconic Staff and a red spear appeared.

The ten-meter-long spear was covered in numerous runes, and as it appeared, it shrank and compressed like the hand from earlier, reducing its length to only two meters.

A glaring golden light flickered on the lance as terrifying mana fluctuations spread in the surroundings.

But then, the golden-red spear transformed into a phantom that was slowly dissipating, and only a several-hundred-meter-long golden line was left in its wake.

And Hoppet suddenly raised his magic staff, his treasured staff only looked like an ordinary weapon at this moment as he tried to protect himself.

The spear appeared in front of Hoppet out of nowhere, and the runes on it flickered as it destroyed Hoppet’s staff and pierced through his chest.

A head-sized hole appeared in Hoppet’s chest, and the flesh within the hole was burnt black so that not even a drop of blood could leak out.

After piercing Hoppet’s chest, the spear continued for over a kilometer before finally falling to the ground.

A loud explosion echoed as a mushroom cloud rose up from the ground, leaving behind an enormous hole.

Hoppet’s body, it quickly fell to the ground as if it had been slapped down by a huge creature.

The Merlins were all stunned and lifeless as they saw this seemingly effortless battle, yet no one felt relaxed.

‘That was Hoppet! The Tribal Chief of the Fireblade Tribe! Once, when he was attacked by three 8th Rank Archmages, he killed one and seriously injured the other two! How could he fall so easily!?

‘Sir Mafa, you are simply absurd! Using over a hundred Mind Shields to defend, isn’t that too shameless?

‘And that Fire God Hand, was that even a Fire God Hand? I have studied the Fire God Hand spell for so long but I’ve never seen one like that! Is that a legendary Ultimate Spell? Damn, Fire God Hand is a 4th Rank Spell! Casually using an Ultimate Fire God Hand, is this something an Archmage can even do?

‘Would an existence like the Chairman of the Black Tower, Harren, even be able to accomplish this?’

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