Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 6: Evil charming youth

Chapter 6: Evil charming youth

In fact, in her era, unmarried pregnancy was not that big of a deal. This kind of putting the horse before the cart kind of thing was very common, even the big stars did this kind of thing.

But in this era that she had transmigrated into, if a girl was pregnant before she was married, then everyone would scold her until she drowned in the spit.

Chen Bi Yun, after wracking your brain for schemes, you never thought this day would arrive right?

Thinking of the original Chen Ning’s hate filled death as the person who caused her to die standing here and stepping over her elder sister’s body to marry her sister’s husband, Chen Ning couldn’t help bite her teeth as her eyes turned cold.

Her eyes suddenly shook as they fell onto a single person in the crowd. She couldn’t help stopping on him for a bit.

In the crowd of people that had the same shocked expression, there was a single person that had an expression like he was watching a good play.

It was a man that was around eighteen to nineteen years old. He was lying back in his chair in a lazy manner, which made it seem like he was a moon and the people in the crowd were all stars surrounding him.

Dressed in an exquisite purple brocaded robe, it outlined his beautiful as jade face. The gold and silver embroidery on his robe shined, but it all seemed bleak in comparison to his peerless elegance.

His eyes squinted and then his lazy eyes perfectly met up with Chen Ning’s eyes. The eyes that were like dark pools flashed a hidden meaning as his lips drew back and he gave Chen Ning a faint smile.

It was like a spring wind blowing through the night and millions of cherry flowers blossoming.

His one smile, seemed to make the entire wedding hall light up.

Even Chen Ning who had met so many people in her previous world, she still felt the surrounding light up.

A grown adult man, what was the use of being this handsome?

A bad person, he had to be a bad person!

Chen Ning couldn’t help criticizing him this one sentence. She then slowly moved her eyes away from this beautiful young man’s face.

No matter how beautiful this bad young man was, she still wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He couldn’t create any interest in her, it was only the trace of interest in his eyes that caused her to worry.

Perhaps, he had already seen through her intentions?

Chen Ning slightly knitted her brows, then quickly relaxed them again.

She searched through the memories of the original owner and found that she couldn’t find anything about this bad young man. So she forgot about him and ignored him.

The person she wanted to go against now was Chu Shao Yang!

And the one she was currently dealing with…..her good little sister!

“Your highness, little sister, today you are getting married, this is a very happy occasion. And my little sister is pregnant and soon she will sire your highness a son, this is also a happy occasion. With these two happiness before getting married, I as the princess and elder sister have double the responsibility to give a gift. But when I received the news, I rushed over and didn’t have time to prepare a gift, but how could that be right? But this gift, it has to given or else I’d be a rude person wouldn’t I?”

Chen Ning once again opened her mouth and said these generous and graceful words. This polite speech, broke the silence.

She revealed an embarrassed expression as her eyes light up and she said, “I got it. I’ll just give this……to my little sister as a congratulations gift.”

She raised her hand and removed the beautiful golden crown upon her head. Without even looking, she threw it like garbage into Chen Bi Yun’s arms.


This one move of hers had set the crowd into a frenzy once again.

Even Chu Shao Yang couldn’t keep a straight face. His eyebrows jumped up as he viciously stared at Chen Ning.

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