Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 46: Cursing people without dirty words

Chapter 46: Cursing people without dirty words

“Lin, Mother Lin, this little slut’s people dare to slap your face and you admit your wrong doings to her? You have no need to fear this little slut. Just wait until this servant reports back to his highness, his highness will definitely kill this little slut to help you vent your anger!”

The one speaking was Maidservant Feng. She was arrogantly shouting out and rushing for the door at the same time.

Idiot! Stupid!

Mother Lin was insulting her in her heart. How did she not see that this Maidservant Feng was this stupid? She even made her a confidant.

In this kind of situation, how could she not see that Mother Lin had no choice but to submit to Chen Ning? Yet this Maidservant Feng still could understand this situation. Was she trying to harm her?

“Maidservant Feng, stop!” Her face fell as she shouted out.

Maidservant Feng hesitated for a minute and then stopped. Then she turned around and came back.

“Kneel down for me and admit your wrong doings to the princess!” Mother Lin sternly said.

Maidservant Feng’s body trembled as her eyes popped out in disbelief.

“What are you looking at? Why are you still not kneeling for me!” Mother Lin once again spoke with a stern tone.

“Mother Lin, this little slut…..What is that? It’s so stinky! Ou!” While Maidservant Feng was still spitting out insults, her mouth was suddenly filled with something. It was incredibly smelly. She smelled it while she was saying wa, then she began to vomit.

A few crows were circling above her going “ga, ga”.

Maidservant Feng almost threw up everything in her stomach. She was thinking how could she be this unlucky, having crow’s poop falling right into her mouth.

Everyone that saw her being embarrassed like they, couldn’t help secretly laughing.

Xiao Ru, Chun Tao, and Xia He were all laughing and dancing around.

Chen Ning also pursed her lips into a smile. Then she carefully swept across her surroundings.

“Maidservant Feng, are you treating my words as nothing? Why are you not kneeling in front of the princess yet! You have been rude and disrespected your master. Now heavily slap yourself!”

Mother Lin loudly said in a stern voice.

Her knees were already sore from kneeling down. She knew that if she didn’t vent like this for Chen Ning, even if her legs broke from kneeling, she still wouldn’t be able to stand up.

Maidservant Feng did not dare to stall, she quickly kneeled down in front of Chen Ning. With a tearful face, she raised her hand to slap herself. As long as Chen Ning didn’t say stop, she would keep on hitting.

She was hitting really well!

Xia He felt her anger fade as she watched her.

This Maidservant Feng was the most evil dog by Mother Lin’s side. She was rotten to the core and had a rotten heart.

Half a year ago, Maidservant Feng had locked her gaze onto her. Maidservant Ma wanted her to give her cousin with the lame leg over, but Xia He had rejected her. Of course this offended Maidservant Ma, so she was then sent to the most dirty and tiring place to work. After a few days, her mother and father had sent a large amount of money to Maidservant Feng and that was how she had been assigned as the unfavoured princess, Chen Ning’s maidservant. It was a story filled with bitter feelings.

Chen Ning just continued to smile. Seeing Maidservant Feng continue to slap herself, she didn’t tell her to stop.

Mother Lin continued to ponder in her mind, then her eyes suddenly moved to the side. She shouted at the other maids, “What are you just standing there for? Why are you not kneeling and begging the princess for forgiveness!”

All the maids kneeled down and began to kowtow to Chen Ning. They spoke in unison, “These servants now know their crime. We beg the princess to forgive us.”

Chen Ning finally gave faint smile and nodded.

“Mother Lin truly is a wise person. Teaching them the palace rules this fast and only using a single to teach the rest, truly great. You are truly too amazing.”

Mother Lin’s old face could not help turning red. She knew that the princess’ strong words were actually insulting her without using cursing. If she compared herself with the princess, they were completely at different levels.

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