Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 450: A large pleasant surprise

Chapter 450: A large pleasant surprise

“Oh? While this widow was gone, there was something like this that happened? Ning’er, I never knew that you could also compose poetry and also wanted to compete with miss Xia. Alright, alright, this widow and the emperor are truly blessed today, being able to hear the poems of two of the most talented women in West Chu.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s move pushed everything along. After saying this, she looked at Mo Chuan with a smile and patted the back of his hand. With a smile, she said, “Emperor, let’s enjoy this together.”

Mo Chuan’s expression was a little ugly. Although he was confident in Chen Ning, she never thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would play such a trick, having the two of them compose a prose in seven steps!

Poetry was not like other talents. If one didn’t have any inspiration, not to mention seven steps, even if it was seventy or seven hundred steps, they still wouldn’t be able to compose anything!

“Ding Yuan Princess, miss Xia wants to compete with you in composing a prose in seven steps, are you willing?”

He didn’t look at anyone else, only looking at Chen Ning. As long as she said she wasn’t willing, he didn’t care what anyone else thought, he would immediately come up with another method of competing.

When Chen Ning heard this, she knew that he was giving him a chance to come up with an excuse. She revealed a faint smile and said with a nod, “I’m willing.”

Isn’t it just composing poetry, what’s so hard about it?

Although she didn’t know how to compose poetry, there were thousands of poetry stored in her memory. Not to mention the spring’s light, even if it was combining summer, autumn, and winter together, it was not hard for her.

“You’re really willing?” Mo Chuan looked at her, not feeling assured.

He was clear how much ink this girl had in her stomach. Seeing the Mo word that she wrote, it was clear she wasn’t good at calligraphy, so how much poetry had she read before?

Although she was very clever, composing poetry was not something one could do just because they were smart.

Thinking of the tonal rhythm and the words as a whole, even a scholar of many years would not be able to poem that is praised by everyone in just seven steps, not to mention a young girl like her!

“Does the emperor not believe in me?”

Chen Ning raised her brows and her eyes sparkled. Mo Chuan looked over at her and unconsciously was lost in thought.

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at them looking at each other and she felt displeased in her heart. With a forceful cough, she said, “Emperor, Ning’er is willing to compete, so let’s just prepare our ears. Perhaps Ning’er will give up a large pleasant surprise.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for mother to be pleasantly surprised.” Mo Chuan moved back to his seat without any changes in his expression, revealing a faint smile on his lips.

Just looking at her eyes, he already knew that she was prepared and would not lose!

Xia Yu Yan bit her lips. She never thought that she would really be composing a prose in just seven steps. Although she was a talented woman and very flexible, she still could not casually compose a prose in just seven steps. If she couldn’t do this, then wouldn’t she be making a fool of herself?

What she was even more worried about was that if she couldn’t do it and the other side composed a prose in seven steps, then wouldn’t her most talented woman title be taken from this idiot princess?

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, if we must compete, then composing a poem about the spring light is too easy. How about the Empress Dowager give a topic and me and miss Xia will be limited to seven steps, both creating one poem?”

Chen Ning saw that Xia Yu Yan was not speaking, so she knew she was not confident. She raised the topic of changing the topic and making it more difficult, so she could completely run over her.

Xia Yu Yan’s face turned white in an instant. In this moment, her mind had already been turning and she had already thought of two satisfying lines. If the topic wasn’t spring light, then wouldn’t her efforts be in vain?

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