Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 342: In this age, only the face matters

Chapter 342: In this age, only the face matters

She suddenly raised her hand and gave a fierce slap to Miss Chen’s face. Turning around, she went back to crying in Chu Shao Yang’s chest.

“Your highness, I know that you’re angry with Yun’er. I…..I…..” She suddenly could not keep going as she fainted.

Miss Chen immediately called out in surprise, “Concubine Consort! Concubine Consort! This is bad, the Concubine Consort fainted. Your highness, please save the Concubine Consort. No matter what wrong she’s committed, she is still carrying your highness’ child!”

She bowed down and kowtowed to Chu Shao Yang.

She was secretly praising Chen Bi Yun, “Good move! You really did grow up on my milk!”

She did not believe that man would do nothing when he saw his beloved woman faint!

Especially if she was carrying his child!

Naturally, Chu Shao Yang picked up Chen Bi Yun. He stood there straight, but he did not immediately leave. He turned to take a deep look at the calm lake. After that, he finally moved, skimming across the ground.

Miss Chen waited until his shadow could not be seen before letting out a sigh of relief like she had escaped a disaster.

Of course she knew that the person who saved Chu Shao Yang was no one else but that Chen Ning that she wanted dead, but would not die!

She could not have the time to think about why Chen Ning did not die. Turning around, she used a cold gaze to look over the half drowned guards.

“You better keep quiet about what happened today, not telling anyone a single word. Otherwise, the Concubine Consort will be very, very unhappy. If the Concubine Consort is not happy, then his highness will not be happy. If his highness is not happy, then you will not be able to keep your heads.”

Her eyes flashed with a poisonous gaze. Every guard that met her eyes couldn’t help giving a shiver.

Of course they knew what Miss Chen meant, so they just nodded.

In fact, they had not seen anything. That fairy of the lake could be something that they imagined. If they told the matter to his highness, then they might be cursed at or beaten by his highness.

To these guards, they wanted as little trouble as possible.

The doctor quickly treated Chen Bi Yun.

“Reporting to your highness, the Concubine Consort has just fainted from her shock and there is nothing to worry about. However, it seems like she had been stung by bees before falling in the water and her body has a lot of bee poison in it. I’m afraid…..that it will be painful for a few days. This minister has an ointment that was made by a divine doctor with magical effects. After being applied, it will soothe the Concubine Consort’s pain.”

The doctor took out a tube of ointment from his box and gave it to Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang was not listening and only gave a careless “un” sound. He had an indifferent look, completely different from his usual concerned expression.

The doctor’s hand awkwardly stayed in midair.

He felt that it was very strange. He was usually filled with concern for the Concubine Consort, but today…..

But when he looked over at Chen Bi Yun, he suddenly realized something.

This enchanting beauty’s face was now bruised red and blue, making her as ugly as a pig. No one would be able to recognize the number one beauty of the Capital City, Chen Bi Yun like this.

Ai, it really is love fades as beauty withers. Even the heroic and wise King Ding Yuan cared about one’s appearance.

He wanted to win Chu Shao Yang’s favour, but he had been rejected. He could not take back the ointment, but it also wasn’t accepted.

“Many thanks doctor.” Miss Chen saw everything. She quickly came forward to take the ointment and thanked the doctor.

“Since there’s no harm, then you’re not needed. You can go now.” Chu Shao Yang gave a cold order.

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