Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 328: As beautiful as a flower

Chapter 328: As beautiful as a flower

“Your highness, you…..” Chen Bi Yun’s face turned red and she quickly pulled back her hand. The bowl was no longer held by her hand and fell down.

As it was about to hit the table, Chu Shao Yang suddenly reached out and the bowl fell right into his hand.

He had a smile as he returned it to the food box.

“Your highness, your martial arts are really good.” Chen Bi Yun’s eyes were filled with admiration. Looking over, she saw a painting on the table and pursed her lips into a smile as she said, “Ya, your highness is skilled in martial arts and literacy. Yun’er never knew that your highness could draw like this.”

Chu Shao Yang embraced her waist and his eyes shined with pride. With a smile, he said, “Yun’er, what do you think of this drawing?”

Chen Bi Yun took a few careful glances at the painting and praised, “Your highness’ strokes are divine, the drawing is so realistic, like it’s walking out of the picture itself.”

She had thought that Chu Shao Yang would draw her, but when she saw that wet hair and crying little girl, she felt very disappointed.

But she completely concealed it, not letting Chu Shao Yang notice at all.

He excitedly looked at his painting with her. With a smile, he said, “Yun’er you were quite ugly crying like that in the past. You never would have dream that in just eight years, you would become a beautiful flower like this?”

Chen Bi Yun’s heart jumped and instantly went up into her throat. The blush on her face quickly disappeared.

She unconsciously clenched her fist and stared right at the little girl in the painting.

“Yun’er, Yun’er?” Chu Shao Yang called her twice before she could come back to her senses. She revealed a forced smile to Chu Shao Yang, “Your highness, why did you all of a sudden draw Yun’er’s younger appearance. Yun’er was very ugly back then. If anyone saw this painting, wouldn’t they laugh at Yun’er? Why don’t you give this to Yun’er, so Yun’er can take care of it. This was personally drawn for Yun’er by your highness, so Yun’er wants to keep it for herself, not letting anyone else to see it.”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile and said without any hesitation, “Alright, since you like it, then you can have it.”

“Many thanks your highness. Yun’er will definitely treasure this painting.” Chen Bi Yun smiled as she slowly rolled it up and placed it to the side.

She swept aside her hair and said in a tender manner, “Your highness, your drawing is quite good. Yun’er wants your highness to draw me, would that be alright with your highness?”

“If you don’t say it, how would you know if this king is willing or not?” Chu Shao Yang softly touched her chin and revealed a full smile that made him seem even more handsome.

He was feeling very good, with his upset mood over the past few days completely disappearing. It was as if he had drank it all down with the soup.

He suddenly felt like he was just seeking trouble, making problems for himself.

Having a beautiful flower by his side, but constantly going to find that hideous monsters. Wasn’t that silly!

“Your highness, Yun’er wants you to help me draw a picture, are you willing?” Chen Bi Yun revealed a smile and affection bloomed in her beautiful face. Seeing this, Chu Shao Yang felt his heart skipped a beat.

“This king would be happy to do it!”

He smiled as he picked up a piece of paper, but he did not notice the painting underneath it. He saw the young girl and then looked over at Chen Bi Yun, feeling like they looked similar.

“She…..She…..” Chen Bi Yun saw that girl and her face fell, unable to stop herself from calling out.

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