Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 306: I’ll feed it to you

Chapter 306: I’ll feed it to you

Could this ash white mushroom be the antidote for the snake’s poison?

She didn’t care even if it wasn’t. She picked a few mushrooms before moving back beside Chu Shao Yang and stuffing them down his mouth.

“Eat this!”

“…..Wu, wu, wu!” I won’t eat it!

Chu Shao Yang forcefully clenched his teeth. His eyes seemed to be shooting out flames as he angrily glared at Chen Ning.

What did this ugly girl think he was? A rabbit? She was actually feeding him raw mushrooms!

Even rabbits did not eat mushrooms! Moreover, what he hated the most were mushrooms!

“You won’t eat it? You have to eat it!” Chen Ning understood what he was saying.

His muscles were stiff, so his teeth weren’t tightly clenched. She grabbed his chin and then forced the mushrooms down his mouth.

Chu Shao Yang’s cheeks puffed up as his mouth was filled with raw mushrooms. He was so angry that his lungs were about to burst.

“Why are you staring at me? Swallow it already. This could be the antidote to the snake’s poison. If you don’t eat it, you’ll die!”

Chen Ning did not want to explain, but looking down and seeing his puffed up cheeks and bulging eyes, making him look like an angry toad, she felt her mood becoming lighter.

So she was trying to save him!

The anger in Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were extinguished, but it was quickly lit up again.

This damn woman, stuffing his mouth full of mushrooms, how could he swallow them? He didn’t even have the strength to chew……

“Hey, why aren’t you eating yet? Are you dead?”

After a while, Chen Ning saw that he had the same puffed up expression. She poked his cheek in a curious manner and found that it was still elastic and warm, so he wasn’t dead yet.

“……Wu, wu, wu, wu!” You’re the one who’s dead!

Chu Shao Yang cursed in his heart.

“Oh, I understand now. You don’t have a way to chew!” Chen Ning patted her head and suddenly realized.

She pulled out the mushrooms from his mouth.

“Forget it, since you’ve saved me, I’ll be a good person to the end. Sending Buddha to the west, this miss will help feed it to you.”

[TL: Sending Buddha to the west means seeing something to the end.]

She threw away the mushrooms covered in his saliva and picked a few more. Chewing it in her mouth, she grabbed a water skin from the back of the horse.

“Chu Shao Yang, these mushrooms might cure the poison, but they can also be highly poisonous themselves. You’ll die if you don’t eat them, but if you do eat them….you might still die.” Chen Ning’s mouth still had mushroom on them as she said this in a vague manner.

When he heard this, he almost burst with anger.

Isn’t this all but wasted words!

Wait, wait!

She wanted to feed him? It wouldn’t be through mouth to mouth, right?

When he saw her slowly approaching face, his eyes went wide with fear.

I would rather die!

He angrily roared.

“In your dreams!” Chen Ning understood what his expression meant and put the mushroom paste into his mouth. She forcefully spat out, “This miss thinks you’re dirty too!”

She pinched his chin and placed the mushroom paste into his mouth. Then she picked up the water skin and gave him a few mouthful of water.

“Ke, ke, ke!”

Chu Shao Yang choked on the water and began to cough violently.

His eyes popped out and his face turned red. He couldn’t help glaring straight at Chen Ning.

This damn woman, she dares feed him something she already chewed? And she thinks he’s dirty?

Once he thought about the fact that what he just swallowed was spat out by her, his throat filled with disgust.

“……Ou, ou, ou!” I want to vomit!

“…..You want more?” Chen Ning seemed like she could understand him as she clicked her mouth, “These raw mushrooms don’t have any taste, but since you love it so much, this miss will feed you some more.”

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