Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 273: Ill intent

Chapter 273: Ill intent

Chu Shao Bai truly wished that he could become a large tree who could shelter her from the rain and wind, not letting her be hurt by it. He did not want her to suffer the cold blades of the wind, wanting to hold her tightly in his branches.

“I understand. I…..will wait for you, until that day!” He took a deep breath and forcefully hugged her. Then he opened the back window and jumped out.

He did not look back at the palace at all. He ran far away in a single breath before finally stopping.

His heart was filled with pain, like it was being grabbed by something. This kind of pain made it hard for him to breath.

Though while he was filled with pain, there was a trace of sweetness which also filled his heart.

Although she had clearly told him that she could not give him any promises, he knew this was already the best promise she could give him already.

She did have him in her heart!

No matter how small the position he had in her heart, he was still inside her heart.

Chu Shao Bai could not stop the small smile that floated onto his lips, but quickly that smile froze on his face.

He knew that his third brother coming to her yard in the morning was because he was trying to cause trouble for her.

But he could only stand on the side!

Because if he appeared, then he would give her an unclean name. This was a very hard stain to wash away for a woman.

So, she said that she would not do anything that would bring her father shame!

So, he could only bear with it and leave. He could only allow her delicate body to face the storm which was his third brother.

His heart felt like it was placed in a pan, but he was completely helpless!

Chu Shao Yang coming to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion in the morning was indeed coming with ill intent.

He did not come alone and was indeed followed by a large group of people.

The guards, subordinates, Housekeeper Xu, and even Mother Lin all had serious expressions on their faces.

On the road to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, Chu Shao Yang waved his hand and the guards dispersed, blocking off the various entrances to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, allowing no one to pass.

Xiao Ru, Chun Tao, and Xia He were cleaning the aftermath of the battle last night when they suddenly saw Chu Shao Yang approaching in a menacing matter, filling their hearts with fear.

Xiao Ru’s first reaction was to run to Chen Ning’s side and report back to her.

But as soon as she began to shout, a bodyguard grabbed her collar, pulling her back like an eagle grabbing a little chick.

With a wave of Chu Shao Yang’s hand, Chun Tao, Xia He, and even Xiao Ru were all chased out of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion’s main door by the guards.

Seeing the angry Chu Shao Yang, their hearts all jumped into their throats and they broke out in a cold sweat for Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were sinister and his beautiful face was completely dark. He reached Chen Ning’s door and reached out to push it open.

At this moment, his heart was filled with complex feelings. The veins on the back of his hand popped out and some were even trembling.

After Chen Bi Yun fainted on the horse track, he carried her to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion and made the doctor give her medicine to ensure she wouldn’t have a miscarriage.

The doctor had said that Chen Bi Yun had suffered two shocks and had seen the tragic death of Lan Xiang by the horse hooves personally, so she had been emotionally stimulated. She need peace and rest right now, but the lucky thing was that the fetus in her belly was still safe and sound.

Although Chen Bi Yun fainted, she kept nervously grabbing the edge of Chu Shao Yang’s clothes. She kept shaking her head and mumbling while she slept.

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