Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 262: The large grey wolf and the little white rabbit

Chapter 262: The large grey wolf and the little white rabbit

“You’re drunk.” Mo Chuan gave a helpless sigh, “Go vomit if you want to.”

“I’m not drunk.” Chen Ning forcefully swallowed the wine which was coming up. Her eyes opened wide and she was suddenly sober.

She sat up in Mo Chuan’s arms. Looking forward, she clearly said, “You’re going the wrong way, this is not the way to the palace.”

“Oh? You’re really awake? You recognize the road?”

Mo Chuan had no sense of direction, he just made the date red horse go forward. The capital had many roads and it was very dark, so he had no idea where the date red horse was taking them.

“Of course I recognize it. Hee, hee, let me tell you a large secret. As long as I’ve walked on a road, I will never forget it. As long as I see a person once, I will never forget their appearance. So after I see your face, you should never think of running away.”

Chen Ning gave a giggle. She was not completely sober yet. The wine was very strong, so she was still slurring her speech a bit.

She shook back and forth on the back of the horse and almost fell off several times, but it was a good thing that Mo Chuan was holding her tight.

Her waist was very gentle, like even a slight pinch would break it. Just a single hand was enough to hold her. The young girl’s aura was sent to him and a flame lit up is his body for no reason.

“Don’t move around!” He frowned and held her shoulder with one of his hands. Gritting his teeth, he moved away from her.

“I’m not moving, I just can’t sit still…..Aiyo!” The date red horse suddenly shook a bit and Chen Ning swayed before falling forward.

Mo Chuan grabbed her waist and pulled her back. Because he had used too much force, the two of them were tightly touching one another.

The flames that he had just extinguished was lit up once again.


He gritted his teeth and secretly cursed. It was unknown whether he was cursing himself or if he was cursing her.

He tried to ignore the distraction which appeared in his heart. Looking in front of him, he said in a cold as ice voice, “Which way do we go now?”

The date red horse had reached a three way fork in the road. Chen Ning looked up a little and then said without any hesitation, “Right.”

Mo Chuan almost thought that she was pretending to be drunk. With a pull of the reins, he turned to the left fork.

In the silent night, the horse hooves tread on the paved road, letting out a monotonous and clear sound. Under the guidance of Chen Ning, he turned another bend and he saw the King Ding Yuan Palace’s little back door.

She’s not drunk!

Mo Chuan’s head filled with anger. He did not believe that a drunk person would be able to guide the way with closed eyes so easily, it was impossible!

He stretched out his hand to grab her shoulder and turned her to face himself. With gritted teeth he said, “Why did you lie to me?”

“Lie to you? When did I lie to you?” Chen Ning’s head was even more dizzy and she looked straight down. Being drunk like this, she could not think clearly at all.

“You clearly know who I am, but you kept pretending not to know! You didn’t drink any wine, yet you kept pretending to be drunk. How long do you plan on lying to me!”

Mo Chuan’s words were very cold and each word sounded like they were falling to the ground. His eyes were even colder, to the point that they were bone chilling.

Any person who was stared at by him would feel their body begin to shudder.

However, Chen Ning was drunk and did not fear him at all. Rather she giggled and grabbed the mask on his face.

“Who are you? Ah, I know this. You are the big grey wolf and I am the little white rabbit. You are the mask wearing wolf disguised as a grandmother, hee, hee, and I am little riding hood. The big grey wolf wants to eat little riding hood…..” She giggled while incoherently going on. She swayed to the left and right, seeming like she would fall off at any moment.

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