Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 20: Retrieving her body

Chapter 20: Retrieving her body

“Young miss, so you were just pretending!” Xiao Ru finally reacted and suddenly realized.

“Hee, hee, of course I was pretending. If I didn’t pretend to be dead, would Chu Shao Yang let me go this easily?” Chen Ning used her sleeve to wipe the blood from her mouth. She took a cold breath of air and wrinkled her brows.

To make it seem real just now, she had to bite her tongue.

“Young miss, why was your acting so realistic? This servant was scared to death. This servant thought you really…..” Xiao Ru sniffled her nose as her eyes slowly turned red.

“Alright, I’m fine now. That blind bastard is finally gone.” Chen Ning used her sleeves to wipe Xiao Ru’s eyes. She asked with concern, “Xiao Ru, did he hurt you when he kicked you?”

“This servant is alright.” Xiao Ru shook her head, she was just worried about Chen Ning. The kick she suffered just now wasn’t light, but she didn’t mention a word about it.

“Young miss, there’s no one here right now. Should we escape now? You can trick the prince for now, but you can’t fool him for long. He will send someone here to collect your body soon, if he finds out that young miss fooled him, he definitely won’t let you go!” She quickly pulled at Chen Ning’s sleeves. After seeing his highness’ face filled with killing intent, it was clear he wanted her young miss’ life!

Chen Ning shook her head. A strange glow flashed through her eyes as she slowly said, “No, I won’t escape. I want to stay here.”

“But, but……The people his highness is sending will be here soon,” Xiao Ru was so anxious that sweat began to pour out.

“Xiao Ru, relax, we’ll deal with them when they come. I will have an idea for later.” Chen Ning had an assured expression.

She had already made up her mind.

Chu Shao Yang seemed to have supernatural powers, being able to catch her as soon as she escapes. Then it would be useless for her to escape since she would just be brought back sooner or later.

Since he had the ability to bring her back whenever, then she would just stay here and fight with him. As well as take the chance to meet his white lotus little sister again.

She touched the swollen part of her head and hissed as she gritted her teeth.

Chu Shao Yang, this grudge, she would remember.

If she couldn’t cause this King Ding Yuan palace to fall into chaos, then she wouldn’t be able to make up for this swelling on her head!

Seeing the strange smile Chen Ning revealed, Xiao Ru couldn’t help but feel a chill down her back. She felt as if someone was going to get it.

“This is bad, young miss, the person his highness ordered to come is here. Let’s find a place to hide for now.”

At this time, the sky had already turned dark and Xiao Ru could see lights flashing in the distance. Several maids were carrying lanterns as they let a bunch of guards carrying a coffin over.

“Hide? Why would I need to hide?”

Chen Ning saw this and her lips pulled back to form a faint smile.

He, he, this is interesting.

Chu Shao Yang had really sent people over with a coffin for her corpse.

She walked forward a step and went out of the wooden shed. She stood at the door as she coldly stared at the group of people walking over.

The group of maids standing in front saw the person standing by the door and didn’t pay any attention to her.

They had received the orders to collect the corpse of the person who had been the princess for three days. They cared more about the dead person inside of the wooden shack, instead of the living person standing outside.

When those maids arrived at the door of the wooden shack, there was one who complained about Chen Ning blocking the door. She even reached out her hand and shouted, “Where did you wander in from? Coming here for a stroll. This isn’t a place you should be!”

Chen Ning calmly moved out of the way and the maid pushed the air.

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