Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 18: Unable to escape

Chapter 18: Unable to escape

According to Chen Ning’s observations, Chu Shao Yang was an arrogant and headstrong kind of person. This kind of person cared a lot about their image.

She had ruthlessly ripped apart his image in the wedding hall in front of all his guests. She had made him look very bad and this was tantamount to poking the tiger’s butt.

Now that she had provoked Chu Shao Yang, this old tiger, he was determined to rip her apart.

No, she can’t just sit here doing nothing. Before Chu Shao Yang could appear, she had to find a way to escape.

Chen Ning decided on her goal and she went to push Xiao Ru.

“Xiao Ru, wake up. Xiao Ru, quickly wake up.” She forcefully pinched Xiao Ru.

Xiao Ru made a “ying” sound as she drowsily opened her eyes.

“Young miss, why is my head so painful? Where are we right now?” She rubbed her eyes as she looked around. She still wasn’t fully awake.

“This is the wooden shed in King Ding Yuan’s palace. We were caught and brought back by Chu Shao Yang’s men.”

“Ah!” Xiao Ru was scared awake as her eyes opened wide.

“Shh, don’t be noisy. We need to find a way to escape.”

Chen Ning walked to the door and pushed it forcefully. She found that the door was locked from the outside. Also the two windows were tightly shut, no doubt they were also sealed.

She peeked out the door and saw that there were over ten guards outside. Every single one of them had round waist and broad shoulders. They were big and rough.

It’s over. It seems like it was impossible to escape.

Then what should she do?

Chen Ning knit her brows and gently tapped her chin with a finger.

This was a habit of hers whenever she was thinking.

But before she could think of any ideas, she heard a set of footsteps rapidly approaching. It interrupted her thoughts and sent a cold chill through her body.

She looked through the door and saw a group of people walking over aggressively.

The person in front was wearing a red wedding robe. He had a sinister look on his incomparably handsome face and his eyes were filled with killing intent. If it wasn’t Chu Shao Yang, who would it be!

This was bad!

Chen Ning secretly cried as her brain quickly turned. She looked all around her, but in this kind of situation, she couldn’t find anything helpful.

Xiao Ru was also aware of the danger as her face turned white.

She got up off the ground and stood in front of Chen Ning as she shouted, “Young miss, I’ll go and block the prince. You just look for a chance to escape.”

Escape? Under the eyes of all these people, how could she escape?

Chen Ning shook her head as she stroked Xiao Ru’s hair and smiled at her.

Although this little girl’s brain wasn’t very bright, but she was still moved by her loyalty.

The footsteps suddenly stopped in front of the door.

“Unlock the door! Chu Shao Yang’s cold voice sounded from outside the door.

With a clatter, the lock was opened. Then the sound of two wooden doors being knocked down was heard. They bounced twice and then landed on the floor, scattering the grass around it.

On the two wooden doors, there was a deep palm imprint on both of them.

This one move from Chu Shao Yang, it was enough to shock many people.

At this minute, Chen Ning’s body suddenly fell down onto the floor.

“Young miss, what’s wrong?” Xiao Ru was shocked as she tried to grab her, but she didn’t make it in time.

Chen Ning fell onto the ground. Her body was twitching and her eyes turned white. A red blood foam began to flow out of her mouth.

Xiao Ru was so scared that her heart was about jump out of her chest.

“Young miss, what’s wrong? Don’t scare this servant! Young miss!”

She kneeled down beside Chen Ning’s body and helped wipe the blood foam from Chen Ning’s mouth. She found that the more she wiped, the more there was.

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