Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 1026.1 - Feed Her Until She Turned Into a Pig Part 1

Chapter 1026 Feed Her Until She Turned Into a Pig Part 1

Chen Ning looked at the thick and thin wool cloaks and coats. Her mouth almost dropped open.

“Bring them all. You can’t be cold, hungry, or sick at all. Anyway, you must come back without losing even one single hair!” Mochuan’s face was stiff as he looked seriously at her.

Chen Ning stuck out her tongue and didn’t argue with him. She would just bring them with her. After all, the person carrying these things wasn’t her.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll bring them all with me.” She tied up the bundle.

Mochuan removed small bottles and jars from the small bundle. He told her that this was Jinchuang Medicine, this was ointment for bruises, this was blood-clotting medicine, and this was liniment. There were no less than a dozen varieties.

Chen Ning was stunned.

“Mochuan, are you making me take a pharmacy?”

“Who knows what danger you will encounter when you travel? So, you have to take these medicines with you. It’s better to be prepared.”

Mochuan told her about the use of all the bottles and jars so that she could remember it.

She sighed helplessly. She mustered up her energy and remembered every word.

“What’s this then, Mochuan?” She finally saw Mochuan put all the bottles and jars of ointments and liniments into the luggage. She was surprised to see that he took another small bundle out of the big bundle.

This time, it was full of all sorts of pastries, preserves, fruits, and candies.

“Eat this on the road. You may not be used to eating the things outside. I got these from the Imperial Kitchen. There’s not enough time to have them prepare snacks that suit your taste. So you will be slighted.”

“Mochuan,” Chen Ning bit her lips as she looked at him.

Was he trying to feed her until she turned into a pig?

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