Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 923 – Blood Forefather’s Four Ladies

Chapter 923: Blood Forefather’s Four Ladies

Eventually, Li Qiye looked at the huge stone cavern and smiled: “This is just in time for the Blood Primal Ground’s baptism test as well. It seems like I came right at the perfect time.” Li Qiye looked around before stepping on the mountain of bones and departing in a certain direction.

He didn’t get too far before he saw a few new skeletons. The death energy had yet to corrode the muscles from these skeletons, so it was easy to tell that they had only recently died.

As he went further, more fresh corpses could be found. These corpses paved a path as the powerful death energy slowly ate away their bodies. The closer he was to the exit, the more bodies he would find. This meant that the weaker cultivators would die very quickly upon entering this cavern while those who could go further were much more powerful.

“After so many years, the disciples from the Blood Race are still coming and failing in waves. They want to obtain the blessing of their progenitor in the Sky Dome to pass the baptism of blood.” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head while looking at the fresh skeletons.

Li Qiye’s location was called the Sky Dome, a place desired by countless cultivators from the Blood Race. It was also very dangerous.

The disciples of the clan believed that if they could enter the Sky Dome, they could obtain a great fortune — their progenitor’s blessing. Experiencing the baptism of blood was the same as a carp jumping through the dragon gate!

There was a myth regarding the Sky Dome. It stated that after the Blood Forefather died, he left his skull behind, and it became the Sky Dome.

It was precisely due to its origin that a horrifying death energy that could devour all living things existed here. The disciples from the clan aspired to enter in spite of the numerous deaths because of the secret hidden within, along with the many other great creations.

Passing through a baptism successfully after obtaining the forefather’s blessing meant that one’s value would increase a hundredfold overnight!

Both the Sky Dome and the blood pond for the baptism were under the jurisdiction of the primal ground. Every once in awhile, they would organize a baptism with the name Blood Legacy. No matter the sect, any member of the Blood Clan was eligible to participate as long as they were able to enter the Sky Dome and obtain the blessing. Success was all dependent on their own abilities.

Eventually, Li Qiye left the Sky Dome and crawled out from the cavern’s entrance. This was the only way inside the Sky Dome.

At this time, it was completely surrounded by four different groups. They camped there quietly while gazing at the cave.

The groups were led by four women that each had their own charm. Their only similarity was that they were all very young with great figures.

They wore embroidered dresses. However, these loose dresses still couldn’t hide their tall and voluptuous bodies. One could see the rolling hills and faintly discernable valleys.

Moreover, they all wore masks so no one could see their faces. All four masks had different colors, the same with their dresses.

One had a golden mask with a yellow dress, another had a red mask and a red dress. The third had a blue mask with a blue dress while the last had a white mask and a white dress.

Dozens of experts were behind these four ladies. They all wore the same colors as their leaders as well. It was clear that they were from the same branch.

The four groups came from the Blood Primal Ground. Although the primal ground claimed that they inherited the legacy of the forefather, they themselves were divided into four branches.

The four leaders were the primal ground’s Skymatrons. They had extraordinary bloodlines and represented the four branches.

They usually never showed themselves to the world and were not at all famed in the Mortal Emperor World. However, they had an exceedingly important position in the hearts of the Blood Race’s disciples. Their existences were crucial to the race itself.

At this time, they commanded the experts of their groups to guard the entrance to the Sky Dome. However, after several days, the Sky Dome had no reaction.

For the baptism this time, many disciples entered but no one came out alive after all this time. Thus, when Li Qiye crawled out from inside, all eyes were immediately fixated on him.

The four women and the experts were looking at him intensely. After several days, Li Qiye was the only person who came out alive. More importantly, he was not from the Blood Race, he was only a human. How could they not be taken aback by this?

“A human…” The experts all glanced at each other in confusion. A lot of their clan members entered the Sky Dome, but no one noticed the entry of a human back then.

“Where are the others?” One of the Skymatrons finally spoke with a voice as clear as an oriole. This matron had the yellow embellishment.

The four matrons represented the four seasons. Yellow was spring, red was summer, blue was autumn, and white represented winter.

Li Qiye looked at the matron and smiled: “The legendary Primal Skymatrons, interesting… What is going on this generation for even the matrons to run here and show their faces I wonder?”

The Spring Matron that spoke earlier shouted: “How presumptuous!”

“Bam!” A dragon-like rod immediately aimed for him and coiled around his body in an instant.

“Girl, take it easy. I am the only person who made it out alive from the Sky Dome, so I have become your forefather. If you do this, I’ll make you clean the toilet.” Li Qiye was still as carefree as always.

The other three matrons were intrigued after hearing this. The Autumn Matron attacked as well. She raised her pretty hand, sending her sleeve towards Li Qiye while speaking: “Lil Sister Spring, you can’t have him all to yourself.”

The Spring Matron’s whip suddenly shifted and lunged forth like a dragon towards the sleeve.

“If he is the only survivor, then he belongs to me.” The Winter Matron also rushed forward to grab Li Qiye.

“Big Sister Winter, there’s no need to be so hasty. The changes in the Sky Dome this time are strange. There must be something going on if he is the only survivor, so how can you monopolize him?” The Summer Matron also smiled and attacked the Winter Matron.

All of a sudden, the four matrons were fighting each other because of Li Qiye. Although none of them were truly angry, their techniques did not show any leniency.

Li Qiye gently shook his head after seeing the four women going at it without any consideration for anything else. He gently walked forward and stood together with the experts from the four branches. He placed his right hand on the shoulder of one of them and cheerfully asked: “Are your matrons the ones in the legends, or are they part of a newer generation?”

The experts at this moment all looked at him in confusion. This brat was being a bit too bold, right? It was one thing to run into their primal ground, but now, he was completely undaunted! They didn’t know whether the fella was stupid or insane.

They would never dare to discuss the four maidens openly, so naturally this expert didn’t answer his question.

“Aizz, it is said that your matrons all have extraordinary bloodlines. If they are part of a newer generation of matrons, then their actions are just too childish. They’re like children fighting for a piece of candy.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “However, if they are the generation in the legends, then that would be scary. Do you know what mortals say is the scariest thing in this world?”

This expert didn’t dare to say anything. The four matrons were right in front of him, so how could he make a comment?

Li Qiye continued to smile after seeing the non-responsive expert: “One mortal told me that the scariest thing in this world is not the heavens, not sickness or death, but an old woman! An old woman is already so scary, so a group of old women is even worse…”

Such a comment left the experts speechless. Black lines could be seen on their foreheads as they looked at Li Qiye as if he was a madman.

Not to mention disciples like them, even their ancestors wouldn’t dare to make comments about the four Primal Skymatrons. But now, this brat had done it. He was just a junior from the human race… The guy was either insane or dumb as a rock.

Sure enough, after Li Qiye said his piece, the four matrons that were fighting each other immediately stopped and all glared at him.

If a stare could kill, then Li Qiye would have died countless times already!

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