Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5156: Rain Remembrance

Chapter 5156: Rain Remembrance

Windchaser Conqueror entered the courtyard again and said: “I apologize for taking so long.”

“Your injuries, they’ll take a while to heal.” Jun Landu shook his head.

“Trivial in the grand scheme of things.” Windchaser said, still smiling after being pierced in the chest.

Li Qiye raised one hand and released primordial light into the wound.

“Clank!” Delicate laws stitched the wound together for a perfect recovery. Not even a scar could be seen.

His chaos true energy flowed normally so there was no internal issue. He returned back to his peak in just a few seconds.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” He was ecstatic while bowing.

“Don’t thank me so early, your battle is just beginning. I’m not sure if you can make it through.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced in the direction of Night-rain Pavilion.


“Boom!” A devastating explosion occurred and the rain stopped. Harkrain Conqueror soared into the air and didn’t hold back in the slightest, suppressing all weaker cultivators.

The warning gongs could be heard as the ancient ancestors initiated a withdrawal for the sect instead of fighting with her.

“Something big is happening.” Others took note of this development.

“Heavenly Sword, leave Night-rain now or I will kill you even if it’s the last thing I do.” Harkrain shouted, not relenting an inch.

Her battle intent engulfed the region. Everyone could see her determination and they understood why she ordered an evacuation.

“Buzz.” A heavenly sword manifested into the air with grand dao floating around it.

Everyone froze at its sight and felt mountains pushing down on them. They were no longer able to stand after a few seconds.

“Hmph.” Harkrain scowled and created a tsunami of swords, propelling them upward against the single sword.

This reduced the pressure from the heavenly sword and allowed people to breathe again.

“Go!” The ancestors of Night-rain were finally able to move again and help with the evacuation.

Neutral cultivators who were still around the area became alarmed. They realized that a devastating fight was inevitable and it was time to run.

“Fellow Daoist Harkrain, there is no need for violence.” A voice accompanied by the sword dao engulfed the region, capable of eradicating anything caught within.

“Rain Remembrance!” She roared and walked forward, leaving afterimages behind. This temporal movement allowed her to escape the sword dao.

She wore a serious expression, not daring to underestimate the enemy - a middle-aged man in white standing beneath the heavenly sword. The two entities seemed to be one.

Between his brows was a heavenly mark with a golden glow, making him look magnificent like a sword god.

“Heavenly Sword School’s progenitor…” Spectators from afar recognized him - a conqueror with six dao fruits.

“I am only inviting you to take a trip to Heaven Alliance, there is no need for this.” He spoke.

“No wonder why he wasn’t a part of the attack on Windchaser Hall.” Someone commented.

Everyone knew about the relationship between Windchaser and Harkrain Conqueror. Alas, she was preoccupied and couldn’t come help.

Plus, this was the reason for the evacuation as well - the situation didn’t bode well.

“I am not interested in Heaven Alliance.” She responded.

“Then I apologize for my rudeness.” The man’s sword intent gathered and formed a domain, completely surrounding her.

“Bring it, I am ready.” She uttered coldly.

“You are not strong enough to be my opponent, Fellow Daoist. Think first before acting recklessly.” He shook his head.

Everyone took a deep breath. It seemed that he would not show mercy once the battle starts.

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