Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5137: Hell Bear

Chapter 5137: Hell Bear

“In a way, I do find my lack of initiative shameful compared to the sages.” Jun Landu commented.

“There are no judgmental standards, everyone has the right to pick a path, whether it be heroism and justice or just three meals a day. The sages did it not for gratitude but because they wanted to, so they did.” Li Qiye said.

“Indeed, that’s why I have nothing but respect for you and the others.” Landu said.

Li Qiye closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment of peace. After a while, he praised: “This is a great place.”

“It’s serene.” Landu said: “I traveled the world and finally found a place where my heart can be at peace. If I can be in charge of my own fate later, I would like to be buried here.”

“Being able to arrange your own funeral is a privilege not available to all, a great thing indeed.” Li Qiye nodded.

“That’s the extent of my ambition, it pales before yours.” Landu said.

“I wouldn’t call it ambition, it’s just that I do not wish to stop.” Li Qiye said.

“Why not rest for a bit then?” Landu said.

Li Qiye smiled and closed his eyes, seemingly falling asleep. Landu stopped bothering him and read a book instead.

Sunlight and flowery fragrance scattered in the old courtyard. The winds lulled Li Qiye to sleep while Landu wandered in the world of text. Time flowed gently, unwilling to disturb them.

A while later, loud explosions suddenly detonated outside Peace Village.

“What’s going on?!” The villagers became alarmed and ran out of their houses.

They saw a massive shadow rushing for their villages, breaking one hill after another.

“We’re under attack, get ready to run!” They warned the others while some readied their weapon.

There were hidden masters preferring to live a quiet life. Thus, they weren’t afraid of defending the villages.

However, the statues in front of the villages lit up. They shot out vertical beams that intertwined together to form a net of light.

The dao tea tree at the tallest peak also added its draconic beam to the net. This turned the net into a great bowl-shaped barrier to protect all the villages.

“Peace Goddess is with us!” The villagers, old and young, kneeled in that direction.

“Boom!” The gigantic monster had a destructive momentum and slammed the barrier.

Everyone looked up and saw that it was as tall as a mountain. Its hooves were larger than some villages.

It resembled a bear with a pair of curved fiery horns pointing at the sky.

“What the hell is this thing?” Villagers took a deep breath.

Someone who used to be a big shot said: “It’s a hell bear, not something from this region.”

“Rumble!” The villages shook violently as the hell bear was enraged for unknown reasons, wanting to take down the barrier.

However, the constant smashes couldn’t take down the barrier.

“Please watch over us, Goddess.” Some pale villagers prayed quietly.

Powerful villagers, on the other hand, channeled their energy and prepared to unleash their strongest attack.

“Rumble!” They saw the gigantic claws pushing downward, capable of reducing them down to mincemeat.

The villages were stuck like boats amidst a storm. Of course, Li Qiye was still sleeping inside the courtyard despite the loud explosions. The same applied to Jun Landu who was preoccupied with reading.

“Boom!” While villagers were afraid of a potential disaster, a torrential aura from a conqueror emerged above. Even the hell bear looked up in fear.

Crackles could be heard as lightning bolts came together to form a spear. A pair of invisible hands seemed to be gripping in order to send a heavenly tribulation downward.

“Raa!” It was too late for the bear to run. It pointed its horns up and spewed out hell flames, burning the sky asunder.

“Boom!” It was proven futile since the spear pierced its head and all the way through its body. A rain of blood descended as the creature fell to the ground, dead.

“Windchaser Conqueror!” Though the villagers didn’t see the attacker, they still knew who it was right away.

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