Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4646: Easily Obtained

Chapter 4646: Easily Obtained

“Mad Fist, what is going on?” One big shot asked him.

In reality, Mad Fist was just as confused as everyone else. Li Qiye was obviously not a member of Golden Gate.

“Fellow Daoist Li, how did you learn the Golden Fist Dao?” He had to ask Li Qiye.

He didn’t want an actual relationship since Li Qiye had offended everyone including the behemoths. If they were to misunderstand the relationship, they would have a reason to attack right away.

On the other hand, getting their secret merit law stolen was a serious matter as well. No great power would forgive this. A light case would result in crippling the offender’s cultivation; a serious punishment entailed clan massacre. Mad Fist needed to know the source of Li Qiye’s fist dao.

“This isn’t an immortal dao or anything.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The myriad dao can be obtained whenever, it’s no big deal.”

The crowd exchanged glances and thought that he was being ridiculous. No dao was easily learned yet he made it sound so trivial.

Mad Fist became irate because although their fist dao wasn’t the best in the world, it was still strong enough that none dared to look down on them. Only Li Qiye would view it as something he could pick up randomly on the street.

The crowd also thought that he was insulting Golden Gate and disrespecting its fist dao.

“Die!” Meanwhile, True Immortal Spirit has finished gathering his power. Lights gathered around him and cracked the sky vault.

Spectators finally saw him holding a dao rune, “suppress”. It was written in an ancient and profound manner while being the source of the dao lord aura.

Many experts felt their own grand dao being suppressed and bellowed in astonishment. The rune resembled the hand of a dao lord, resulting in unstable dao patterns.

“This is just one portion of the weapon, not an actual attack.” An ancestor became alarmed.

“Come.” Li Qiye smiled and pulled his fist back, releasing a golden radiance.

“Break!” He then punched upward. As its light became brighter, strands of fist intent surged all over Golden Gate. They gathered and empowered his punch.

“What is happening?” Everyone was shocked to see this.

Rumor has it that the sect was built by Golden Fist Emperor with the help of his ancestor, Golden God Fist. They obtained a dao land from Worldbreaker and used it as the foundation of the sect.

Therefore, the power of the fist dao existed deep underground. Unfortunately, few could resonate with this power. Normally, this required cultivating for thousands and thousands of years at Golden Gate. Now, an outsider was able to do so in the blink of an eye.

Mad Fist’s eyes were wide open in disbelief. It was as if Li Qiye was the best disciple in their history.

“Boom!” The rune word could destroy the region but not Li Qiye. Surprisingly enough, his punch easily pierced through it.

True Immortal Spirit staggered backward and spat out blood as a result.

“Impossible!” The crowd couldn’t accept this outcome.

He had activated the power of the dao lord yet it still wasn’t enough to kill Li Qiye. Meanwhile, the latter became the center of a golden fist dao. He had complete control over Golden Gate’s foundation. He turned into a master of the fist, capable of destroying anything with a single punch.

“Damn, isn’t he about as strong as Golden Mad Fist now?” One expert gasped.

“No, this fist intent is at Golden Fist Emperor’s level, the emperor might be the only one who can borrow the might of this foundation.” A big shot shook his head.

“How illogical, borrowing the power of Golden Gate so easily.” Jian Ming was slightly shocked and wondered if Li Qiye could do this in other places.

If he could borrow the foundation of any sect as he did just now, he would be unstoppable everywhere.

As for Ye Tingrong, she was the best among the current young generation of Golden Gate. However, she wasn’t even close to being able to borrow its power. Nonetheless, she had to accept what her eyes were showing her.

“How is he not a member of Golden Gate?” Everyone shared this thought.

One big shot who has been keeping track of Li Qiye said: “He’s absolutely not from here, this is confirmed.”

True Immortal Young Emperor, Speargasp, and Tian Feng stared intensely at Li Qiye. They knew that he wasn’t from Golden Gate. Also, Golden Gate wouldn’t need to hide the existence of a genius capable of controlling its foundation.

But how would they explain Li Qiye being able to do so? Did he have a merit law capable of controlling various powers? That would be unfathomable.

“How bizarre…” Mad Fist murmured. He was ready to swear in public that Li Qiye had nothing to do with them.

Unfortunately, there was no other realistic answer.

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