Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4490: Lotus Young Noble

Chapter 4490: Lotus Young Noble

Meanwhile, numerous boats floated around the lake so that the customers could view the treasures.

The guests consisted primarily of disciples and ancestors from the great powers. Though they tried to hide their identity, their aura said it all.

Even the ancestors were in awe after seeing the treasures on the lake. Their heart started beating faster as a result. They would be more than willing to buy everything if they had enough money.

The items here far exceeded their sect’s treasury. They included both properties of Grotto Courtyard and consignment auctions. Due to their golden reputation, others willingly let the auction house sell their items.

They would also ask the grotto to look for their desired treasures. Thus, there were many empty boxes with a note stating the desired items. Anyone could simply place the item in these boxes if they were happy with the price without needing to reveal their identity.

Auction dates were random as well. Normally, the items up for auctions were far more valuable than those on display with a fixed price. Due to the rarity and price of these auctions, all participants must be invited by the grotto first.

The worker on Li Qiye’s boat diligently took the group around and introduced many treasures to them. They also saw many other customers along the way.

Directly in front of them was a youth with several followers. He wore a white robe and had a pulsing glow, completely freed from a single speck of dust. His eyes were sharp with a yin affinity.

He stood in front of the boat, looking imperious and telling others that he was a noble - a crane among a flock of chickens.

Normally, he wouldn’t give a damn about anyone else. Alas, his eyes stopped on the daoist.

“You again, still sneaking around?” He glared at the daoist.

The latter hid behind Li Qiye and only peeked out, acting as if he didn’t know the youth.

“Come out here.” The youth pointed at the daoist and commanded.

“Aren’t you Lotus Young Noble, you traveled all the way from Three Thousand Dao?” Jian Ming spoke.

Those on the boats nearby couldn’t help but stare at the young noble after hearing this.

At the start, no one gave a damn because they had a strong background as well. However, this all changed the moment they heard the name of his sect.

Three Thousand Dao was a behemoth in Sky Border, created by the supreme Dao Sanqian.

Three Thousand Dao, True Immortal Sect, Lion’s Roar Kingdom, Divine Dragon Valley… These were the strongest lineages right now in Sky Border.

This so-called Lotus Young Noble was the direct successor of an elder in Three Thousand Dao. This was enough for him to be rather influential among the young generation.

“Who are you?” The youth glared at Jian Ming with disdain.

“Ah, I’m just a nobody.” Jian Ming didn’t mind at all: “But tell me, why are you singling out this swindling thief? What did he do to you?”

“You’re the swindling thief, your whole family are thieves.” The daoist felt the urge to kick Jian Ming off the boat.

“I saw you scurrying at the base of my sect that day when we lost an item, did you steal it? Hand it over now.” The youth threatened.

It seemed that Three Thousand Dao or one of its branches has lost an important item. To steal from them was certainly suicidal.

“Baseless accusation.” The daoist wasn’t foolish enough to admit this: “What do I have to do with your sect’s carelessness. I was only passing by. Do you blame the birds flying in the sky whenever you lose an item? In my opinion, your members didn’t train hard enough and can’t even protect an item so it got stolen. Now, you’re just looking for a scapegoat to wash away your inability.”

He wasn’t afraid to ridicule the youth at all. This prompted the latter to turn red with rage.

On the other hand, the audience thought that this was a big deal. The wrath of Three Thousand Dao wasn’t a joke.

“Haha, don’t put it like that.” Jian Ming said: “Three Thousand Dao is an eternal behemoth capable of shaking th world. Who would dare to steal something from there? In my opinion, they most likely lost it out of carelessness or… someone had a plan and one night, poof.”

He started laughing after saying this, clearly joining the daoist against the youth.

Lotus Young Noble wasn’t a big shot or a peerless genius at all. Nonetheless, as an elder’s disciple, he had never experienced this contempt from outsiders before.

“You two are tired of living.” His tone became aggressive.

“This has nothing to do with me.” Jian Ming shook his head.

The daoist continued to hide behind Li Qiye and then said: “It has nothing to do with me either.”

“It’s not too late to hand it over. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.” The youth’s eyes flashed intimidatingly.

The daoist didn’t respond and hid behind Li Qiye.

“Who are you?” The youth glared at Li Qiye, thinking that he was the mastermind behind this. Perhaps he commanded that daoist to steal their item.

“Just a passerby.” Li Qiye chuckled and answered without looking at the youth.

“What is your relationship with them? Did you command them to steal our treasure?” The youth uttered coldly.

This made everyone else stare at Li Qiye. They thought that an average-looking guy like him wouldn’t dare to mess with Three Thousand Dao.

“Are other disciples from Three Thousand Dao as dumb as you?” Li Qiye finally stared at the youth.

The dismissive remark caused him to become livid.

“Newborn calves do not fear tigers.” A spectator spoke regarding Li Qiye, thinking that he wasn’t afraid of Three Thousand Dao enough.

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