Emperor of Steel

Chapter 751 - Alliance in Crisis 1  

Chapter 751: Alliance in Crisis 1

After saving the Volga Republic from the crisis, Luke and his party moved to Navarre Duchy right away.

The people of Navarre who had already fled to Veron Mountains were still struggling against the Undead by relying on the rough mountain terrain, however, the construction of the large magic circle didn’t move ahead.

For a small nation, they lacked the skills in magic engineering and 7th circle wizards were hard to find in their region.

In addition, they didn’t have any Hero class Gigants which could be used instead of highest grade magic stones.

“Can’t Symphonia or the Holy Empire support us?”

When Henry III cried, Luke sighed.

Actually, the Navarre Duchy didn’t really lack much in number when compared to the small land they had.

The problem was that he had mobilized more Gigants when attacking the Baroque Empire.

And it was done with the intent of receiving at least a little more land once the post-war was done, and that was the reason why they didn’t have enough power to defend themselves.

‘Even in such a situation, he isn’t calling back the Gigant troops he sent…’

Henry III had said that calling for his Gigants troops all of sudden would be trouble, however, Luke thought that there might be another reason for that answer.

Yet, Luke tried to think for a solution.

If it turned out that Henry III was the same as James II of the Castia Kingdom, Luke wouldn’t have the motivation to stand in the Continental Alliance.

In any case, Luke supported him with manpower and the supplies necessary for the construction of the magic circle, while closely monitoring the Navarre Duchy.

It was all in order to not let things like the Castia one, happened again, the misuse of the magic circle.

No force of the Navarre Duchy showed any suspicious movement and were all letting Luke take the lead.

Thanks to that, the work for purifying the Undead proceeded without any damage.

The 1 million Undead army which invaded the Navarre Duchy were able to escape from the poison and return back as humans.

“Thank you, Holy Pope! Majesty Luke! I will never forget the grace shown on us!”

Henry III bowed and thanked Luke and Reina for saving his nation from the crisis.

But that wasn’t the end, Henry sighed and continued.

“Thanks to the two of you, the great crisis passed, but it is blinding to get over the aftereffects of the war. In addition, how am I supposed to feed the 1 million Libiya refugees who have turned back to humans…”

Henry III rubbed his hands and looked eagerly at Luke and Reina.

His nature to openly request support irritated Luke.

‘This man, he is still sucking from us. Is he any better than that Castia King?’

It seemed like he was trying to not lose any money, but he did want to save his people.

Moreover, it wasn’t easy for a nation’s ruler to show such a sloppy appearance in front of others.

“I will try to help the Navarre.”

When Reina agreed to Henry III’s request, Luke nodded.

“We will send aid and food from the Kingdom of Irea to Navarre. However, if it comes to my ears that the aid materials are being used incorrectly, it won’t end well.”

“Th-that won’t happen!”

Henry answered with shaking eyes as he saw Luke’s gaze on him.

Luke’s eyes were beyond cold and eerie, almost like the eyes of the Devil King.

Once the problems of the allies were done, Luke went for the Holy Empire and not Symphonia.

It was to have some relaxing time with Reina, who was exhausted from continuously exerting the Spirit Power and Karen who was tired from commanding the large magic circle construction and relay tower.

“I plan to stay here for a week.”

After arriving at the Holy Palace, Luke’s words made Reina’s eyes bright.

“You mean, you want to stay with me for a week?”

“I do. The two of us are a married couple, but due to the circumstances, we were in a mess. I hope to take a break and for us to go out on a date.”

“Huhu, that sounds nice.”

Reina’s face turned red.

It wasn’t like she didn’t want to spend the time with Luke.

But, the situations of the continent and their secret relationship—she always ended up being thankful to just have an occasional visit.

Besides, in recent years the number of women who were yearning for her husband’s love had increased.

She even thought of making some concessions for the prosperity of the Symphonia royal family, but she was troubled by it.

But when Luke himself said that he wanted to spend some time with her, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Mom, aren’t you happy to go on a date with dad?”

Karen, who was next to her, teased Reina.

“Well, it is nice. Once Karen grows up and has someone who loves you, you will understand your mom’s heart.”

‘Tch, I am all grown up.’

Karen pouted at the words of her mother, who thought she was only a child.


‘I have never done anything like a date till now.’

In the future she disappeared, the only thing which happened was Karen fighting the Lich King, so she didn’t have the luxury to even think about anything else.

Of course, that didn’t mean that there were no men around her.

However, she never felt attracted to them, so she wasn’t sure of loving anyone.

Karen decided to leave her parents alone.

“I’ll go.”

“We don’t have any work so you…”

“I am going to find someone I love, so I can understand mom’s heart.”

At Karen’s words, Luke jumped at his daughter.

“You don’t need to look for anything like that! Even if you are over 20, that isn’t too late!”

‘Dad too… is it because of what happened in Volga?’

The day before Luke went to Navarre Duchy from the Volga Republic, President Vladimir, who came to see them off, said something.

“Is that little child over there the princess of the Holy Empire? She seems to be the same age as my son… how does that sound, Holiness? Hopefully, I think they will be a good pair?”

Reina politely declined the half-joke proposal.

She had that thought that marriage was best done with people who understand each other.

Had Reina not refused it, and if Vladimir couldn’t read the mood and continue to tease, Luke was thinking of destroying the Volga Republic.

“Well, you two have a good time.”

When Karen left the room with her maids, the two of them were left with a spacious living room.

Erwin and the others were staying in separate palaces, so no one would disturb them.

“It turned quiet suddenly.”

“Huhuhu, it has been very noisy for a while, think you can enjoy this quiet time?”

It was the moment when Luke said that and tried to make a move on Reina.

Wooong! Wooong!

The crystal ball in Luke’s hand began to vibrate like crazy.

“Who is it? Who would send magic communication at this time?”

The Undead hurdle had passed.

There were a few groups of Undead who haven’t been found, but that could be handled by each nation.

Even in Libiya Kingdom, where people were turned into zombies and recovered left the nation, leaving the place empty.

Rather than provoking or planning something, it would be easy to defeat the remnants of the Veritas and Arsene.

It could be done simply by taking a few allies and attacking them.

Luke titled his head when he was receiving the communication.

When he infused mana into the crystal, the man’s face appeared.

It was Arch Duke Gregory, who contacted Luke.

-Your Majesty, I am sorry for disturbing you during your rest time, but we are contacting you because of a strange report which came up from the capital defense.

“Strange report?”

-Yes, It was said that an hour back, a patrol team captured a demon who moved near Bless. However, the demon claimed that it belonged to His Majesty Luke, Symphonia King.

“What? My vassal?”

At Luke’s startled question, Gregory nodded.

-Even though he was a demon, he had traces of Divine power, so we put him in the underground prison quarters. So, would you like to come and visit?

For demons to say they belonged to Luke, could happen.

And there were two demons under Luke, Sebastian and Belfair.

‘If he has Divine power, then it is likely for it to be that Belfair. And if he has come to find me, all the way to Bless…’

Luke decided to meet the demon trapped in the prison.

Then, Reina, who was looking forward for some quiet time, went sad.

“Can’t you go tomorrow?”

Luke was in a bit of conflict seeing her, but he decided to meet the demon first.

“We don’t know what might happen. I’ll go there and come back, so don’t be too sad.”

Luke, who tried to calm Reina, called for the maid and headed to the capital’s defense command.

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