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Chapter 9: Job

Chapter 9: Job

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Long Yuehong couldn’t understand Shang Jianyao’s answer, so he couldn’t be bothered.

The two of them casually chatted as they headed to the Supplies Allocation Market together. When the staff cafeteria opened, they each spent eight contribution points on a hard-boiled egg, two mixed-grain buns, and a plate of pickled vegetables.

After breakfast, Shang Jianyao and Long Yuehong brought their lunch boxes into the Rec Center. They sat in a corner of the hall and waited for the release of the job allocation results.

The Rec Center was empty at that moment, apart from the employees working there—who were busy scrubbing, cleaning, and moving objects around under Chen Xianyu’s supervision.

The elders who were training and chatting in the morning were no longer around. They were either sending the young ones to school or heading directly to their jobs.

The company stipulated that those who were 60 years old could be transferred to a more relaxed position or have their workload halved. Only when they were 75 years old did they not need to work. They could then receive monthly pensions based on their employee rank.

However, not many retired employees could come to the Rec Center at their leisure when they reached the age of 75. As genetic enhancement wasn’t widespread for the earlier generations, few people could live to the age of 75 without sufficient resources and nutrition.

Long Yuehong took a deep breath and tried to make conversation. “I met the daughter of my mother’s colleague yesterday. She just turned 18. She works at the radio station under the Entertainment Department. She’s about 1.7 meters tall and is very pretty.

“Do you think it’s possible for her to like me? Sigh, I’m only 1.75 meters tall after genetic enhancement. My looks are average, and my grades are only average. I wasn’t earmarked by any department....”

Shang Jianyao’s right eyebrow twitched slightly. “What’s her name?”

“Feng Yunying. Heh heh, she doesn’t know Hou Yi. They aren’t in the same team.” Long Yuehong thought that Shang Jianyao wanted to ask about Hou Yi’s situation. After all, many of the company’s employees were loyal listeners of this broadcaster.

Shang Jianyao didn’t appear disappointed and continued to ask, “Which floor and zone does she live in? What’s her unit number?”

“Why are you asking this?” Long Yuehong was shocked and confused.

Shang Jianyao glanced at him. “I’ll go ask her if it’s possible that she likes you.”

“...” No matter how inexperienced Long Yuehong was, he knew that this would only serve to mess things up. “Haha, stop joking.”

He didn’t dare continue the topic. “What department do you wish to enter?”

“Security Department,” Shang Jianyao replied without hesitation.

Long Yuehong almost lost control of his voice. “Are you crazy? That’s very dangerous! Don’t think that having a meal allowance is a good thing! Haha, you’re joking again.”

The Security Department was the least safe amongst all the departments in the company. The annual staff mortality rate was several times higher than the other departments combined. This was because they were responsible for many expeditions.

Their duties involved escorting large amounts of supplies through the wilderness, fighting with people or monsters who had invaded their sphere of influence, guarding the outposts other than the underground building, venturing deep into the wilderness to search for Old World ruins, and protecting the scientific team to complete their corresponding projects. However, their duties weren’t limited to just these things.

This often resulted in Security Department employees having to face pollution, disease, monsters, Heartless disease, and bullets. Some were injured, infected, had abnormalities, or even died. It was inevitable.

While Long Yuehong was shocked by Shang Jianyao’s answer, Meng Xia and the others entered the Rec Center one after another. They then sat down in different areas according to their familiarity with the area.

Yang Zhenyuan had a good relationship with Shang Jianyao and Long Yuehong. They lived on the same floor, had gotten into the same university, and also majored in the same field. Therefore, he walked towards the two of them after looking around.

“Eh, why do you look so deflated? Did you not eat breakfast?” Long Yuehong asked with concern as he saw Yang Zhenyuan walk over.

Yang Zhenyuan’s face turned red. “I’ve eaten. I’m just a little tired.”

“Why are you tired?” Long Yuehong was confused.

Yang Zhenyuan didn’t know how to explain. He turned to Shang Jianyao and sighed. “I never knew marriage is such a tiring thing. However, it’s still pretty good. You guys have to find a partner as soon as possible.” As he spoke, he unconsciously revealed a smile.

Long Yuehong felt that he understood what he was getting at and didn’t ask any further. He continued the topic from before. “Yang Zhenyuan, Shang Jianyao just joked about how he wants to join the Security Department!”

Yang Zhenyuan thought about it seriously. “If I can restrict myself to serving internally, I would like to work there too. The treatment is really good.”

Security Department employees’ salary was no different from that of other departments’ employees. They all followed the company’s rules. However, since they required high-intensity training, they could eat meat every day. On training days and duty days, they would eat in the Security Department’s exclusive canteen. The price of the food was low, and the servings were plentiful. Usually, there would be meal allowances.

This was fatally attractive to many employees.

“Isn’t that obvious? If one can really restrict themselves to serve internally, everyone will want to work there. Well, except management and those researchers,” said Long Yuehong disdainfully. “Unfortunately, the Security Department’s internal and external posts are done on rotation unless one becomes Big Boss’s personal guard, part of an operation team directly under management, or an important project security detail.”

Shang Jianyao, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, “I want a field agent position.”

“...” Long Yuehong waved his hand in front of Shang Jianyao. “Is there really something wrong with your brain? Don’t you know how dangerous it is outside?”

There were many employees in the Security Department, so everyone knew someone from it to some extent. They knew the Ashlands’ situation, so they knew that there was more chaos than order outside.

The company’s interior was comparatively peaceful and orderly. Its capability of providing basic supplies made it like heaven.

It was precisely because of this that not many people really wanted to be part of the department, even though the Security Department had the corresponding allowances for field agents and the choice to bring items from the Ashlands back home without them handing over or destroying them.

In order to encourage everyone to join the Security Department, the board of directors was very generous with the promotion of the corresponding staff. Many people, in their ordinary jobs, might only reach D3 their entire lives, unable to become senior employees. However, the staff of the Security Department could reach D4 in a year or even six months. At the same time, all those who retired from the Security Department and transferred into normal positions would be promoted by one rank.

Yang Zhenyuan could not understand Shang Jianyao, but he did not retort and only pointed out some facts. “Security Department employees are basically selected from married people with children. It’s very rare to find someone who was just matched or yet to be married.”

“That’s right.” Long Yuehong smiled and nodded. He then looked at Shang Jianyao and said, “Why do you want to be a field agent?”

“To save all of humanity,” said Shang Jianyao without changing his expression.

Long Yuehong and Yang Zhenyuan choked on their own saliva at the same time.

At that moment, two people in black uniforms came in from outside and handed a sealed paper envelope to Chen Xianyu, the Rec Center’s PIC.

Long Yuehong, Yang Zhenyuan, and Meng Xia stood up at the same time and held their breaths.

The paper envelope contained the job allocation results.

Compared to the central marriage assignment’s need for a public announcement, the job allocation results were given, in the form of a letter, to the corresponding person because of confidentiality clauses. Nobody else knew of the results during the entire process.

After confirming that the paper envelope wasn’t damaged, the two board staff signed and handed over the results. They then retreated to Chen Xianyu’s side to supervise the distribution process.

“That was fast. It seems like we are the first batch... I wonder what kind of job I’ll get...” Long Yuehong couldn’t help but speak in his nervousness.

Shang Jianyao glanced at him and said, “First, assume that you’ve entered the Security Department. That way, no matter what the outcome is, it won’t be worse.”

“That makes sense!” Long Yuehong had no other choice but to follow Shang Jianyao’s suggestion.

After Chen Xianyu showed the paper envelope to everyone, he unsealed it and took out a stack of envelopes. Then, he read the name on each letter. “Zhong Xiaomin.”

A girl went up, took the letter, and quickly walked to the side to open the envelope.

“Yang Zhenyuan.”


“Meng Xia.”


“Long Yuehong.”


“Shang Jianyao.”


The names were read out one by one. One by one, people walked up and received the envelope that would decide their fate.

They didn’t try hiding their results from others. Instead, they directly opened the envelope in the Rec Center and took out the letter inside.

Long Yuehong stood not far away from Chen Xianyu. His hands trembled as he unfolded the paper. “Long Yuehong, Electronic Card Number 02511013768: Please report to Room 14 on the 647th floor before noon.”

647th floor... Long Yuehong’s mind buzzed, and the letter in his hand fell to the ground. He quickly picked it up again and read it a few more times, hoping that he had read it wrongly.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t.

“I’m doomed. I’m doomed...” he muttered to himself, his face ashen.

This underground building had a total of 650 floors. The five floors closest to the surface came under the Security Department. Therefore, reporting to the 647th floor meant joining the Security Department.


Shang Jianyao patted Long Yuehong’s shoulder.

Long Yuehong slowly turned around, his eyes dull. “I’m doomed. I’m doomed...”

With a bright smile, Shang Jianyao said, “I’ve been assigned to the Security Department.”

“Huh?” Long Yuehong snapped out of his nightmare and grabbed Shang Jianyao’s letter. He quickly scanned it and read the contents. “Shang Jianyao. Electronic Card Number 02509083626: Please report to Room 14 on the 647th floor before noon.”

“We will be in the same place?” Long Yuehong calmed down a little.

Shang Jianyao smiled and replied, “Looks like it.”

“Why are we so unlucky?” Long Yuehong was no longer disappointed and depressed after learning that he had company.

Shang Jianyao tilted his head and said, “I applied for it.”

“...” Long Yuehong was speechless.

At this moment, Meng Xia, Yang Zhenyuan, Zhong Xiaomin, and the others all saw their assignments. Some were excited, some were happy, some felt down, and some were sad. However, none of them reacted as strongly as Long Yuehong.

“Where are you assigned to? I’m going to the research institute on the 36th floor.” Yang Zhenyuan came over with his letter.

With a beaming smile, Shang Jianyao replied, “Security Department.”

In the blink of an eye, the Rec Center’s hall became extremely quiet. The sad and depressed people were first surprised before they felt that their assignment wasn’t too bad.

Upon seeing this, Long Yuehong did not want to stay any longer. He pulled Shang Jianyao aside and spoke in a low voice. “Let’s head over to report. Sigh, that’s all we can do now.”

This result could not be resisted unless he wanted his entire family to be banished from the company.

Even if one had some connections that could soothe things over with relations, they had to report first before attempting to make a transfer. However, those with such connections would have long taken the ‘earmarked’ route.

Shang Jianyao waved at Yang Zhenyuan, took his lunch box, and walked to the other side of Zone C with Long Yuehong.

There was an elevator that led to the top five floors.

Long Yuehong followed Shang Jianyao in silence for a while. Suddenly, he pursed his lips and softly said, “At least I can see the real sky...”

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