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Chapter 699 - Chose the Location

Chapter 699: Chose the Location

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The company was very well-known in Lianshan. The scale of the company was very big at the beginning. A lot of people were attracted to work there. However, it became a mess at the end. The workers didn’t get paid, so they went to the local government to lodge complaints. At the moment, the company barely survived on a bank loan.

“Is that so?” Zhen Weijun frowned.

One of the body guards came to speak to him.

“OK, ask him to come,” Zhen Weijun said. “Dr. Wang, that Feng Shui master is here.”

“Oh? I’ll be interested in meeting him,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

Ten minutes later, a luxurious car arrived and pulled over. A man in his 40s got out of the car. He was wearing traditional Chinese clothes and looked young.

“Let me introduce you. This is Dr. Wang, and this is Master Xu,” Zhen Weijun said.

“Hello, nice to meet you” Master Xu said.

“Hello, nice to meet you, too,” Wang Yao said.

They glanced at each other before briefly shaking hands.

“Master Xu, this is the place we chose for our pharmaceutical factory,” Zhen Weijun said. “Can you take a look?”

“Sure,” Master Xu said.

He took out a compass from his bag and followed the edge of the area for some time. He stopped constantly before entering the wasted land.

“Hmm, this is a good place. It will bring you fortune,” Master Xu said.

“A good place for fortune?” Wang Yao asked with surprise. He actually didn’t think it was a suitable place to build a factory. He was interested to know Master Xu’s justification.

“The land is level, and the wind is smooth here,” Master Xu said. “This area is also elevated. According to the information from my compass, this place is exceptional!”

He continued with a lot of Feng Shui jargon, appearing to be really professional. He could even link his justification to Zhen Weijun’s eight birthday characters, which impressed Wang Yao. Let alone his knowledge of Feng Shui, Master Xu was extremely eloquent.

Most people would trust what he said. It was a typical case of laymen being fooled by an expert.

“What do you think, Dr. Wang?” Zhen Weijun asked in a low voice.

No matter what Master Xu said, he wanted to Wang Yao to make the final decision.

“Shall we go to see another place?” Wang Yao suggested.

“OK. Master Xu, shall we go to see another place?” Zhen Weijun asked.

“Sure,” Master Xu said.

It didn’t take long for the two cars to carry three people to the other place, which still had crops in it.

“Here?” Master Xu did the same process. “The Feng Shui here is not good.”

“Why?” Zhen Weijun asked.

“The airflow is not smooth here. Have you noticed the hill over there?” Master Xu pointed at the hill covered by trees. “The hill will block your fortune. And, the place is higher in the east and lower in the west. There is even a creek in the middle.”

Master Xu pointed to a creek, which was not obvious. “Given my knowledge, this place is no good and not a suitable place to do business as well as to live.”

“But, I think the crops grow well here.” Wang Yao pointed at the crops in the field.

“That is not the same thing I was talking about,” Master Xu said without thinking.

“I see. Thank you, Master Xu,” Zhen Weijun said.

“No problem.” Master Xu nodded. He appeared to be modest and calm, like a true expert.

“What do you think?” Zhen Weijun asked. He respected Wang Yao’s opinion on the location of their factory and would listen to him.

“You really want to know?” Wang Yao asked.

“Of course,” Zhen Weijun said.

“I think this is a better location than the other one.” Wang Yao pointed at the field.

“I see,” Zhen Weijun said. Since Wang Yao preferred this one, he decided to establish their factory there. It was just a pharmaceutical factory to him.

“I have decided that we are going to build our factory here,” Zhen Weijun said.

“You don’t want to know why?” Wang Yao asked with a smile.

Since Zhen Weijun had made the decision, it was a waste of time to ask Master Xu to take a look at two places. Fortunately, Master Xu was not around. Wang Yao could imagine how angry he would be.

“Yes, I’m interested in knowing why,” Zhen Weijun said.

“I think the airflow is quite smooth here. The soil, trees, and water form a really good place.” Wang Yao pointed at the hill and small river nearby. “In my opinion, we need that hill, which could help the field absorb Qi.”

What Wang Yao said was easy to understand.

“You know Feng Shui?” asked Zhen Weijun surprisingly.

“Just a little bit,” Wang Yao said.

Zhen Weijun thought Wang Yao was just being modest. He believed Wang Yao could be an exceptional Feng Shui master, as well as an extraordinary doctor. If Wang Yao was considered having a little bit of knowledge of Feng Shui, Zhen Weijun was afraid there would only be a handful of true Feng Shui masters in existence. In fact, Wang Yao just had a superficial understanding of Feng Shui.

“The place near Lianshan town center is actually no good. The flow of Qi is blocked there.” Wang Yao could now feel the Qi of a place by standing there for one second. After all, he was able to communicate with the earth and sky. Normally people wouldn’t have a clue of it.

“By the way, I guess it is not cheap to hire Master Xu,” Wang Yao said.

“That’s alright. I paid him…” Zhen Weijun stretched out his five fingers.

“$50,000 for walking around two places?” Wang Yao asked in shock.

“It is not considered expensive. You think it’s expensive because you don’t work in the area. He’s given me a discount already. Normally, he charges more,” Zhen Weijun said.

“Wow, easy money,” Wang Yao said.

Zhen Weijun just smiled. He thought Wang Yao’s decoctions cost thousands or even more. It was also easy money. Of course, he knew what Wang Yao did was more meaningful. Wealth couldn’t compare to health.

“By the way, Dr. Wang, are you available to have dinner together tonight?” Zhen Weijun asked.

“Yep,” Wang Yao said.

In the evening, while they were having dinner, Zhen Weijun asked Master Xu a few questions about Feng Shui.

“Can you do fortune telling?” Wang Yao curiously asked.

“Yes,” Master Xu said.

Seriously? Wang Yao thought.

“Can you have a look at me?” he asked.

“You…” Master Xu thought for a while and took a good look at Wang Yao. In fact, when they initially met, he had paid extra notice to Wang Yao since Zhen Weijun seemed to be very polite to him. He knew Zhen Weijun’s family background. Zhen Weijun wouldn’t be friendly with anyone. He was very respectful to Wang Yao, so the doctor had to be someone special.

After taking a good look at Wang Yao’s face, Master Xu noticed something special. He found Wang Yao was not just a good-looking young man.

After all, Master Xu was a master. He actually had good knowledge in metaphysics. His main focus was Feng Shui. He also understood anthroposcopy and numerology. These things shared the same philosophy. One either knew all or nothing.

He had done fortune telling for many people. Everyone had different facial characters. However, one thing stayed the same, which was that no one had perfect facial characters. According to numerology, no one’s life was perfect. Some people had long life expectancy but would never be wealthy. Some people possessed power and wealthy but their children were terrible to them. No one’s life was perfect.

However, Master Xu couldn’t see a flaw on Wang Yao’s face, which was as clear as jade. He had a good set of features. His eyebrows, hair, and bones were all perfect. Master Xu was amazed.

“Dr. Wang has perfect facial features, which indicates that you are a person of great fortune,” Master Xu finally said.

“Oh, thank you,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

“By the way, Dr. Wang, are you a practitioner?” Master Xu asked.

“What do you mean by practitioner?” Wang Yao asked.

“Like a Taoist or Buddhist. They are all practitioners,” Master Xu said.

“In that case, yes, I am a practitioner,” Wang Yao said. He did breathing exercise regularly.

“No wonder,” Master Xu said.

“Why do you say that?” Wang Yao asked.

“It is very hard to conclude a practitioner’s destiny from his or her facial features,” Master Xu said. He went on to explain some knowledge in relation to numerology, which he normally didn’t share. “I didn’t expect to come across such a young practitioner like you.”

“I just read some books about Taoism,” Wang Yao said.

Zhen Weijun arranged people to take Master Xu home after lunch. Wang Yao stayed.

“Dr. Wang, Master Xu is actually quite knowledgeable. He foresaw that I would be seriously ill several years ago and directed me to come to your village for help,” Zhen Weijun said.

“Really?” Wang Yao gasped.

“Yeah. Now, I think the whole thing is just unbelievable. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have worked with him for such a long time,” Zhen Weijun said.

Since they had chosen the location to build the factory, the rest would be much easier.

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