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Chapter 697 - What a Shame!

Chapter 697: What a Shame!

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“I’ll try to make those people turn themselves in,” Cao Meng said.

“Good, you are redeeming yourself by good deeds,” the police officer said.

The policemen realized they were dealing with major crimes committed by a gang who had traveled across different provinces.

“Come here, Cao He.” Cao Meng gave instructions to Cao He.

Cao Meng had been the head of his gang for a number of years. He knew the members of the gang very well.

“They should have gone to my hometown in central China. Tell them I have a task for them here,” Cao Meng said.

“Sure,” Cao He said.

“You know their bank details?” Cao Meng asked.

“Yes,” Cao He said.

“Transfer $10,000 to their bank accounts,” Cao Meng said.

Cao He agreed and headed to Cao Meng’s home town, leaving Cao Meng alone in the hospital room. Because Cao Meng was a criminal, he had to stay in a special room.

He was getting better after Wang Yao had treated him. He could now have fluids and had started to get some strength back. However, he was still quite weak and sleepy. It was as if he had lost his soul.

He anticipated that he would spend the rest of his life in jail after he had fully recovered. He knew what crimes he had committed. According to the law, he deserved a death sentence. He didn’t confess all the crimes he had committed. He was not stupid and didn’t exactly regret what he had done. He just didn’t have any other choices.

He took a big sigh.

Meanwhile, a police officer came to Wang Yao’s clinic.

“Dr. Wang, how did you do it?” the police officer curiously asked. Although the case had been transferred to a different department, he couldn’t help coming to the clinic to ask Wang Yao about it. Of course the main purpose of his visit was that he had a stiff neck after having a nap on the desk. “I heard it was you who made those scumbags confess. They’ve committed so many crimes.”

Wang Yao simply massaged the police officer’s neck, which immediately made the officer feel better.

“That’s it?” the policeman asked.

“Yes,” Wang Yao said.

“Wonderful! Thank you very much,” the policeman said. “How much should I pay you?”

“You don’t need to pay,” Wang Yao said as he shook his hand.

“By the way, you haven’t told me how you made them confess?” the policeman asked.

“I tried to win him by virtue,” Wang Yao seriously said. “I had a long conversation with him, trying to touch his soul and make him realize that what he had done was wrong. Eventually, he realized it and decided to confess his crimes. He decided to change into a different person.”

“What? I almost believed what you said,” the policeman said. “Haha, you are funny, Dr. Wang. Anyway, thank you for the treatment. Call me if you need me.”

“Sure. Remember not to bend over the desk sleeping,” Wang Yao said.

“I see.” The policeman left the clinic happily.

Cao Meng had confessed some of crimes he had committed.

Wang Yao didn’t read all the notes, but he was sure Cao Meng wouldn’t have confessed all the crimes he had committed. Regardless, whatever crimes Cao Meng had confessed were serious enough to keep him in jail for the rest of his life.

It seemed that all the trouble caused by Cao Meng and his gang was over. Wang Yao seemed to be able to enjoy a peaceful life again. Everything would fade with the passing of time.

It started to become hot, and the number of patients visiting Wang Yao’s clinic was increasing gradually. It seemed that people had forgotten the old man’s death in the clinic.

Zhen Shixiong and Zhen Weijun also left the village. They invited Wang Yao for dinner to express their gratitude before leaving.

Only Wen Wan and her son Fan Youren were still in the village for treatment.

“Have they all gone?” Wen Wan asked as she sat in the courtyard looking at the hills in the distance.

“You should recover soon,” Fan Youren said.

The effect of Connection Ointment was amazing. Wen Wan had a speedy recovery. She could feel her body was less and less heavy. She had stayed in the village for some time. Her mood had also improved. She had fallen in love with the small village.

“Hmm, I think so,” Wen Wan said.

People often didn’t cherish what they owned or didn’t even think of it. However, once they lost what they had, they would regret it, like health. Wen Wan thought that a lot. Regaining health made her realize the importance of health. Nothing in her life was more important than health.

“We’ll travel around together after you get better. I don’t want you to work too hard anymore,” Fan Youren said.

Meanwhile, Cao He took four gangsters back to Lianshan.

“Hmm? Here again?” one of the gangsters asked.

“Boss still wants to take revenge against that doctor?” another gangster asked.

“Revenge? Do you think they actually want peace now?” a short gangster asked.

“Peace? Given our boss’s character, he would stab that doctor when shaking hands with him,” a skinny gangster said.

The four gangsters kept talking. Cao He didn’t say anything. He just walked in front of them without any facial expression.

“Hey, He, how old are you?” a tall gangster asked.

“28,” Cao He said.

“How about Hui?” the tall gangster asked.

“26,” Cao He said.

“Is Hui your girlfriend?” the tall gangster asked.

“No,” Cao He said.

“Yeah!” The four gangsters were excited and high-fived one another.

Cao He stopped and turned around to look at them. He was still calm.

Idiots. They don’t know what they are gonna face.

“That’s good. We can chase after Hui,” the short gangster said.

“You?” Cao He was no longer calm.

“Why not?” the short gangster asked.

Four idiots, stupid pigs. Toads want to taste the swan? No way!

Cao He just laughed. He knew the gangsters would stay in jail for some time after coming back to Lianshan. Given what they had done, they would probably serve for at least 10 years.

Although they looked innocent now, they wouldn’t blink their eyes when committing a crime. They would still have smiles on their faces when stabbing a person to death.

Cao He disliked those people very much. He was actually disgusted and resistive to the crimes Cao Meng and his gangsters committed. However, Cao Meng changed his and Cao Hui’s life. So, he still helped Cao Meng. He just wanted to return the favor. He had tried to ask Cao Meng to give up his gang, but it didn’t work.

Cao He took the gangsters to a hotel. The policemen hiding in the hotel ambushed them. The gangsters didn’t even realize what was going on since everything happened too fast.

“Sh*t! What is going on?” a gangster asked.

“We were ambushed!” another gangster shouted.

“Cao He! You bastard!” the tall gangster shouted.

They realized Cao He had trapped them and worked with the policemen to capture them. They thought they were a team that Cao He would never betray them.

After they had been taken to the police station, they didn’t confess anything. After meeting with Cao Meng and knowing that he had confessed to some of the crimes they committed together, they decided to confess. They told everything they knew to the policemen and begged for forgiveness. Eventually, they released too much information, including the ones Cao Meng didn’t confess in the first place.

“What the hell is going on here?” All the police officers were surprised.

They were shocked by the number of crimes the gangsters had committed. They also realized that it was good opportunity to obtain a full confession from the gangsters who had committed illegal pyramid selling, fraud, human trafficking of women and children, and blackmail. They had even taken money that should have been used to save lives.

“These people are horrible!” The more the gangsters confessed, the more angry the policeman became.

“I know! But, don’t let them spoil your mood,” another policeman said.

Meanwhile, Cao Hui was in Wang Yao’s clinic.

“They are all here?” Wang Yao asked.

“Yes. they confessed all the crimes they had committed together with our boss,” Cao Hui said. “Our boss has done more things than we already knew.”

“Will you and Cao He be affected?” Wang Yao asked.

“No. They said none of those crimes had anything to do with us. But, Cao He and I have decided to turn ourselves in,” Cao Hui said.

“Turn yourselves in? Why?” Wang Yao asked. “You guys just helped to manage the bank accounts. You didn’t know where the money came from, did you?”

“Yes, we did, with some of the money,” Cao Hui said.

She didn’t stay long to chat with Wang Yao.

It was late afternoon when she left the clinic. The sky had turned red.

“What a shame,” Wang Yao said with a sigh.

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