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Chapter 695 - Water

Chapter 695: Water

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“You traveled here overnight?” Wang Yao asked.

“Yes,” Cao Hui said.

“So, he’s made a decision?” Wang Yao asked.

“Yes, he decided to confess all of the crimes he has committed to the police,” Cao Hui said.

“OK, I will treat him after he has spoken to the police,” Wang Yao said.

“You…” Cao Hui tried to say something.

“You don’t trust me?” Wang Yao knew the purpose of her visit now.

“I’m a bit concerned,” Cao Hui said. She thought she should make it clear.

“Haha, I will keep my promise,” Wang Yao said.

Cao Hui kept silent for a moment. It was just a verbal promise from Wang Yao, which meant nothing. However, she didn’t have any other choice.

“Can you go to Beijing with me?” Cao Hui asked.

“No, that’s not possible,” Wang Yao said. “To be honest, do you really think I will care about them? They asked for it.”

The reason he spent time talking to Cao Hui was because she still had something good inside her. Although she offered Cao Meng help, she was a completely different person than Cao Meng.

Cao Hui kept silent again. She didn’t know what to say. She was in a different situation this time. Wang Yao was dominating. She had nothing with which to bargain with him.

Maybe this is karma, Cao Hui thought.

“Sorry to bother you,” she said after thinking for a while.

She had traveled thousands of times, day and night to this village, and only spoke to Wang Yao for less than half an hour.

“Not at all, bye,” Wang Yao said.

Cao Hui left the clinic when it was noon, the hottest time of the day.

Zhong Liuchuan and Zhong Anxin came to the clinic in the afternoon. Zhong Anxin had fully recovered and was now quite healthy.

“Where are you two going?” Wang Yao asked.

“Actually, we plan to stay here. I’m going to buy a property in the village,” Zhong Liuchuan said.

He had decided to buy an apartment in Lianshan town center and a house in the village. Zhong Anxin could live on campus. He could take care of his sister in the town center.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

The residents who used to live in the village chose to leave while outsiders wanted to move in.

On the other hand, Zhen Weijun was about to leave the village. He no longer required a wheelchair and walking stick. He could ambulate independently but slowly. He had a walk around the village every day.

“Uncle, I have to go back soon,” Zhen Weijun said.

“I see. I know you have to go,” Zhen Shixiong said.

“Actually I don’t wanna go back. I like it here,” Zhen Weijun said.

The longer he stayed in the village, the more he liked it here. The village was a peaceful and relaxed place. Zhen Weijun didn’t need to worry about the fight, schemes, and all the dirty things in the business world. He didn’t need to worry about the wrestling between different family members.

There were rarely any cars coming and out of the village. The size of the population was very small. There was no noisy factory in the village. The pace of life was really slow. People took their time to do everything. He often made himself a cup of tea and had a good think about his life when he had nothing else to do.

After leaving the village, he had to say goodbye to his peaceful lifestyle and return to the real world.

“You don’t belong here anyway,” Zhen Shixiong said.

A person’s life was probably arranged at the moment he or she was born. It was one’s destiny to be rich or poor, or an elite or someone average.

Zhen Weijun kept silent for a while. “I really envy Dr. Wang.”

“He doesn’t belong to the mundane world,” Zhen Shixiong said.

Although Wang Yao still interacted with people through his clinic, he didn’t appear to belong to the mundane world. He was not a recluse, but there was a big difference between him and people like Sun Yunsheng and Zhen Weijun.

There were not many patients coming to the clinic in the afternoon. Wang Yao closed the clinic earlier than usual. When he arrived home, he found his mother was cleaning a wild rabbit.

“You went to town?” Wang Yao asked.

“No, this was given by Zecheng. I asked him to take it away, but he just left it here. He has lost a lot of weight,” Zhang Xiuying said.

“Wang Zecheng?” Wang Yao asked.

“Yeah. You know he used to be really terrible to Yilong and really lazy. Now, he’s a completely different person,” Zhang Xiuying said.

Everyone in the village could see the change.

“He has changed,” Wang Yao said.

“How do you want me to cook the rabbit? Cook it with soy sauce?” Zhang Xiuying asked.

“It’s up to you, I’m not fussy,” Wang Yao said.

He stayed at home with his parents for some time after dinner. It was 9 p.m. by the time he left for Nanshan Hill. There was no one outside. The lights along the road were still on.

Roar! A shaking motorcycle came into the village from the north and stopped next to Wang Yao.

“Hello, Dr. Wang.” It was Wang Zecheng.

“Hello, you are back so late,” Wang Yao said.

“Yeah, I just went to do an extra shift,” Wang Zecheng said.

Actually, it was not late for Wang Zecheng at all. He normally came back after 10 p.m. His boss didn’t have much work for him in the past few days. He actually wanted to work more to make more money.

Wang Zecheng looked very tired under the street light. After all, he had to work over 10 hours every day. His did labor work, so it was no wonder he was very tired.

“I’ve told you not to get too tired. You need a proper rest,” Wang Yao said.

“I know. I’ll take the day off tomorrow,” Wang Zecheng said.

He was exhausted, but he felt his life was full. He really didn’t have other choices.

“You can try some other work,” Wang Yao said.

“Like what?” Wang Zecheng asked.

“Grow herbs,” Wang Yao said.

“Who would want herbs?” Wang Zecheng asked.

“I do,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

“But, I’ve never grown herbs before,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Have you done farming?” Wang Yao asked. “It is pretty much like farming.”

Wang Zecheng kept silent for a while before saying. “It sounds like a good idea. I can try.”

“Good,” Wang Yao said.

“Thank you,” Wang Zecheng sincerely said.

“Go home, your family is waiting for you,” Wang Yao said.

Wang Zecheng’s motorcycle made a turn at the end of a stone bridge and headed west before it disappeared in the dark.

Wang Yao had thought about teaching people to grow herbs a long time ago. After he had decided to go ahead with the pharmaceutical company, he had to have sources for herbs as soon as possible. His company had to use natural herbs, not the ones containing chemicals.

He had limited space in the herbal field for a large amount of herbs. Plus, he planned to grow licorice roots predominantly in his herbal field. He needed a large amount of common herbs elsewhere. He couldn’t rely on a supplier to get common herbs because he wouldn’t have control of the quality of herbs. Therefore, he wanted to ask villagers who didn’t move to the town center to grow herbs for him.

He had also thought about growing common herbs on Dongshan Hill since Xishan Hill had become a deadly place. It was better not to grow anything on Xishan Hill.

That was why he made such a suggestion to Wang Zecheng.

It was very quiet in the village.

“Grow herbs?” Wang Zecheng’s wife was surprised. “Why do you suddenly want to grow herbs?”

“I bumped into Yao this evening. He suggested it,” Wang Zecheng said.

“But, we’ve never grown herbs before,” his wife said.

“I don’t think it is too difficult. It should be similar to farming. You have nothing to do at home anyway,” Wang Zecheng said.

“OK, let’s give it a try,” his wife said.

“I don’t work tomorrow. I’ll talk with Yao about it,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Sounds good,” his wife said.

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