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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: One Person, One Family, One Formula

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The reason why Tian Tuyuan came to visit Wang Yao was very simple—networking. He thought that Wang Yao was a very capable young man and it was worth making friends with him. Businessmen were good at dealing with people for their own interest and Tian Tuyuan was a very good businessman.

Wang Yao shook his head while looking at the Qimen black tea on the table. He guessed that Tian Tuyuan just wanted to be friendly with him for his own interest. He was not against people like Tian Tuyuan, after all, Wang Yao was just a young man with special abilities, not a hermit.

Tian Tuyuan called He Qisheng after he left the village. They decided where and when to meet—a cafe in Lianshan. He Qisheng and Tian Tuyuan sat in a private room of the cafe and ordered a pot of tea.

“I didn’t expect to bump into you here,” said Tian Tuyuan with a smile.

“Yeah, what was the last time we met? A few months ago?” said He Qisheng after he took a sip of the tea.

They had known each other for a long time, and kept in contact.

“About 6 months,” said Tian Tuyuan after thinking for a short while.

“How are you? Still busy?” asked He Qisheng.

“Not too bad. I hired more people. We are no longer that busy,” said Tian Tuyuan.

“How is your wife?” asked He Qisheng.

He knew about Xu Jiahui’s illness and tried to treat her. But her illness was very tricky and he was not well prepared. He tried his best but he didn’t make much of a difference.

“I believe she is cured,” said Tian Tuyuan.

“Really!?” said He Qisheng.

He was very surprised to hear that. He had tried to treat Xu Jiahui and he knew exactly how weird her illness was. It was not as overwhelming as a flood, which could make her extremely sick in a short period of time. Her illness developed gradually and slowly and tortured her in a worse way. It was like cutting meat with a blunt knife. No definitive plan could be made to cure her illness. He Qisheng knew about Tian Tuyuan’s network and capability. Tian Tuyuan must have gone to almost every big hospital and visited numerous specialists all who couldn’t cure Xu Jiahui. All in all, He Qisheng was so surprised to hear that Xu Jiahui had been cured.

“That’s wonderful! Who cured your wife?” asked He Qisheng.

“I’m sorry,” replied Tian Tuyuan with a smile, “I’ve promised him not to tell anyone.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” said He Qisheng. Wait! I think I probably know who he is!

Suddenly He Qisheng stopped pouring tea from the teapot, as if he thought of something important. He Qisheng was too absent-minded to notice that Tian Tuyuan’s cup was full.

“My cup is full,” reminded Tian Tuyuan.

“Oh, sorry,” said He Qisheng.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Tian Tuyuan.

“I’m thinking of a person, a very interesting person,” said He Qisheng when he placed the pot back on the table.

“Really? By the way, I thought you were in Qi Province. How come you are here today?” asked Tian Tuyuan.

“I’m here to ask someone for help,” said He Qisheng.

“Ask someone for help? I didn’t expect this from you. Did you go to see Wang Yao?” Tian Tuyuan suddenly guessed.

“Yes. Seems you know him well,” said He Qisheng. The two of them finally started to talk about Wang Yao.

“Not really. I’ve only seen him a few times,” said Tian Tuyuan.

“Was it him who cured your wife?” asked He Qisheng directly.

“Yes, did you also come to see him?” Tian Tuyuan also stopped hiding.

“Haha, yes,” said He Qisheng.

The two of them looked at each other and started to laugh. All the guard and misunderstanding had gone away.

“How did he cure your wife?” asked He Qisheng.

“He just used two decoctions,” said Tian Tuyuan as he took a sip of the tea.

“What decoction?” asked He Qisheng eagerly.

“Anshensan. It nourishes the heart and calms the nerves,” Tian Tuyuan just repeated what Wang Yao had told him.

“Nourishes the heart and calms the nerves…it sounds so simple.”

“It sounds simple but the effects were extraordinary, even magical. What did you ask him to do?” asked Tian Tuyuan.

“Same thing.”

“For whom?”

He Qisheng did not answer the question and Tian Tuyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up and he thought of something.

“Is the patient seriously ill?” asked Tian Tuyuan.

“Yes, it’s very serious,” said He Qisheng after a short silence.

In fact, he spoke too much today. So did Tian Tuyuan. They were friends, but not the kind of friends who could talk about anything. They just wanted information from each other. At the same time, they needed to offer something to each other.

“What did Wang Yao say?” asked Tian Tuyuan.

“He said he will take a month to prepare a decoction for me,” said He Qisheng.

“Well, then you have to wait,” said Tian Tuyuan.

The two of them had sat in the cafe for over an hour before they left.

“Even people from Guo’s family came to see Wang Yao,” sighed Tian Tuyuan.

If he could save someone from the Guo family, that would be a big thing! thought Tian Tuyuan.

Up on Nanshan hill, Wang Yao continued his everyday routine.

One afternoon, he asked his mother to look after the herbal field for him before he headed to town.

It was the opening day of Wang Mingbao’s store. Wang Mingbao had already done the renovations and hung up decorations. He had started to buy things for the store and picked a good day to open it.

What should I buy for Mingbao? Wang Yao rode his motorbike to town early in the morning and prepared a red envelope with money inside. He thought he should buy something more for Mingbao who was one of his best friends.

Wang Yao failed to find anything suitable after shopping around. He had no experience with this. Eventually, he bought two big baskets of flowers and asked someone to deliver them to Wang Mingbao’s store.

“Congratulations! I wish you all the best for your business!” Wang Yao said as he gave Wang Mingbao the red envelope.

“Thank you, Yao, but I can’t accept your money. You are like my brother,” said Wang Mingbao.

“You must take it.” Wang Yao stuffed the red envelope into Wang Mingbao’s hand. Although Wang Mingbao didn’t care about the money, it was a goodwill from Wang Yao.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Wang Yao asked the workers who were busy preparing the opening.

“Nah, leave it to the workers. Come in and have some tea,” said Wang Mingbao.

“Come on, let me help you,” said Wang Yao.

The two baskets of flowers arrived when Wang Yao was helping the workers.

More people arrived to congratulate Wang Mingbao; some of them were friends of Wang Mingbao’s while some of them knew Wang Mingbao’s father. There was a big crowd. It was a good sign to have a big crowd on the day of an opening ceremony. That meant a lot of clients and good business for the future.

When the time came, firecrackers were set off with loud noises. What an exciting day!

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