Elixir Supplier

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Young Man Who Could Tolerate the Loneliness on the Hill

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“What tea is this?” asked Guo Sirou.

“Some tea from the hill,” replied Wang Yao with a smile. He was telling the truth. The tea leaves were common but the tea water was special. The combination of these two was like using nectar to cook Wonton. It would certainly be extraordinary.

“Tea from the hill. I’ve never tasted any other tea better than this. Even those using wild tea leaves can’t compare to this one!” said Guo Sirou.

“Do you read scripture?” He Qisheng saw the basic scriptures that sat next to the table.

Zhuang Zi, Huangting Jing, and Daide Jing—nowadays, there were not many people could sit down to read these scriptures, let alone a young man like Wang Yao.

“I only read them when I have nothing else to do,” said Wang Yao calmly.

Guo Sirou and He Qisheng left the cottage after a short while.

“This young man is very different!” said Guo Sirou after she left the hill.

“More than just different!” said He Qisheng. “That hallucination array was magical. And the tea was absolutely divine.”

“Indeed,” agreed Guo Sirou.

“Miss, have you noticed that we’re not so tired anymore?” prompted He Qisheng.

“Exactly!” Guo Sirou had just realized she felt much more relaxed now.

“What is happening? Is it because of that cup of tea?” asked Guo Sirou.

“I guess so,” said He Qisheng.

“What kind of tea has such an effect?!” Guo Sirou asked in surprise.

“As far as I know, there is no tea that has such an effect. But my knowledge of the world is limited,” said He Qisheng.

“I hope so!” Guo Sirou turned her head and had another look at the cottage.

The cottage was quietly sitting at the top of the hill. Besides all the abilities Wang Yao demonstrated to them, it was extraordinary that he could tolerate the loneliness way up on the hill.

After Guo Sirou and He Qisheng left, Wang Yao packed his things together and took out the book, Natural Classics to read. Wang Yao had grasped a lot of knowledge by reading other scriptures in the last a few days. No matter how busy he was, he made sure he had time to read the scriptures and books. Every time he did some reading, he could feel a trace of Qi in his belly, moving like running water.

The next day, Guo Sirou and He Qisheng took a photocopy of all the medical notes and brought them to Wang Yao.

“Please leave the notes here and take them back three days later,” Wang Yao said after he went through the notes briefly.

“Can you please hurry up? My grandpa’s getting weaker and weaker!” said Guo Sirou anxiously.

“Okay, I’ll do my best,” said Wang Yao after thinking for a short moment.

Guo Sirou and He Qisheng didn’t linger for long before they left. They told Wang Yao they were going to stay in Lian Shan for the next few days and asked Wang Yao to call them if he required anything.

After they left, Wang Yao immediately started to read the notes. The notes were confidential so Wang Yao couldn’t even see the name of the patient. This was Wang Yao’s first time reading medical notes, but he could tell the patient was very sick according to what was written.

Renal failure, heart failure, and problems with the respiratory system—it seems the patient had problems all over his body. It was almost a miracle he was still alive.

“This is too much!” Wang Yao read the notes three times and found he couldn’t care for this patient given his ability now.

“System, what can I do?” asked Wang Yao. He was helpless.

The system didn’t respond.

“As I expected!” Wang Yao was disappointed.

He hoped to get some prompts after doing some research. When it was almost dark, Wang Yao suddenly thought of something. Consolidate the corporeity! he suddenly thought. Right! Maybe I can use Regather soup since the patient has multiple organ failures.

Regather soup: Strengthens bones and consolidates the corporeity.


A simple answer from the system made Wang Yao very happy. Now he not only had the method of treating Guo Sirou’s grandfather, but also understood the system more. The system normally didn’t give out answers when he asked a question directly. But it would respond if Wang Yao wanted to check if his answers were correct. Now he knew he could use Regather soup. The next step was to brew the decoction.

Ginseng, Matrimony vine, Sealwort, Euryale seeds, Glossy Ganoderma—these herbs were not difficult to get. But the other two herbs, Shanjing and Guiyuan both had licorice roots, which he couldn’t obtain using normal ways.

Wait! Wang Yao opened the system panel and went to the herb store.

The herbal store in the system had various items for sale. There were herbs, herbal seeds and some decoctions available in the store. The items could be exchanged using reward points. Wang Yao found Shanjing and Guiyuan inside the store. Shangjing required 20 points while Guiyuan required 35 points and together they required 55 points. He now only had 10 points, so he looked into the seeds of the two herbs which required fewer points. Each package contained 10 seeds and required only 10 points to get. There was no existing Regather soup.

Looks like this is the best way now! thought Wang Yao.

He had made up his mind on how to make Regather soup. He would purchase the seeds of Shanjing and Guiyuan and plant them in the herbal field. When the two licorice roots were ready, he could start to brew the decoction. He didn’t require a lot of points to do it but he was unsure whether he could complete the task in a timely manner or not.

Now I need more points, thought Wang Yao.

Either herbs or seeds required reward points to get, so Wang Yao’s priority now was to get those points.

How should I do that? thought Wang Yao. Wait! Maybe the store can receive items as well as sell them. Let me try it.

He gave the store a few herbs first but the system didn’t respond.

Why is this happening? Because the herbs I put in have no value?

He thought for a while and took the antidote herbs out of his bag and place it inside the trading box. The system responded this time.

It showed a number “5” on the screen, which meant the antidote herb was worth five points.

Problem solved!

Wang Yao traded three antidote herbs for 15 reward points, which was used to purchase two bags of seeds; one was Shanjing and the other was Guiyuan. In fact, if he traded all his antidote herbs he could get Shanjing and Guiyuan directly. However, he was not sure if he could successfully cure the patient with just one trial, so he chose a safer way to do it.

I need to plant the seeds!

Wang Yao picked an area to plant the seeds of Shanjing and Guiyuan straight away. Then, he used the rest of the ancient spring to water them.

“I hope they’ll grow fast,” murmured Wang Yao.

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