Elixir Supplier

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: A Thriving Business, That Is All

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The buddies chatted for a while and then Wang Mingbao stood up and went down the hill.

Wang Yao took opened the system panel when his buddy left. He checked the award of the mission—it was a book. He thought about it and then the book came to his hand. The book seemed to be ancient and there were several words on the cover. Wang Yao who knew nothing about the ancient words but he could recognize that it was Natural Classics. He opened the book, and found that there were still ancient words inside, but Wang Yao could read it all. These words seemed to be naturally printed into his mind. The ways of nature were mentioned in the book, including the method of being self-renewed to induce Qi.

The book was not thick and there were several pages, so Wang Yao could remember the summary of the book when he had read several times.

“System, what is the use of Natural Classics?” Wang Yao asked curiously.

There are the ways of nature and the method of cultivating yourself according to the religious doctrine. You can reach the peak of practice to rise in heaven and become immortal during the daytime if you have a full comprehension of the book!

Note: The book cannot be passed on to others or any attribute will be decreased to 0.1 if you disobey.

Wang Yao was shocked by the answer. He could reach the peak of practice to rise in heaven and become immortal during the daytime—would he really be an immortal?!

“Great, it must be a treasure!” As for the warning that it could not be passed on to others, this would be etched into his mind. He would be a useless person if any of his attributes were decreased to 0.1.

Wang Yao was so excited he got the book. He found that the words were too difficult to understand when he read it carefully. However, he could understand the method of being self-renewed to induce Qi, so he tried it out.

The beginning of the method was to adjust the breathing. The in-breath was the root of all human beings.

Hence, Wang Yao dealt with the herbal field and practiced the method to induce Qi beginning with the first chapter of the Natural Classics. He also picked up two leaves of the moonlight herb and decocted Anshensan carefully. Then, he put it into a white, porcelain vase.

The next morning, the sky was gloomy and the hill breeze was cold. It looked like it would rain.

At ten o’clock, Tian Yuantu drove to Nanshan hill.


“Hi,” Wang Yao smiled and said. “How’s Mrs. Xu—I mean, Jiahui?”

“Good, so good. She can eat and sleep well these days. She looks well. Thank you so much!” Tian Yuantu smiled since what he said was true. One dose of herbal medicine could make his sick wife change into a healthy woman, which was something he couldn’t dream of before.

“You are welcome.” Wang Yao smiled but he felt guilty in his heart since he sold the medicine at such a high price.

“The herbal medicine is ready right?” Tian Yuantu showed a different attitude toward Wang Yao. He had communicated with a hypocritical way as a businessman but now he showed his sincere feelings.

“Yes!” Wang Yao waved his hand and a white porcelain vase appeared.

“This?” Tian Yuantu was shocked, and he was surprised to see the magical scene, but he went back to normal quickly. He smiled and received it. He found that the vase was warm. It seemed to have just been made.

Tian Yuantu transferred the money with his mobile phone silently; soon, there was 260 thousand more yuan in Wang Yao’s account.

It was a thriving business, just like that.

They chatted for a while and then Tian Yuantu left the hill. Wang Yao entered into the cottage since he heard the system just now.

Ready to upgrade. Would you like to upgrade?


Figure Level: 2

Occupational Grade: Green hand (That’s right and you are still the green hand)

Herb planting:

Grade: 1 (primary): You can only plant herbs.

Besides these, Wang Yao found that the gray panel became colored and he quickly opened it.


There was a skill tree with two branches in the panel, one was medical skills and the other was pharmaceutical technology.

There was a trunk and branch under the medical skill. The first one was the basic medical skill, looking, listening, questioning and feeling the pulse — the four ways of diagnosis. The questioning and feeling the pulse were at the top while the rest were further down.

It was said in the Classic of Questioning that knowing a disease just by looking could be described as god-like, knowing a disease by listening could be described as sage-like, knowing a disease by questioning could be described as craftsman-like, and knowing a disease by feeling the pulse could be described as artifice.

In these four ways of diagnosis, the first one was the hardest and the most mysterious. Feeling the pulse and questioning were the most basic and common.

The following skills were pharmacy and acupuncture. There was a rejuvenation in the back, which sounded like an excellent method of the immortal. The pharmaceutical technology was the basic one and then there was senior pharmaceutical technology and the way to refine elixirs. The skill tree was not that complicated, and the skills were not that many. The skill could be learned with a skill point. Wang Yao was at level two, so he could get two skill points.

Wang Yao wanted to click it, but he found that there was one thing in the back of the panel. He clicked it and there were two words—medicine shop.

It was a picture of an email, but it was ancient. There were medicine herbs, seeds, medicine, formulas and other things but most of them were grey.

“Wait, that is it!”

Wang Yao found a brochure and it was very shiny.

Five Lines Method: Primary.

There was the book in the medicine shop; it sounded powerful. He looked at the price—it was 80 bonus points.

He finished several missions and he sold two herbal medicines, but the bonus points he gained were so few. The least was 2 points and the most was 10 points. There was a total of 58 points, so there was still a gap between that and the price.

There was a still a long way to go and he still needed to work hard!

Thinking for a while, Wang Yao added two skill points in the basic medical skills and basic pharmaceutical technology.

Suddenly, he felt his head was swollen and it felt like countless things were rushing through his mind. He was in so much pain it felt like his head was about to explode. He squatted down and hugged his head as his face became red. Luckily, it lasted just a moment and then it was gone. Soon, he was back to normal.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. Wang Yao gasped on the ground.

When he calmed down, he shook his head. He just learned two skills and then a vast amount of knowledge rushed to his head from somewhere. Then, the knowledge exploded and he almost collapsed.

“What was that? Was I filled with wisdom?!”

He became calm and he checked carefully. He found that there were two more systemic branches of knowledge in his mind. One was the basic method to feel a pulse with detailed methods and medical theories. And the other one was the recognition knowledge of Chinese medicinal herbs, including how to identify the age, effect and quality of the herbs.

These should be a part of the basic medical skills and basic pharmaceutical technology skills.

“Let’s try it out!”

Having learned the knowledge, Wang Yao could not help wanting to try it out. The method to feeling a pulse could not be tested but the recognition of the Chinese medicinal herbs could be tested now since there were still some of the herbs that he bought from the county. They were classified and saved in the cottage.

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