Elixir Supplier

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: One Promise Made by a Woman

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“I don’t care about him. All I care about is that he provides the medicine to cure Zhenghe,” Guo Sirou said.

“Should we send someone to track him?” He Qisheng said after thinking.

“No. I promised him that their lives would not be interrupted. This can only be known by you and me.”

One should never go back on their word.


In the house on Nanshan hill, Wang Yao started to make the antidote. The antidote herb was in the package tab of the system. He took a clean container and several pieces of firewood. The antidote herb was thrown into the ancient spring water when it was warm and then the water became green. It seemed just like melted jade. It was so beautiful and there was a unique fragrance of herb.

The antidote was finished in just a couple of minutes.

When it was finished, Wang Yao put it into a glass bottle and then he put the bottle in the package tab. He looked up at the sky and realized that it was noon.

He locked the door and ordered San Xian to watch over the field, then he went down the hill. He went out on his motorbike, then he came back an hour later and had a meal. Lastly, he went to the hospital.

In the hospital in town, Guo Sirou waited anxiously. Although Wang Yao had promised to make the antidote, she was still worried since her brother remained disoriented in the bed.

When she looked at the watch, her phone rang suddenly. It was a strange number.


“This is Wang Yao. I am in the main lobby of the hospital.”

“Wait a minute, I’m coming down.” Guo Sirou notified He Qisheng that she was going downstairs.

She could easily find Wang Yao; he was fatigued from his journey when she came to the lobby. There was a cloth bag in his hand. Even though there were a lot of people there, he was very easy to distinguish from everyone else because of his unique style of dressing.

“The medicine is ready?” Guo Siro asked anxiously.

“Yes. Where is the patient?”

“Please follow me.”

Guo Sirou led the way to the senior ward. In the ward, there were two doctors checking the dizzy patient and they just stopped their job when seeing Guo Sirou.

“Miss Guo,” they said respectfully.

“How is my brother?” Guo Sirou asked.

“He is stable without deterioration,” one doctor said. They were doing their best, but all they could do was keep the patient from getting any worse.

“Could you guys go out for a little while?”

“Okay.” They quickly told the nurse to pack up her equipment even though they did not know what Guo Sirou wanted to do. They withdrew from the ward within five minutes. There were only four people left in the ward—three people standing in the ward, while one laid in bed.

Wang Yao looked at the young man lying in the bed. He was almost the same age as him, but he looked in strangely green in the face. This was almost the same as Wang Zexiao at that time.

“Feed him this.” Wang Yao took out the glass bottle from the cloth bag that had the green antidote.

He Qisheng took it and opened the lid. The unique fragrance of medicine suddenly filled the room. He tasted some of it and he could feel his body get warm all of a sudden. He fed it to the patient after he confirmed that there were no toxic side effects.

“Feed him all of it,” Wang Yao said when there was a little bit left in the bottle.

When the antidote was all gone, Guo Sirou and He Qisheng looked at the patient nervously.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The device to monitor the vital signs of the patient made a noise and He Qisheng hurried to check it.

“How wrong with him?” Guo Sirou asked nervously.

“His heart rate and blood pressure are decreasing slowly, which means that he is getting better,” He Qisheng said surprisingly.

The man in the bed moved the lips within the next 20 minutes.


“Zhenghe, Zhenghe!?” Guo Sirou shouted to him.

The young man who had been out cold for days, finally opened his eyes.

“Older sister.”

“Ah, you’ve finally woken up!” Guo Sirou was so happy she could cry.

Wang Yao took the glass bottle on the table and then he left the ward. Several doctors and nurses rushed to the ward as he was going out.

“So magical. It is definitely magic. I have never seen such an effective herbal medicine.” Looking at the test results in his hand, He Qisheng could not help but shake his head in disbelief.

“How come you are so excited, Uncle He?” Guo Sirou said with a smile.

“My lady, you are stranger to the industry, so you wouldn’t be so surprised, but the effects of the medicine are definitely magical. The first reason is that all poison in Zhenghe’s body was removed in such a short period of time. The second reason is that his body quality has improved greatly even though it was so weak before. You can’t overlook these things. In my eyes, it must be a miracle. I want to meet this high master who can make such herbal medicine!” He Qisheng exclaimed. “It is a pity that you promised not to cause them any more trouble!”

“It is so great that Zhenghe has woken up. You can go with me to thank Wang Yao tomorrow,” Guo Sirou said.


The next morning, Wang Yao entered the house when he finished working in the herbal field and he started to weigh the Chinese medicine herbs according to the requirement of Anshensan (a medicine that cures chronic coughing).

Half of the mission stating that he dispense Anshensan was completed and the growth situation of the Moonlight herbs was good. There had been green leaves on the herbs. It still needed a long time to be completely mature, but it was ready to be turned into herbal medicine.

Ginseng, angelica, poria cocos, licorice…

Wang Yao clarified the medicine herbs according to the formula.

“Some herbs are running low. I should go into town to buy some more.”

Woof, woof! San Xian barked suddenly as Wang Yao was thinking.

“Is there someone?” Wang Yao stood up and went out of the house. He saw two familiar silhouettes. They were Guo Sirou and He Qisheng who came to beg for medicine yesterday. They came with gifts this time.

“You guys again. What do you come for this time?”

“Hello, we’re bothering you again.” Guo Sirou smiled when she saw Wang Yao.

She did appreciate this young hermit-like man who saved her brother. Although she was so mad before, she thought it was worthwhile in the end.

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