Elixir Supplier

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: 36 Lattices

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“Zexiao, why would you say something like that?” the adjacent Wang Jianli scolded him.

Wang Zexiao was still so indifferent. The doctors were not that warm-hearted when he was at the hospital, but they came to his home to check his body and draw his blood. He doubted their motivation.

“We need your cooperation.” The doctor still sounded cold.

“Why should I cooperate with you?” Wang Zexiao was suddenly in a bad temper.

“We are trying to save others!”

“You were never this nervous when I was your patient. Did we not give you enough money?” Wang Zexiao said coldly.

The doctors were furious with him but they could not do anything about it since the noble person lying in the hospital was still in need of Zexiao’s cooperation.

“We can pay you.”

“No!” Zexiao exclaimed.


They thought that this young man was incredibly stubborn!

Zexiao’s father was smoking silently beside him before saying, “Zexiao, you should listen to them and work with them.”

After all, they did come here so that they could help out other patients. They did not pay too much attention to his son when he was hospitalized, but they did try at least. But, he also understood the anger of his son. He was mad at these doctors for not giving his son the same amount of attention as they were giving this new patient.

They then drew the blood of Wang Zexiao and then took him back to the hospital with them.

“Mr. Wang, what on earth is going on?” Wang Yirong said with worry.

“Don’t worry about it. I heard that there is a man in the hospital who was poisoned by that same thing that Zexiao was poisoned with, but they could not treat him, so they came for Zexiao.”

“Why didn’t they pay that much attention to Zexiao when he was a patient?!”

Wang Yirong was angry after that, but he did not show it outright in front of the doctors. Now it was only he and Wang Jianli left, so he complained. He was in charge of those doctors after all.

“Don’t be that mad. Zexiao seems to be very lucky; he’s not in any danger,” Wang Jianli responded as he took out a box of cigarettes and passed one to Wang Yirong.

“I guess,” Wang Yirong replied. He was worried about his son and about the fact that Wang Yao would be in unnecessary trouble when his son told them about the treatment.

Wang Zexiao was asked to do a series of checkups when he was brought to the hospital while some doctors asked him some questions. He was so angry that he wouldn’t reply. They knew that he wouldn’t be any more useful, so Wang Zexiao was told that he could leave. He was back home by noon; he went back by himself. The doctors took him to the hospital in their exclusive car when they needed him, so he was kicked off when he had been useless to them.

“So, what did they do to you?” his parents asked Wang Zexiao when he was back home.

“Nothing. They even did a free body check for me. Your son is so healthy!” Wang Zexiao smiled.

“Really? It was that simple?” Wang Yirong said as he stared at his son.

“Why did they do a check up on you?” Wang Zexiao’s mother asked curiously.

“There is a patient in the hospital who shares the same disease that I had before. He’s a rich and notable person. That’s why those doctors are doing their best to save him. Not only were there local doctors in the town, there were also some specialists from the city. Two experts from the province just arrived when I left just,” Wang Zexiao said.

“Did you say anything unnecessary?” Wang Yirong took a cigarette and said.

“Dad, I know what you’re worried about. Relax, Wang Yao saved me. I won’t say anything related to him,” Wang Zexiao said.


Wang Yao was still busy in Nanshan hill. Having gained the Catalogue of Magic Herbs awarded by the system, he now had the knowledge of the growth habits of two of the magic herbs planted by him—the antidote herb and the moonlight herb. Ten strains of antidote herbs had matured and their leaves were as green as jade.

The antidote herb is mature and can now be harvested.

Harvest? How do I harvest it? Do I just pick it directly? Or do I pick it from the root? Wang Yao was at a loss

“System, how do I harvest it?”

There was no reply.

“Oh, I have the Catalogue of Magic Herbs!” Wang Yao hurried to take out the book. Certainly, it had a way of how to care for and harvest the antidote herb. However, one thing still was difficult for him. The antidote herb should be planted in a place with luminous clouds and low temperatures.

Finding an area with low temperatures was easy, but where would he find a place with luminous clouds? This was the human world, not a fairytale land.

“Wait.” Wang Yao found something suddenly that he seemed to have skipped over before.

“There are total 36 lattices in the package tab in the system. Can they be of use in the real world?”

Wang Yao then took the folding stool he was sitting on and it disappeared as soon as he thought about it. Then, he opened the package tab in the system again and there was the symbol of a small stool in one of the lattices!

“It does work!” Wang Yao was so happy.

Then he tested how many items he could he put in the package tab. However, only one thing could be put in one lattice. Even one needle could not be put in a lattice that already had something in it.

“This ability is so practical!”

Wang Yao quickly harvested eight strains of the antidote herb, leaving only two strains left. He planned to continue cultivating them when they were blossoming with fruit.

The rest of herbs grew up crazily due to the ancient spring water. It had been October, but they still grew up as if it was in summer.

Looking at the vast amount of medicinal herbs, Wang Yao became so happy. He might have been content on the hill but the hospital in town tens mile away was in a bad mood.

“What? There is still no result? How long should we wait!”

“We are still trying hard and the experts from the provincial hospital have been here. They are having an ongoing consultation.”

Faced with the questioning of the woman in front of them, the president of the hospital was very nervous and scared. He had passed the right of treatment to the specialists when they arrived in the afternoon. All he could do was to try his best to cooperate with them. He could even praise God for help.

“I don’t want to listen to any more of your bullshit! All I want is results! I just ask for one thing—that my brother will wake up, wake up safe and sound!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” All the president could do was nod his head.

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