Elixir Supplier

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Catalog of Magic Herbs

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“It’s done!” cried Wang Yao.

In the middle of the night, a trill voice rang out of the cottage. The fourth formula had been successfully made.

After Wang Yao heard the system prompt, he yelled excitedly. Then, he immediately recorded the whole process. He didn’t get any instructions from anyone. He made it by relying on the knowledge of the book and his own research. Therefore, he had to timely record the process and his experience.

“One more to do. I’ll rest for a while so I will have the full energy to work.” Wang Yao packed the things away, set his alarm clock, then went to sleep.

The alarm clock went off when it was still dark.

Wang Yao sat up as he heard the alarm, then he got up and washed his face with cold water. He immediately felt alert. Another busy day started and as usual, he began with watering the herbal field.

“The seeds have sprouted!” He found a little green patch in the area where he planted the moonlight herbs.

“Let me give you more water. Grow well, little ones,” Wang Yao talked to the seeds.

“Well, let me see what uses the moonlight herb has.” He put his finger on a green dot on the system panel and triggered the function of “Discovery”.

Moonlight herb, (Licorice roots): Nourishes the Yin in the body and soothes the nerves.

Status: Recently sprouted.

Licorice roots again?

Given the antidote herb last time, he knew these so-called “licorice roots” never appeared in any existing documents of herbs. But it had a wonderful effect. Last time, two leaves from the antidote herb resolved the poison which the doctors had no idea how to treat. This “moonlight herb” should have a similar effect.

After he finished his preparations, he started to make the fifth formula. With his past experiences, Wang Yao was exceptionally careful with weighing and brewing. Every single part of the process had to be accurate, otherwise he would fail again.

He was lucky this time. After four attempts he was successful.

Task: Make five formulas within five days.

Task status: Complete!

After hearing the prompts from the system, Wang Yao was relieved.

Koshiba Ebisu soup, Ginseng soup, powder for treating face distortions, Salvia drink and Chengqi soup.

Five formulas had been completed with the prompts from the system at the same time.

“Finally all done! Right, let me see what the reward is.”

Wang Yao opened the system and found there was a booklet inside the storage box. He thought for a while, then the booklet turned into a flash of light and fell into Wang Yao’s palm. This was a book that was made from an unknown material. It was as smooth as gold and jade, glowing in front of Wang Yao. There were some ancient Chinese characters on the surface of the book: Catalogue of Magic Herbs, Volume One. Wang Yao opened the book and found that he had never heard of any of the herbs and formulas documented in the book. Turning a page, Wang Yao saw a plant that looked very familiar—it was the antidote herb he planted.

“Antidote herb: with a mild nature, is able to resolve hundreds of poisons.”

The traits of the herb were also documented; Wang Yao read through them carefully. The condition of growing antidote herbs didn’t need to be harsh but had one exception: the herb required the essence of the world, otherwise it would take ages to grow.

It seems like the antidote herb was growing so fast because of the ancient spring water.

Turning to another page, Wang Yao saw the moonlight herb he planted a few days ago. The picture of the moonlight herb showed a plant that looked like an orchard. The only difference was that there was a yellowish line on the leaf, which distinguished it as moonlight.

“Moonlight herb nourishes the Yin in the body and soothes the nerves.”

The traits of the herb included, growing with moonlight and splendor. It also required the essence of the world. In addition, it needed to absorb the essence of the moonlight.

This is going to be tricky! Wang Yao frowned when he read this.

He could obtain the essence of the world from ancient spring water—but what about the essence of the moonlight? As the quality of air hadn’t been good, the moon was not visible every day.

But licorice roots were unique anyway. There was also an unstable factor during the process of making Anshensan.

I’ll get the other herbs ready first, Wang Yao thought.

When Wang Yao was busy working on the hill, a big dispute was happening in the hospital in the town.

“What’s the problem?!” A middle-aged doctor was looking at a patient who was in a coma, as if he saw a ghost.

“It worked last time!” said the doctor.

“You promised!” next to the bed, a young man wearing decent clothes was speaking angrily.

“Call your best doctor here; you must save him, otherwise…” He was too upset to continue.

After a number of phone calls, the best doctors in Lian Shan had all been called to People’s hospital. Several specialists from Hai Qu were also on their way there.

“What’s the situation now?” A serious looking man wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked inside the hospital. Next to him was a thin man in a white coat who looked to be in his 50’s; he was the head of the hospital.

“Mr. Ma, we are doing our best,” said the head of the hospital.

“Doing your best? Why the patient is still in a coma since you’ve been trying so hard?” Mr. Ma, the secretary, suddenly stopped and asked sternly.

“Well, we have contacted specialists in the city and they are on their way here. We are going to have a meeting with all the specialists in about two hours from now. Maybe they can figure something out,” said the head of the hospital.

“Maybe? Do you know who he is? How did you cure the patient with the same symptoms last time?” asked Mr. Ma.

“Exactly the same treatment as this time!” the head of the hospital was sweating as he replied.

“Then why didn’t it work this time?”

“We are investigating it.”

One and a half hours later, all the specialists from the city gathered in the meeting room of People’s hospital to discuss how to save the special patient. The person in charge of the meeting was the head of the Health Department of the city.

“I think you are all clear about the purpose of this meeting. I will say no more. This is an important task. You must save this patient. I’m not a doctor and so I will leave the task in your capable hands,” said the head of Health Department.

The creak of the door broke the silence, and a pretty young woman walked in with a middle-aged man following her.

“Excuse me, you are?” asked the head of Health Department.

“Don’t worry about me, please continue with your meeting. We are only here to listen,” said the young woman calmly.

“I suggest the patient be transferred to the People’s hospital in Hai Qu,” said one of the doctors.

“I agree with Dr. Xu. The equipment and environment there are better than here in the city,” another doctor said.

“But the patient’s condition could get worse during the transfer,” said one of the doctors from the hospital in the town.

“I think the patient’s condition is stable now,” Dr. Xu said.

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