Elixir Supplier

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Magic Herbs Detoxify All Poisons

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Tong Wei was the number one beauty of the school where Wang Yao studied. At that time, many people sent love letters to her and she had a lot of admirers. Wang Yao also had been one of them at the time, which was very naive of him.

The girl was beautiful and she was also very studious. She was admitted to a National Key University after the college entrance examination and then she studied abroad. After that, there was no more news on her. The last time that Wang Yao saw her was at their school reunion during the winter holiday. She had been so beautiful and charming then. Many people hurried to tell her that they wanted to chase after her, Yang Ming included, but she rejected all of them indirectly.

It was a surprise that he would meet the past beauty under such circumstances. Yang Ming would be jealous if he saw them now.

Certainly, Wang Yao’s family was worse than his and his current job was also worse than Yang Ming’s.

So what!? I have a kettle of water that promotes the growth of all things. I have a hill to plant hundreds and thousands of herbs. I have the magic system, so there are endless possibilities for me!

However, Wang Yao was certain that there would come a day where he would rise above Yang Ming.

He picked up some chestnuts when he was at home and put some of them in his pockets. He was preparing to go to town to sell them.

The next day, Wang Yao found that all the seeds he planted were budding and the antidote herbs had grown a bit taller.

Mission: Plant five kinds of herbs within ten days (except for sealwort) is finished. You are rewarded with a new skill: detection.

“It’s done!?” Wang Yao was shocked. He did not think that the mission would be finished so easily.

“Detection, what is that ability?” He opened the system and found a description.

Detection: detects the nature of a plant to know its growing status.

How do I use this skill?

Wang Yao went to the antidote herbs that had been planted for two days now and tried to use the detection skill.

Antidote herb (magic herb): detoxifies all poisons; it is just starting to bud.

“Magic herb? Detoxify all poisons? What is this!?”

Wang Yao was still confused about it being a “magic herb” but the latter explanation that said it could detoxify all poisons was so special and unique. Only ebenaceae, ginseng and polygonum could have such good effects.

“Let’s try another.”

Wang Yao went over to the radix gentianae.

Radix gentianae: releases heat due to dehumidification. It is just starting to bud.

“One more time!”

Adenophora stricta: reinforces qi, nourishes the blood and strengthens the body’s resistance by removing diseases and dirty qi. It is just starting to bud.

Then he went to the chestnut trees.

Chestnut: Increase the energy and strength of the spleen and replenishing qi deficiency; invigorates the kidneys and strengthens the tendons. It is mature.

This is so crazy!

“This is basically just a carry-on dictionary for plants!”

He excitedly tested it a couple more times before he got dizzy and tired. He came to realize that this ability could not be used boundlessly since it consumed his energy.

“I should go back and sleep. There will be a lot of things to do.”

Besides the special skill, the experience bar increased and there were 8 more bonus points.

Wang Yao finished the work in the herbal field and then went to town to sell the chestnuts. All his chestnuts were sold within two hours, so he decided to go home early to pick up the rest of chestnuts. He peeled all of them and packed them into a sack so he could sell them again at the booth.

The next morning, he was busy in the herbal field when there was a voice suddenly.

Mission: Dispense your herbal medicine within one month. Failure will result in a deduction of any of the host’s body attributes.

“Dispense my formulas. What is this mission?” Wang Yao was confused after hearing it. The punishment was also stricter. The highest body attribute he had was constitution at 1.5 points. He would be a useless person if points were to be deducted from him.

“System, what do you mean by dispensing my herbal medicine?” Wang Yao asked.

The herbal medicine should be strictly made by you and 100% original!

“100% original? Why is this so difficult?!” He knew nothing about making his own herbal medicine.

What should I do?

When he went back home, Wang Yao acted quickly. He turned on the computer to search for anything about formulas. The book, Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference written by a famous doctor in ancient times, Sun Simiao, should be the most famous in this aspect since it contained many precious Chinese medicine formulas.

Can I improve some of these formulas to make them my own? Thinking about it, Wang Yao became excited.

He went to his room to study Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference after he finished eating. Then, he found that the herbal medicine that he dispensed needed all kinds of herbs, so he marked down some of them so he could buy them and try them out.

The next day, he went to town with the sack of chestnuts when he finished the working on the hill. The sales were much faster than before and all of the chestnuts were sold out quickly.

“Sir, how much for 1 kilogram?” It was the voice of a girl.

“60 yuan.” Wang Yao who was preparing to pack up his booth did not raise his head.

“That’s so expensive; can you mark it down?”

“Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t!”

“Okay, give me 1.5 kilograms then.”

“Okay, wait a minute.” Wang Yao turned around to read the weight of the chestnuts. He found that there was a woman in casual clothing with long legs in front of him. Her waist was slim, and her long hair was curly.

“Wang Yao?”

“Tong Wei?!” Wang Yao realized who it was and was shocked. It was the female classmate sitting in the car of Yang Ming yesterday. It was unexpected that they would meet in this way.

“What a coincidence!”

“Yes. What a coincidence.” Tong Wei looked at her classmate with a smile. She was so surprised.

“Why do you sell chestnuts here?”

“I plant them at home and I just sell them since there are too many. Here you are. Try them!” Wang Yao packed up a bag without weighing it and gave it to

Tong Wei.

“How much?”

“Stop joking. Just try them and tell me if you want some more.”

“Oh, I’ll just take them then.” Tong Wei accepted the bag politely. “Hey, how about I leave my contact info with you?”


“Yang Ming told me that you farm at home?” The beauty smiled and she seemed more beautiful than flower at that moment.

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