Elixir Supplier

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Good Medicine is Hard to Get

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“Come to my house,” Wang Yao said.

“Great. All of these herbs were planted by you?” Teng Yuanshan touched the green sealwort. He then proceeded to look at the sealwort in the basket. All of them were so big.

“Yep.” Wang Yao nodded.

“This is?” Teng Yuanshan was shocked again when he went into the house. He looked at the chestnut trees filled with their spiny bracts and leaves. He had seen many chestnut trees before, but this was his first time to see such intensive spiny bracts that bent the branches.

“I’m really getting to see a lot of new things by visiting Boss Wang today!” Teng Yuanshan exclaimed.

“Don’t flatter me. Besides, I am not a boss. I am just Wang Yao.”

“I am older than you, so how about I call you young man?”

“Okay.” Wang Yao smiled.

“I want all of your sealwort. This is the deposit!” Teng Yuanshan took out his wallet and put 50 thousand yuan on the table.

“Great!” Wang Yao agreed with him as Mr. Teng was so straightforward.

“When can I get the sealwort?”

“Three days from now.”


After the conversation between these two men, Teng Yuanshan found that Wang Yao was very unique, and he was determined to become good friends with him.

“I don’t know why, but I think that we’ve gotten closer just from our first meeting, so how about we go out for lunch? My treat.”

“Thank you, but I have to harvest the sealwort. We can eat another time,” Wang Yao responded.

“Okay, I won’t bother you another. I’ll go then.”

“Wait.” Wang Yao took a pack of jujubes and gave it to Teng Yuanshan. “These are the jujubes that I just picked. You can bring them back home to eat.”

“I have eaten these jujubes before and they are so delicious! I’ll definitely take them!” Teng Yuanshan received the jujubes with a smile and then he jumped into his car to leave. Ashe went down the hill, he stopped to look at the hillside when he was at the foot of the hill.

“There is such talent in this village. What a surprise!”

Wang Yao continued his work when Teng Yuanshan left. It was just two acres he was working on, but he had still been so busy with it. In the afternoon, his parents came to the hill suddenly.

“Dad, Mom, why are you here?”

“We came to harvest the sealwort. You are just one person, so how could you do it all by yourself? You should have told us, you foolish boy!”

Although they did not want Wang Yao continue working on the herbal field, he was their son and they loved him very much. Today, Zhang Xiuying went out with her husband and they happened to come by the hill to help harvest the


“You two should stay at the house. I can deal with these.”

“Stop messing around!” Wang Fenghua then started to do harvest the sealwort.

Wang Yao smiled. He felt so warm, since this kind of affection from his father was priceless.

The family spent two days harvesting all the sealwort. There were 6500 kilograms sealwort in two acres.

The 3000 kilograms of fresh sealwort harvested from each acre is done and you are awarded with one pack of herb seeds.

Seeds, what kind of seeds?

When he went back home, Wang Yao went to his room and opened the system panel’s package. There, he found a cloth bag with several seeds inside the size of rice. There were only ten seeds in total.

These are seeds for an antidote herb. The system gave a simple hint.

“Antidote herb? What is it?” Wang Yao searched the internet.

Within the five hundred miles spanning across the southern Wuju Hill in Jianning County, there was an herb called Herding Grass that had detoxifying qualities.

“So, is this the herb?”

Besides the pack of seeds, Wang Yao also found that there was an increase in the experience list under the system panel—there were five more points.

“What are these points for?”

Your level is too low for me to answer.

Three days later, Teng Yuanshan came to the hill as he and Wang Yao had agreed. The sealwort filled up his car and then he transferred the rest of the payment to Wang Yao by bank transfer.

Teng Yuanshan smiled happily when he looked at the sealwort harvested by Wang Yao. As a successful merchant of medicinal herbs, he knew the value of high-quality herbs. Sealwort especially was in high demand. Most of the sealwort in the marketplace was not organic, and wild sealwort was hard to find, so trying to find quality sealwort was very hard. The sealwort planted by Wang Yao could be compared with the wild sealwort in those remote hills that had been planted for more than 10 years. They must sell well.

Teng Yuanshan negotiated with Wang Yao before he left. He should be informed when there were any Chinese medicine herbs so that he could buy them at the best price. The two-acres worth of sealwort were sold for 390 thousand yuan.

“How much did you say your sealwort sold for?” Zhang Xiuying thought she heard wrong.

“390 thousand yuan. The 50 thousand was in cash and the rest of the money was transferred directly into my bank account,” Wang Yao said.

Looking at the money on the table, Wang Fenghua and Zhang Xiuying were silent.

Several days ago, they rejected their son contracting the hill since they thought he couldn’t make a living. They, as a family, had also lost so much money in the past two years. However, it was a surprise that their son could make so much within just one month. They could make a good fortune off of the two acres of sealwort. If Wang Yao planted more sealwort, they would definitely make more money. The fields in Nanshan hill were still mostly empty.

“I want to plant for more than two years.” Wang Yao decided to take the chance to change the thought of his parents.

Zhang Xiuying thought for a while before saying, “Okay, you just have to try your best!”

Wang Fenghua was still silent, but Wang Yao knew that his father agreed with him.

“Don’t worry. Dad, Mom, I won’t disappoint you this time!”

He had a mysterious pharmacist system on his side now. The ancient spring water could make the herbs and trees grow up like crazy. As a result, all of the herbs were money-making machines.

Wang Yao was relaxed when his parents agreed with him.

At night, Wang Yao’s parents talked amongst themselves at home.

“The sealwort is worth so much. How about planting sealwort in our own field next year?” Zhang Xiuying said.

“Planting crops and other herbs should be done by him,” Wang Fenghua said.

“A fortune could be made easily.” Zhang Xiuying sighed. They worked hard for ten years and still only managed to earn 400 thousand yuan.

“Ye, but there is also a loss that comes with fortune.”

“Yes darling. I wish our son good luck.”

The next morning, Wang Yao went up to the hill. Although the sealwort was harvested, there was still a lot of things to do. The herbal field should be flattened out so that he could sow the seeds of the antidote herb that he recently earned.

“How do I plant it?” Wang Yao was at a loss with the antidote herb seeds of.

“The hole should be wide, and I can’t bury it too deep.”

Wang Yao adjusted the planting sequence of sealwort for the antidote herbs. He dug up the field and planted the seeds. Then, he watered them with the mixed ancient spring water.

Mission: Plant five kinds of herbs within ten days (except for sealwort).

The pharmacist system just gave him a new mission as he was planting the seeds.

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