Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 587 - The Truth Of The Past

Chapter 587: The Truth Of The Past

As their guide, Anna’s usefulness had been very obvious. Xiao Lin and the others had greatly benefited from her, taking more shortcuts and avoiding a lot of beasts. Anna understood the forest very well, but Xiao Lin had never let his guard down toward her.

What Anna did not know was, when Xiao Lin decided on guard duty every night, he would quietly tell them to monitor Anna’s movements. If that girl acted abnormally at all, he was to be woken up, even if he was in deep sleep. If Anna did anything dangerous, she could even be killed immediately.

Xiao Lin’s precautions were natural. Even if the colonists had yet to descend and their animosity had not been established yet, after half a semester, they had fostered a basic defensiveness.

However, Anna had never shown any abnormal actions. That woman was smart; she could feel that the others had their guards up around her, but she had ignored it. Even though she regularly stuck to Xiao Lin and talked to him, when Xiao Lin and the others were discussing matters, Anna would go far away, even if she did not know the language they spoke.

It was thanks to her intelligence that Xiao Lin and the others relaxed a bit and allowed her to continue being their guide. After all, having someone familiar with the forest guiding them saved a lot of time.

Anna’s expression at that moment was very strange, because she was too calm. Facing the sounds of a fracturing sky and the dark clouds, anyone would have a change in expression, but that woman merely quietly stood there, looking at the sky. That was definitely not normal.

Xiao Lin swallowed his words and cast a gaze at Gu Xiaoyue. Gu Xiaoyue immediately understood and put some distance between them. As the support of the group, Gu Xiaoyue needed to be protected. Gu Xiaoyue also sneakily took out her wand to cast strengthening magic on Xiao Lin. If Anna showed any hostility, Xiao Lin would immediately enter Ruin and that woman would not live longer than three seconds.

Anna made no movements, and merely stood there quietly. The strange sounds in the sky got louder and more frequent. After a while, the cracks that could even be seen with the naked eye started to appear. It really was a sign of a fracture in space and time.

Xiao Lin quietly walked behind Anna, coldly saying, “Something seems to be coming. This is the calamity we discussed earlier? I can’t believe it; it’s not a volcano, an earthquake or a meteor, but time and space is breaking!” He tested Anna, curious as to what Anna was hiding.

“So you know of time and space breaking as well; it’s not strange for an astrologian to know that,” Anna said calmly, she no longer had that enthusiastic and respectful tone. After pausing for a moment, she said, “But this isn’t time and space breaking; it’s a Spatial Teleportation Array.”

“Spatial Teleportation Array?” Xiao Lin’s expression turned weird as he said with surprise and confusion, “Did you set up that array?”

Anna laughed, her muted face seemingly recovering some normalcy, and she shook her head. “How is that possible? Don’t you know that time and space are domains only God can touch? Comparatively, the space magic that we humans can master are only the tiniest fraction.”

“It seems like you understand space magic.”

“I don’t have the talent; I’ve just happened to read some documents from a very ancient civilization.”

“What were the contents like?” Xiao Lin chatted casually. Since Anna did not show any hostility, he did not make his move and tried to gather more information. However, it felt very strange to do so facing a scene where the sky was cracking and the world might be destroyed.

“It had to do with spatial teleportation. It is said that those from the ancient civilization possessed very powerful space-time magics. Those spells could allow them to transverse distances that are even greater than the stars. Ah, what an unbelievable distance.” Anna did not seem to think anything of Xiao Lin trying to get more information from him, but she smiled as she said, “I know what you want to ask, but it’s alright. If it’s already at this stage, no one can stop it.”

Xiao Lin seemed to understand something, and was shocked.

“I was surprised to see that the ancient records noted that, during a very distant time, we once fought a long and intense war with demons from another time and space. Those despicable demons craved our world, but were finally defeated, and the passageways were sealed...” Anna mumbled to herself in recollection. She did not seem to care anymore, and defenselessly said everything she knew.

Xiao Lin’s expression twitched. He was even more certain of the guess in his heart. He had already heard of the truth from the dean awhile ago, but it was definitely fresh news for the rest of them.

Everyone had gotten closer at some point, and all of them who heard it had an expression like they had seen a ghost. Even the calm Gu Xiaoyue had a face full of shock.

“She... Is she saying...”

“That’s right!”

“A Spatial Teleportation Array. Could it be the academy’s...”

“That’s right!”

“My god, it actually is...”

“That’s right!”

Everyone was full of confusion. Xiao Lin used a low and strange tone to affirm every question. With Anna slowly telling her story, no matter how dumb they were, they still managed to guess the truth.

Over two hundred years ago, the first colonists used a spatial passage to arrive on Planet Norma. After that, they started a long and bitter exploration before establishing Dawn Academy.

That was something every new student learned in their first history lesson. If what they were hearing was true, then it meant that the first spatial passage had not been randomly discovered by their predecessors, nor did they use their own power to open it; it was because someone was helping them from Planet Norma!

Upon deeper inspection, that was far more logical. Space and time were domains that were very hard to grasp. Even after two hundred years they did not dare to say that they had grasped everything, let alone those who lived a few hundred years in the past. It was already enough that they knew of space and time, but it was definitely impossible that they could use their own strength to open the passage!

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