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Chapter 490: Ibeiya’s Request

Chapter 490: Ibeiya’s Request

In a flash of white light, half the building had been turned to ash. Even without the assistance of a sword, the power of the dragon breath was still frightening. Opening his eyes and looking up toward the evening sky, Xiao lin’s pursed his lips. He had caused such a big scene, but thankfully, they seemed to be on the outskirts, and would likely not alarm the city guards.

Ibeiya struggled out of his embrace, her face full of worry. Xiao Lin knew she was worried about her uncle, and could not help but console, “I had no choice just now. Your uncle forced my hand. Each strike was vital. I’d probably have been killed if I didn’t do what I did earlier.”

Ibeiya pouted. “No, you destroyed uncle’s home. Once the rest of them come back, they might not let you off. Why did Uncle let things get to this point! While he isn’t back yet, let’s hurry up and leave!”

“Your Highness, I’m not that petty,” a cold voice said at that point.

Xiao Lin’s eyes widened, seeing a pale faced man slowly crawl out of the rubble. His black clothes had been completely torn, but thankfully his underwear was still intact. Of course, that was not the main point. Xiao Lin could see that his exposed skin was not injured at all.

Facing the dragon breath from just now, he was actually unharmed.

“You’re a vampire?” Xiao Lin reacted. The natural regenerative abilities of vampires was something he had seen from Ibeiya.

“Is Mr. Xiao prejudiced against dark races?” The old man’s tone was still very mechanical, but it was less cold. The old man did not attack when he moved closer, and even addressed Xiao Lin properly, signalling that he acknowledged Xiao Lin’s strength during that short battle.

“I haven’t been on Planet Norma for long, but our home country has always emphasized equal rights for all races, and it’s the same here,” Xiao Lin answered honestly.

The old man nodded. He could not see any trace of falsehood on Xiao Lin’s face. He finally managed to relax from that, but the old man still did not have a single trace of a smile on his face. His tone once again got warmer. “Let’s talk in the basement.”

“The basement?”

Xiao Lin did not dare say anything after he had just destroyed the other person’s home. The basement’s entrance was about two hundred meters away, and was very different from the basement he had imagined. The basement was actually a small room, with even a living room and bedroom.

“The dark races basically live like rats in a lot of places. That’s why, no matter where we are, we live in more secluded places to prevent regular inspection,” Ibeiya explained.

“Doesn’t the Rosa Kingdom tolerate dark races?” Since he had done some research beforehand, Xiao Lin knew that a lot of places on Planet Norma did indeed have laws against dark races, but the Rosa Kingdom at least lacked such conditions.

Ibeiya laughed coldly. “They just want to increase their income. Even though we can stay in the royal city, we are discriminated against and exploited everywhere. Do you think those vicious and greedy nobles could be so kind?!”

The old man seemed to hate some of the nobles of the Rosa Kingdom as well. It sounded like it was the royalty as well. Xiao Lin only listened on, having no opinion on the matter. Once they finished, he said, “What does that have to do with me? I’m just passing through.”

The old man looked at Ibeiya, and she immediately wrapped around Xiao Lin, sitting next to him on the soft sofa as she nuzzled her tiny head against his arm. “We need a country that belongs to us, and that would be our best chance right now. You can help us.”

Xiao Lin was immediately on alert. He had always been somewhat vigilant toward her cuteness because he could not see through her exceptional lying. However, Ibeiya had been on his side and had helped him a few times, so he was not stingy with his compassion for her. Even Yu Mei’s warning did not completely sway Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin looked at Ibeiya calmly, his expression warm as usual, but Ibeiya felt a never-before-present sense of unfamiliarity. Her face panicked, and she leaned in even closer, holding back tears as she said, “Big Brother! I know you’re suspicious of my intentions, but I guarantee you, I bear you no ill-will at all. You’ll be helping us, and helping yourself as well!”

Xiao Lin remembered the first time Lilith and him met Ibeiya; she had tried to ask him to join the dark races, but Xiao Lin was obviously not interested in giving up on humans.

Now it looked like Ibeiya had very big ambitions. She actually wanted to establish a country for the dark races. He had to admit that the Rosa Kingdom’s civil war presented a very good opportunity. The place had already been friendlier to dark races than most, meaning there were more of their own there than anywhere else. The civil war had slowly eroded the power of the royal family, and even now, just defending the royal city was a huge question.

If Ibeiya could really get enough support, once the royalty left the royal city, and before the rebel troops were garrisoned there, if they seized that time to unite all the dark races in the city, they might actually be able to seize control of the government.

After that, they would only need to scare the rebels away from attacking. The way to do that was simple, which was to use Dawn Academy. Even if Dawn Academy did not help them with everything, the dark races only needed Dawn Academy to show its face, and the rebels would retreat willingly.

That was the greatest possibility that Xiao Lin could think of at that time. Ibeiya’s pitiful look was way too impactful. He could not help but show a caring look as he sighed bitterly, “You’ve thought of a good method, but do you really think I can influence Dawn Academy’s decisions? You probably don’t understand how our government works. I really don’t have any standing.”

“No, it has nothing to do with Dawn Academy. We only need you!”

This time, the old man spoke with a firm and steely tone. Coupled with the old man’s glowing eyes, Xiao Lin’s hair stood on end in the dimly lit basement.

Xiao Lin tugged at his clothes, pulling his arm away from Ibeiya’s embrace. He had to admit that the little girl was very convincing, and he did not want his basic judgement to be swayed by her powers.

“In terms of skill, I’m just a student that just got to Black Iron-rank. Even with our territories aside, just the natives alone have many people that can completely destroy me.

“In terms of influence, I basically don’t know 99% of the people within the academy that really have power or influence. I even need to beg for help for my own matters sometimes. I won’t have enough to be of any help to you.”

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