Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 43: Replication Target

Chapter 43: Replication Target

Xiao Lin’s first week at Dawn Academy ended without much drama. Everyone was allowed to have one free day on the weekends, so it was the perfect opportunity for most people to explore the Academy. However, there were only limited places on campus that were permitted for exploration.

Dawn Academy was huge; it was a lot bigger than Xiao Lin imagined. Dawn Academy’s compound was at least a few times bigger than the prestigious schools on Earth, but there were only a few places on campus where freshmen were allowed to go. There were many areas on campus where access rights were strictly enforced to keep freshmen out.

The training venue and public classrooms were open on weekends, but not many people took the initiative to train themselves. Most of them did not have such a level of consciousness in their first week on campus.

To Xiao Lin, the weekend meant that his replicating skill finally completed its seven-day cooling period. He got this idea from chatting with Zhang Tingting a few days ago. If this talent could help him replicate others’ passive skills, Basic Meditation would perhaps become very simple for him.

Xiao Lin first set his target on Gu Xiaoyue. The girl’s Intelligence was extremely high. Along with her unique ability to understand things, she had an unmatched talent in learning magic.

Xiao Lin called Gu Xiaoyue to the common room that morning. The girl did not ask why, but the blinking eyes behind her glasses had doubt in them.

[Launching the Replication Skill!]

[Target, Gu Xiaoyue!]

[Replicated Skill: Basic Meditation LV2 (F-grade)]

[Select Replication?]

Xiao Lin’s lips quivered. He had not made it to the second Basic Meditation class, but he did not expect the girl to have improved her Basic Meditation to LV2. He could not help but ask, “Aren’t you improving your Basic Meditation a little too fast?”

Gu Xiaoyue knew that the class monitor was capable of checking everyone’s attributes, so she was unsurprised. She replied with her clear voice, “It isn’t fast; the highest level for Basic Meditation is LV10. I’m too slow.”

“Did you train in the dorm after school?” Xiao Lin guessed. He did not believe that Gu Xiaoyue could get up to LV2 with the three allocated hours in class.

Gu Xiaoyue nodded decisively. “Now that I think about it, the effectiveness of Basic Meditation is pretty bad.”

“Maybe it’s because of the fatigue. Humans’ mental power and fitness have their limits; don’t work too hard.” Xiao Lin felt bad for this girl all of a sudden. Maybe Gu Xiaoyue was only pushing herself this hard because she only had two years left to live.

“No, not exactly. That Basic Meditation class was special.” Gu Xiaoyue hesitated, shook her head, pushed up her glasses, and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’m heading to the meditation hall.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

Xiao Lin thought about it and decided not to replicate the skill. Gu Xiaoyue said that the highest level for Basic Meditation was LV10. If Basic Meditation was only F-grade, it was an undeniably better choice to replicate a LV10 Basic Meditation skill than a LV2 one.

Xiao Lin decided to follow Gu Xiaoyue to the mediation hall. There were three meditation rooms open for freshmen on the weekends, and each of them could fill over 200 people. They were more than enough to accommodate all freshmen.

Xiao Lin was there early; there were only over 30 people in the meditation hall. Gu Xiaoyue and his presence attracted everyone’s attention instantly, but all for different reasons.

Gu Xiaoyue, on one hand, had the utmost respect from everyone in the Basic Meditation course. There were people who admired and envied her, but if the person you envied was so great that it was impossible to reach her level, you would only have to stew in that pure jealousy.

Regarding Xiao Lin, everyone felt speechless. Instructions in the Freshmen Code were clear; the penalty for unexcused absences was so severe that the freshmen could not afford it unless they planned to be wiped of their memories and kicked back to Earth. However, someone dared do so after all. Everyone admired Xiao Lin a lot for that; some even maliciously speculated that if Xiao Lin reappeared in the next class, the Loli teacher would definitely lose her temper.

Xiao Lin peeked into the meditation room as well and was left speechless. Those who came to train this early in the morning had pretty decent Basic Talents; they all passed the threshold to get into Basic Meditation. However, their Basic Meditation levels were generally lower than Gu Xiaoyue’s.

The one good thing going on was seeing Chen Dao, the timid acting monitor of Class Twelve; his Basic Meditation level was LV1. Apart from him and Gu Xiaoyue, everyone else was at LV0. Xiao Lin thought that he was in the wrong place; it was nearly impossible for freshmen to get their Basic Meditation level up to LV10 within a week anyway.

Xiao Lin decided to turn around and leave, leaving everyone else confused.

“Why was he even here?”

“Who knows? Maybe for the nostalgia.”

“Probably. I heard he’s skipped two days of class. Some teachers were pissed about it; they threatened to kick him back to Earth.”

“What a pity.”

“I heard he’s an acting class monitor too.”


Each year’s training classrooms were separated; the seniors’ common classrooms were easy to find. However, there was strict management of access rights in all entrances on campus; junior recruits could never get into the seniors’ classrooms.

Xiao Lin walked around the training hall in frustration. Areas A and B were basically the freshmen’s training halls; meanwhile, areas beginning from C were filled with people clad in senior’s uniforms.

[Launching the Replication Skill!]

[Meditation Skill Search Begins...]

[Elementary Meditation LV3: E-grade]


Xiao Lin sighed. He shifted his gaze away from a sophomore who walked past him. The effectiveness of waiting for a miracle to happen was really low; there was minimal chance that he would bump into someone with a LV10 Basic Meditation. Once someone passed that level, it would advance to Elementary or Intermediate Basic Meditation; it would be impossible to replicate those due to their higher grades.

He realized a severe problem soon after that as well. Even if he did replicate it successfully, he only had three minutes; he would need more than ten minutes to walk from the seniors’ training halls to the freshmen’s meditation room. There were special elements and magic in the meditation room, so the effects there would definitely be better than doing it outside.

He still needed to find a way into the seniors’ classrooms. Xiao Lin came to a realization; he nearly forgot about the department head who had some high-ranked person looking after him.

He dialed his phone; the magic phone’s VR function began showing Song Junlang’s sleepy face. He yawned and complained, “Do you know what time it is? It’s only 9 a.m.! It’s the weekend. The weekend!”

The logistics department head had too much free time. Xiao Lin grunted and cut straight to the chase. “I want to access the seniors’ classrooms. Can I?”

Department Head Song rubbed his eyes and rejected Xiao Lin’s request right away. “You’re joking! How is that possible! Even if I lent you my pass, it wouldn’t work. The Academy’s passes are all soul-locked. Do you know what soul-locked is? It’s something more advanced than biometrics...”

Xiao Lin hit his own head and cut the man short abruptly. He said helplessly, “Isn’t some high-ranked person looking after you?”

Song Junlang shrugged. “Yes, true, but only the Central Computer has the right to change things. The computer isn’t a person!”

Xiao Lin’s lips twitched.

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