Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 40: Done Deal

Chapter 40: Done Deal

The weather was pretty good. The sky was clear and the sunlight felt warm. Now that it was almost evening, a walk or a sit in the grove to watch the sunset looked like a good idea.

However, Xiao Lin was not interested in watching the sunset with another man. He shook his head. “I should go back, I don’t want to miss tomorrow’s class.”

He paused before uttering, “So, uh, can I still come and eat beggar’s chicken next time?”

The unspeakable pain felt worse than death, but its reward was too tempting for Xiao Lin; his basic fitness increased by a level. He would usually get only 10 XP after exhausting himself with a full day’s worth of training. A roast chicken saved him 10 days worth of Basic Fitness training–accompanied by two extra Physique points.

Xiao Lin thought that this deal was pretty decent. As for the horrible pain, Xiao Lin comforted himself by thinking that men should be cruel to themselves.

Song Junlang laughed and spread his hands. “As the first successful experiment subject, you’re welcome anytime, but I don’t think the iron comb chicken has an effect on your basic attributes now.”


“Have you heard of drug resistance?”

A popular explanation for drug resistance was that if the same drug was used repeatedly, its effectiveness would decline. This was a common phenomenon with antibiotics on Earth.

Xiao Lin nodded in comprehension, but he was still puzzled. “I only had the iron comb chicken once. Does the resistance develop that fast with food therapy?”

“Yes. I can’t do anything about it. Although it’s a completely different world, there are some similarities between Earth and Planet Norma. Nonetheless, a resistance develops faster in Planet Norma.”

Department Head Song continued with patience, “In fact, it’s not just food therapy. If you enrol in the Basic Alchemy course in the future, you’ll learn that there are many medicines that will make people develop a strong drug resistance. Brand new processes like food therapy will only work on a person once in their lifetime.”

Xiao Lin was a little disappointed, but it made sense to him. If one could rely on external means to reach the Black Iron Level so easily, why would anyone exhaust themselves with various courses?

“Well, drug resistance only happens if you consume the same species. The iron comb chicken won’t work on you anymore, but I have other edible things here.”

Song Junlang blinked and smiled mysteriously. The handsome department head seemed like a demon, wagging his tail as he sinisterly smirked at Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin palmed his own forehead and muttered helplessly, “You just wanted a free lab rat!”

He knew what Department Head Song wanted to do. Since food therapy had failed, it was impossible for his hybridized food to be approved and used on freshmen. Xiao Lin believed that, even if someone high-ranked was looking after Song Junlang, it would still not be allowed.

Department Head Song was desperate to see the true effects of his experiment, and at that moment, Xiao Lin might as well have been a lab rat walking itself into a cage.

“Will there be any side effects or something?” Xiao Lin was cautious; he did not want to put his life at risk.

“Nothing life-threatening. I guarantee that with my honor!” Song Junlang replied, his tone serious.

Xiao Lin’s brows moved. What Song Junlang meant was—apart from it not being life-threatening, he could not guarantee anything else!

Xiao Lin did not want to make a hasty decision. He continued asking, “Are the effects from other species similar to the iron comb chicken’s?”

“I’m not sure about that. You already know that, other than that failed experiment, all of my research has been built on theory.”

Xiao Lin felt helpless. “Fine, tell me your theory then.”

Song Junlang thought about it for a moment. “It’s hard to confirm the type and strength of effects. Some ingredients can help increase XP directly. For example, the iron comb chicken you had; iron comb birds on Planet Norma are actually pretty weak in terms of strength, but strong in their fitness. They could fly around one-third of their world for days without rest, so its effects in food therapy should be for fitness and physique. But unfortunately, its effects were weakened after hybridization.”

Department Head Song paused before continuing, “Apart from species that directly add XP, some can help increase the XP gain rate instead. Others can increase a certain type of resistance, but of course, some ingredients may not be effective at all. In short, this is new territory for recruits of Dawn Academy and those around the world working toward the Colonization. There’s still so much to discover.”

Xiao Lin was silent. He was convinced.

Despite having the SS-level Academic Genius talent, his basic points were still too low. Even after improving his learning efficiency by 100 per cent, he could barely catch up with ordinary people. He would still be far behind talented recruits for quite some time.

He was now acting class monitor. After experiencing a few benefits from the authority of being a class monitor, Xiao Lin felt that he did not want to give this position up anymore. That was the case with power; once you got a taste of it, it would be hard to let go. Xiao Lin was just an ordinary person; he was no exception to the rule.

Qin Chuan said he would only decide on the real class monitor after three months. In Class Seven, there were plenty of people who were breathing down his neck since his basic attribute points were less than 10. Wang Dalin, for instance, who led the pack, had pretty high basic attribute points.

Three months were not enough time. Although the Academic Genius talent was strong, it was a slow-burner type of talent. It would take more time to achieve better results. That was why Xiao Lin needed more bargaining chips to keep his position.

“Have you decided?” Song Junlang was a little nervous as well. A lab rat was pretty hard to find, especially when his research was deemed unsuitable and barred from openly recruiting experiment subjects.

Therefore, the logistics department head was worried of Xiao Lin’s rejection; his research results would likely be delayed for quite some time if he did. After all, the effects of food therapy only worked on those under the Black Iron Level; the lower the basic attribute points, the more obvious the effects. If he missed this opportunity, he might have to wait for a new batch of freshmen.

Department Head Song thought for a while before throwing out more attractive bargains. “If you’re worried about coordinating your class schedule, I can help you!”

Xiao Lin was asleep for two days this time after having just the iron comb chicken. Although not every ingredient could make people fall asleep, it was inevitable for Xiao Lin to miss classes for two or three consecutive days if they struck a deal. Song Junlang decided to solve this problem once and for all. He appeared confident as he patted his chest. “After all, someone high-ranked is looking after me!”

Xiao Lin’s eyes lit up all of a sudden. This sentence became the ultimate reason for his decision.

What Xiao Lin needed most right now was help coordinating his class schedule!

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