Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 32: The Second Day’s Courses

Chapter 32: The Second Day’s Courses

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“Ah! Sorry, sorry!” Zhang Tingting apologized profusely. Her brows furrowed for a moment and she clapped her hands all of a sudden. “I got it!”

“Oh? What is it?” Xiao Lin’s eyes lit up.

“I remember a senior telling me that the process of entering meditation is neither difficult nor simple. As long as you experience contact with the elements once, you can easily enter a meditative state!”

“That doesn’t help at all, does it?” Gu Fantian could not help but interrupt again.

“It does!” Zhang Tingting answered defiantly. “I heard that there’s a spell called Magicus Similitidus or something like that, which is capable of synchronizing the mental consciousness of two people. That way, a person who has zero mastery of meditation can borrow the other person’s mental power through the spell and connect with the elements.”

“What level is this spell? ” Xiao Lin asked.

“Let me think. I think the caster has to be a Gold-rank mage.”

Xiao Lin wiped the sweat from his forehead and laughed dryly. He felt like he could not keep up with the girl’s haphazard thinking. After a bit more small talk, he proceeded to end the conversation.

Nevertheless, Zhang Tingting’s words gave Xiao Lin a little bit of inspiration. There was no way for him to seek out a Gold-rank mage who knew the Magicus Similitidus spell, much less persuade that person to aid in his predicament. If, however, the only requirement was that he had to feel the attunement with the elements, he believed that there might be another more convenient method, although it would take a couple of days before he could implement it.

The entire night was a sleepless one for him.

The next day’s courses were completely different from the first day, but it still adhered to the general trend of compulsory courses in the morning and elective courses in the afternoon. The compulsory course scheduled on the second day was Common Language of Planet Norma or, simply put, a foreign language class. The electives he had for that afternoon was Basic Physical Skills, but because Xiao Lin was doing dual-cultivation in magic and martial arts, the other course he applied for—Basic Perception—started in the afternoon as well.

For Xiao Lin, the entire day’s courses were downright disastrous.

The language lesson was not as lively and interesting as the previous day’s history class. Their professor was an old woman who only explained basic grammar throughout the entire class. Planet Norma’s language seemed to be a combination of English and Pinyin, with 43 basic letters. All of its daily words were composed of those basic letters.

The common language was what humans used to converse on Planet Norma. In addition, there were humanoid races like dwarves who also used it as their lingua franca. Therefore, the old woman emphasized repeatedly in her lectures that mastering that language was the most basic requirement in order to travel to the New World. Without learning to speak it, it would be especially difficult for them to enter.

The course’s contents were an absolute bore, but it was clearly stated on the course table that Band Four was required for the language course. Xiao Lin understood its importance, but continued to yawn repeatedly, acknowledging that he was completely unsuited to learning foreign languages.

After the first class was over, Xiao Lin discovered that he had already gained an extra skill. His mastery of Planet Norma’s Common Language was at LV0: 10/50, leaving him feeling a little relieved. Common Language did not seem as difficult as Basic Meditation.

During lunch, Xiao Lin asked a few other people and found that everyone had different levels of XP gained in that same three-hour course. Some had more than 20 XP, while others had much fewer, at only five or six XP.

Xiao Lin’s 10 XP was considered the average and was neither good nor bad. He smiled bitterly because he knew that the 10 XP would have been five if not for his SS-Level Academic Genius talent. He practically ranked as one of the underachievers.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiaoyue’s Common Language had increased by 20 XP, and although she was still the best among the freshmen, she did not perform as incredibly as she did in the Basic Meditation course.

Xiao Lin actually felt rather relieved when he finally discovered that she had a rather normal side to her. However, that aspect also confirmed his understanding of attributes as Gu Fantian elucidated.

In the end, one’s intelligence points did not represent pure IQ. Gu Xiaoyue, with her 36-point intelligence, took only three hours to increase her Basic Meditation from LV0 to LV1, but only managed to get 20 XP for Planet Norma’s Common Language.

Courses such as common language were purely based on a student’s talent in learning foreign languages. In that regard, many girls would surely perform much better than male students. Even Cheng Ming—a talented student and an acting class monitor—was likely to have less than 10 XP, judging from what Xiao Lin noticed to be a gloomy expression on the former’s face...

In the afternoon, Xiao Lin’s compulsory courses were Basic Physical Skills and Basic Perception, but because of his delay in getting a breakthrough for Basic Meditation, Xiao Lin chose to focus on Basic Physical Skills for the entire afternoon.

The course had only one goal, and that was to improve physical fitness. The contents of the course were as boring as the one that morning, with little to no technical content. Exercises, such as 100 push-ups, 200 squats, and a 20-kilometer run, continued throughout the afternoon.

Since the course contents were not that difficult, the tutor was only a third-year, even though the demands remained high. He made it clear that anyone who did not complete the required exercise would not be allowed to leave. If it was already 7 p.m. and the dorm closed its doors, then those who did not complete it had to spend the entire night starving in the training hall.

A year-round otaku life had basically destroyed all of Xiao Lin’s physical fitness. He could hardly do any push-ups or squats, and the 20-kilometer run nearly robbed him of his life. Unfortunately, the moon was high up in the sky when Xiao Lin dragged his heavy legs to complete the final lap. It took him three hours to complete the 20 kilometers, and it was already way past 7 p.m., after taking into account his previous push-ups and squats.

The entire training hall was empty. Xiao Lin was the last person to complete the course, as the others had basically finished the whole course in three hours. Some who had average physical fitness also stepped out before it was 7 p.m. and finished in time to return to their dorms.

The tutor went back early as well, but no one dared to slack off in spite of that. There were automatic measuring instruments in the physical training hall and every single move was recorded. If anyone did not want their credits deducted, all they could do was earnestly complete everything.

Just as before, Xiao Lin received a prompt after completing all the exercises and collapsing on the track. A new skill was added: Basic Fitness LV1: 10/100.

It was worth mentioning that Basic Fitness were not calculated from LV0, but from LV1. According to Xiao Lin’s understanding, things such as Basic Meditation and Planet Norma’s Common Language did not exist on Earth, and so everyone’s foundation was zero and the levels started from LV0.

Basic Fitness was an essential attribute for melee. A variety of physical skills that required energy release, or special energy such as sword Qi and the like, which he would likely learn in the future, was highly contingent on the user’s physical fitness.

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