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Chapter 16: A Monitor’s Authority

Chapter 16: A Monitor’s Authority

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The class selections of other freshmen monitors were more or less the same. One by one, they handed over their class schedules to year leader Chen Yu, but Xiao Lin suddenly hesitated when he was about to hand his in.

Another condition for passing freshman year was to reach Black Iron Level strength. In other words, one’s total attributes had to exceed 100. Xiao Lin was still feeling the pressure.

The course he chose was fundamentally a physical attack based on strength, along with some physical training, but his basic attributes were way too poor. It would be exceedingly difficult to increase his attribute points later.

If one wanted to reach the requirements for Black Iron Level as soon as possible, the best way was to upgrade all their attributes. That way, he was not required to reach too high a value for each attribute, thus saving a lot of time.

However, the problem lay in what Chen Yu repeatedly emphasized earlier. It meant that Xiao Lin had to cultivate both magic and martial arts to equilaterally improve his attributes, making it impossible for him to ignore his intelligence value.

“Although Chen Yu said it’s taboo, it’s expressly prohibited in the course selection table.” Xiao Lin thought for a moment and carefully ticked Basic Meditation, Basic Perception and Basic Mental Training. Those subjects were no doubt compatible with each other and were related to improving his intelligence attributes.

Xiao Lin relied most on his SS-level talent, which improved his learning efficiency by 100%, notwithstanding that it was only LV1. As his talent level increased, the ratio of efficiency would only increase even more.

After submitting the form, Xiao Lin did not continue to linger in the discussion group. He recalled Chen Yu mentioning one’s authorities as a monitor, so he planned to give it a try. After leaving the discussion group, he fumbled around on the forum and soon experienced the superior nature of being someone that had authority.

As a class monitor, he firstly had the right to go through the information of all class members, including their real names, age, student ID and life span, as well as their various basic skills. However, the column for talent was still restricted due to insufficient authority, but the authority he had was good enough.

Secondly, the class monitor had the right to appoint the class’ group leader. Those so-called group leaders were defined by the system as having a duty to assist the class monitor in managing the class. The number of group leaders appointed by each class and the number of people in each group were under the team leader’s discretion, but each group had to have no less than 10 members. Most importantly, the group leader’s position was acknowledged by the academy and would be permanently recorded in their personal file.

According to Chen Yu’s previous explanation, when everyone finally went to the New World in the future, one’s records in the academy would be used as a reference. Simply being a group leader was much better than someone who never did anything to begin with.

From that perspective, a class monitor’s authority was nowhere near trivial. However, the authority to appoint group leaders was put on hold until the class monitor was officially elected. For the time being, acting monitors did not have such authority.

Xiao Lin readily clicked on the personal information of his classmates. Although the talent column was restricted, he remembered Instructor Qin Chuan mentioning that no one in Freshmen Class Seven had talent.

Freshmen Class Seven had a total of 60 people, Xiao Lin included. The admission test had eliminated more than 40 people, and there was nothing outstanding about those who remained. Their basic skills were generally at LV1, and none of them mastered specific skills like Xiao Lin’s Slashing. Meanwhile, Gu Xiaoyue only had a measly LV1 Basic Wand Mastery.

Xiao Lin could not help but feel a little proud. He focused his attention on Gu Xiaoyue’s file. The cold girl’s total attribute value was indeed 46 points, which comprised 36 points of intelligence, 3 points of strength, 4 points of agility, and 3 points of physique. The disparity of her various attributes was shocking.

Although it was common for girls to have weak physique and strength, it was rare for there to be that large of a gap as Gu Xiaoyue’s. Xiao Lin went through the statistics of other girls and discovered that they were not as low. It could be said that if it were not for her 36 points in intelligence, Gu Xiaoyue was actually of the same standard as Xiao Lin.

As he continued reading, Xiao Lin’s face suddenly froze. Intense shock and disbelief appeared in his eyes. The text appeared clearly in the last column of Gu Xiaoyue’s file.

[Natural lifespan: 26 years old. Currently 24 years old, with 2 years remaining!]

Gu Xiaoyue had only two years left to live! In other words, she would have died in another two years if she had not attended Dawn Academy.

How was that possible?

Xiao Lin thought it unbelievable. His first impulse was to go up to her and ask about it, but judging from Gu Xiaoyue’s personality, he also felt that he would probably not get any answers.

After thinking it over, Xiao Lin sighed and made the decision to come up with an opportunity to ask.

First things first, he created a discussion group for Freshmen Class Seven. Chen Yu had pointed out that although each year had its own public chat room, it could get really messy, so every class would need to have their own chat room for internal communication. By virtue of the monitor’s authority, Xiao Lin then added in all the members of his class.

“Freshmen Class Seven’s Internal Discussion Group?”

“Who created it!”

“Upstairs, didn’t you read the system notification? The acting monitor of Freshmen Class Seven created it.”

“Hold up, I’ll check who it is.”

“No need; it’s Xiao Lin: the guy whose total attribute value doesn’t exceed 10.”

“F*ck, why him! Why is it him! Who got their eyes ripped out and appointed him!”

“Probably the instructor. Are you going to argue with the instructor?”


Everyone else obviously had huge objections to Xiao Lin’s role as acting monitor. Dozens of people in the group roasted him enthusiastically on the screen until Xiao Lin calmly banned all the members. Everything immediately fell silent.

While enjoying the superiority of being in power, Xiao Lin typed slowly, “Anyone else who still can’t accept it? Come out and say it if you have the guts! Well, if there’s nothing else, let’s get down to business.

“Regarding tomorrow’s course selection, I’ve received the course schedule in advance. Let me explain everything first...”

Xiao Lin slowly conveyed what Chen Yu said about course selection, credits, and the like to everyone. There was a simple reason why Chen Yu told the monitors to relay everything on his behalf—doing so would easily enable the freshman monitors to establish authority early on. After all, everyone came from different places and did not know each other. In light of the sudden grouping, it was difficult for any one person to say that they could keep the others in check.

After eloquently typing out everything on the screen, Xiao Lin then lifted the ban on everyone.

“Xiao Lin! F*ck your mother’s c*nt! You think you’re so great being the monitor? Trust me, I’ll trample you to death every minute I get!” It was Wang Dalin, who Xiao Lin had little interaction with during the admission test.

Soon, a notification on everyone’s screens: [Member Wang Dalin has been kicked out of the group.]

Xiao Lin slowly began to feel that being a squad leader was actually very good. After some thought, he went back to the freshmen’s public forum, and as expected, saw Wang Dalin posting several posts condemning him. The contents of the posts were basically attacking his own attributes, questioning how a loser with a total value of no more than 10 could be elected as the monitor, and suggesting that there had to be something shady going on.

“What a drag!”

Xiao Lin checked his squad leader’s authority and discovered that although it could only be used over members of his own class, its scope covered the entire forum.

The freshmen in Freshmen Class Seven soon received a few more notifications: Wang Dalin has been banned for a week, effective throughout the entire forum.

Everyone in Freshmen Class Seven experienced Xiao Lin’s authoritative might and fell silent. At the very least, no one dared to come out and continue making repeated complaints about Xiao Lin’s paltry attributes.

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