Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1860 - The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty Five)

Chapter 1860: The Truth is Revealed (Part Twenty Five)

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Xia Zimo stood there gazing at her daughter, and she looked as though she had no intention of holding her back.

 The boy’s mother was livid when she heard what Xia Qingluo said. But she glanced at Su Yue and Xia Zimo and remained mum.

 She pulled her son and nudged him. “Apologize to your classmate and his mother.”

 The boy was reluctant to, and he dragged his feet unwillingly.

Before he could speak, Su Yue cut across and graciously said, “Forget it, he is just a child who speaks his mind.”

 “I’m so sorry.” The boy’s mother looked apologetic.

 Although she was rather unwilling, she couldn’t put off the apology any longer.

 Su Yue smiled and put her arm lightly around Beibei’s shoulders. She exuded elegance and graciousness.

The way Su Yue carried herself had already beaten the woman hands down.

 The boy’s mother was angry and embarrassed. However, she still needed to present herself well as she was from a prestigious family. In a public place like where they were, she needed to act refined and presentable.

 What she could do now was to contain her anger. She held her son’s hand and marched off stiffly.

Su Yue spoke to Beibei, “Beibei, say goodbye to your classmate. We need to go.”

 Beibei refused. “I don’t want to say bye to Xia Qingluo.”

 Su Yue frowned and chided him softly. “Don’t be rude.”

 Beibei pouted and mumbled reluctantly to Xia Qingluo. Then he turned to Xia Zimo and politely bowed his head.

 Xia Zimo smiled at him and waved. “Goodbye.”

 “Hello, Aunt. My name is Xia Qingluo. I am Ming Beichen’s classmate and I sit beside him in class.” Xia Qingluo raised her head as she introduced herself to Su Yue.

Her voice was crisp and pleasant, and she sounded confident.

 Su Yue smiled as she asked, “You must be very smart too?”

 Although she was asking, her tone was certain.

 She knew that the school had arranged their seats according to their grades. Beibei was the top student, so for her to sit next to him, would mean that she was one of the top students too.

 “Of course. I’m only a little behind Ming Beichen.” Xia Qingluo stretched her hand and used two fingers to express herself too.

 This girl was bright, cheerful, and pleasant. Su Yue smiled and Xia Qingluo interjected, “But my daddy said that a woman’s virtue is to have no talent. So I need to be less intelligent than Ming Beichen.”

 Su Yue casually probed, “Why?”

 Xia Qingluo rattled on, “In the future, I’m going to marry Ming Beichen. My grandmother says that a woman cannot be more capable than her husband. A woman has to consider a man’s ego and pride.”

 She looked and sounded serious.

 Su Yue couldn’t suppress a grin. She was so young, and yet she had planned so far ahead.

 She had already decided who she wanted to marry.


 She pressed her lips and was at a loss for words.

 Xia Zimo hurriedly pulled her daughter away and prodded her head. “Xia Qingluo, can you be any more brazen?”

 Beibei, who had turned red, chimed in. “Yeah! Who wants to marry you!”

 He turned even redder, and he avoided Xia Qingluo’s exquisite little face.

 Xia Qingluo raised her chin and replied smugly, “You are first and I’m the second top student. I’m the only one who is worthy of you alright?”

Ming Beichen sneered coldly and muttered under his breath, “If you can stay second forever.”


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