Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1424 - I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Ten)

Chapter 1424: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Ten)

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After she changed the topic, Xuxu smiled. She looked at Su Yue and said, “He came back yesterday. Didn’t he tell you?”

Su Yue shook her head. “No.”

“He came back last night.” Xuxu smiled and continued, “You ingrate. Now that Ming Ansheng abducted you, I predict that you’ll forget about me in no time.”

After she finished applying the ointment, she packed up the first-aid kit.

Su Yue pursed her lips. “I won’t. Third sister-in-law, you’re the most important person to me.”

Xuxu smiled in response.

She didn’t know about others, but to her, Ah Sheng was irreplaceable. Nobody could take his place in her heart!

He grew up with her, and they faced the storms together. And he was the one she was going to grow old with.

So when she thought about it, she was fortunate. She was blissful.

Bai Jing arrived less than an hour after Su Yue called her. She was wearing a red, long-sleeved woolen shirt and black leather pants. She draped a white down coat over her.

She was carrying two large bags of things for children.

When Su Yue heard Xuxu calling her from downstairs, she rushed down in excitement.

She jogged over to Bai Jing and complained, “What were you busy with recently? I called you so many times but you didn’t answer.”

Bai Jing looked away for a moment, her smile unnatural. “Nothing much.”

She looked at Xuxu and greeted, “Third sister-in-law.”

She passed her two bags. “I didn’t know what to get for such small babies. I hope that you don’t mind.”

“Why would I? Thank you.” Xuxu took the bags from her and pointed at the sofa. She smiled and said, “Have a seat. I’ll get someone to make you a glass of tea.”

Bai Jing bowed her head and adjusted her hair. Su Yue dragged her to the sofa to have a seat.

The maid poured her a cup of tea. Bai Jing held the glass, her gaze sweeping over the luxurious living room, her eyes brimming with excitement and anticipation.

She leaned comfortably onto the couch, still uncontrollably cautious.

Given her status, she was still far from being able to fit in with this luxurious and high-class environment.

Bai Jing stared at the extravagant wall behind the television, not listening to a word that Su Yue was telling her.

“What are you thinking about?”

Su Yue finally realized that Bai Jing was spacing out, so she nudged her.

“Nothing.” Bai Jing hurriedly collected her thoughts and shook her head. She then smiled and said, “Let’s go see the babies. They’re adorable in the photos and I bet they’re even more adorable in person.”

Su Yue nodded. “Yes, they’re cuter than in the photos.”

She stood up and held Bai Jing’s hand, pulling her up. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to see them.”

Su Yue dragged her upstairs, and with every step she took, Bai Jing’s heart palpitated.

This place seemed filled with his scent. She was self-conscious but yet filled with excitement and anticipation.

“Come on, they’re drinking milk.” Su Yue pushed open the door to Xuxu’s room. Xuxu was breastfeeding one twin.

She dragged Bai Jing into the house and smiled at Xuxu. “Third sister-in-law, Bai Jing wants to see the babies.”

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