Eight Treasures Trousseau

Chapter 105

Chapter One Hundred and Five: Chaotic Night

“Wang Ye, please mind the stairs.” The taijian had a lowered head as he carefully ushered Yan Jin Qiu into the hall. Yan Jin Qiu stilled before stepping into the hall then he looked at the taijian and said, “How can this subject intrude into the Emperor’s residential palace without an announcement?”

The young taijian moved a step to the side and explained, “Wang Ye, His Majesty had decreed before this one left the palace that when Wang Ye arrived, you can enter the inner hall immediately without any announcement.”

“So that is how it is.” Yan Jin Qiu looked at the imperial guards standing sternly outside the hall and neatened his clothing. “Then please lead the way.”

When members of the Imperial House met with the Emperor, their servants did not qualify to enter the hall. The attendants that Yan Jin Qiu had taken along retreated silently to the side and watched as Yan Jin Qiu walked into the inner hall.

After Yan Jin Qiu walked through the hall gates, they watched as the vermillion doors plated with gold slowly closed with a heavy thump.

The hand of the guard closest to the door moved slightly. He shifted his calves as though he was slightly unused to this sound.

In Yi’an Marquis Fu, Hua He Sheng and his brothers were all in the inner compound. Even the old taitai had entered the marquis fu. The younger generation, like Hua Chang Bao, were also sitting in the same room with solemn expressions.

“I do not know what the situation in the palace is like, so in the next few days, I will trouble Younger Brothers to live here with me.” The worry in Hua He Sheng’s eyes was hard to disguise, but in front of his two younger brothers and the juniors, he tried his best to be steady. “I think… there will be news soon enough.”

Hua Zhi Ming and Hua Zhi Xun knew that their elder brother was worried about Hua Xi Wan. However, the situation was complex, and they did not have many subordinates who could be useful. Even if they wanted to help, they were unable to do so.

“Marquis, Miss Hong Ying requests an audience.” The steward of the marquis fuhurriedly walked in, and behind him was Hong Ying dressed in the clothing of a commoner.

“Hong Ying, what is the situation of the wang fu?” Hua Ding Chen saw Hong Ying’s attire, and his heart skipped a beat. Disregarding the presence of his elders and not waiting for Hong Ying to bow, he asked, “Does Meimei have trustworthy people around her?”

Hong Ying curtsied to the group in the room before saying, “Masters, Mistresses, Young Masters, do not worry. Wang Fei is fine. Wang Ye was just summoned into the palace. Right now, Wang Fei is in charge of the entire wang fu.”

Hearing this, Hua Ding Chen was reassured. However, when he thought of the chaotic situation of the imperial palace, and how Yan Jin Qiu had been summoned to the palace, he couldn’t help but frown. He turned and looked at his father and older brother who also had grave expressions. He did not dare to speak, in fear he would interrupt their thoughts.

Hua He Sheng heard something unusual from Hong Ying’s words. He lowered his voice and said, ”Wang Ye entered the palace?”

Hong Ying nodded. “Wang Fe was worried about the marquis fu and has sent this servant to visit. Before leaving, Wang Fei said for everyone to not panic, and not see guests.”


“Anyone not of the Hua Family is a guest.” Hong Ying looked around the room and her gaze landed on Hua Zhi Ming. “Second

Master, is Second Taitai present?”

Hua Zhi Ming replied, “She is in the inner yard right now.”

“The situation outside is chaotic. Wang Fei said it is best if Second Taitai does not go outside.” Hong Ying’s voice was clear, but her words caused Hua Zhi Ming to flush. At the side, Hua Qing Mao seemed to detect something, but he could only lower his head and pretend ignorance.

“Second Taitai is ill and bedridden. She cannot go anywhere.” Hua Zhi Ming’s complexion was slightly ashen. “I will send servants to take good care of her.”

“Then Second Taitai needs to have a good recovery.” Hong Ying stopped there. She did not desire to put Hua Zhi Ming on the spot even more. After she said this, she allowed the servants of the marquis fu to guide her to a room to rest.

After Hong Ying left, Hua He Sheng spoke. “The sky is about to change today. Our marquis fu is weak, so let’s just wait for the sky to clear.”

Of the three brothers, Hua He Sheng was the most worried. He waved his hand at the two younger brothers. “Go and rest.”

Just as he said this, a manservant entered with a letter in his hand.

“Master, someone sent you a letter.”

Hua He Sheng took the letter. When he saw the insignia on the letter, his expression changed slightly.

“Father?” Hua Chang Bao detected that Hua He Sheng’s mood wasn’t right and couldn’t help but ask, “Is there a problem with the letter?”

Hua He Sheng silently shook his head. “You can leave.”

Hua Chang Bao looked at the unopened letter in his father’s hand. He wanted to ask, but looking at his father’s expression, he could only leave silently with the other people.

The prestigious families and the nobility in Jing were all unable to sit still today. They wanted to go to Xian Wang Fu to get information but found that the gates of Xian Wang Fu were tightly closed. They were refusing guests. Even Wang Fei’s paternal family was also the same, as though they were afraid people were going to eat them.

They did not want to give up, but no one dared to break relations. They only cursed a few times inside. Who could guarantee that, if they offended Wang Fei and her paternal family today, revenge would not be exacted in the future?

“Wang Fei, the visitors have all been sent away by the stewards.” Bai Xia walked into the room. She saw that Hua Xi Wan had changed out of her grand palace robe into a light short dress. She couldn’t help but say, “Wang Fei, do not worry. Nothing will happen.”

Hua Xi Wan gazed in the direction of the imperial palace. She smiled faintly and said, “I know.”

Bai Xia’s lips moved, but she did not speak any more words of comfort. She put a new cup of hot tea out for Hua Xi Wan. “Just now, this servant had them make a bowl of black chicken pearl soup. Do you want a taste?”

Hua Xi Wan didn’t have an appetite. However, when she saw Hong Ying and Zi Shan looking with worry at her, she could only nod and say, “I will taste it.”

“Then this servant will bring it to you now.” Bai Xia sighed in relief and quickly left.

After Bai Xia left, Hua Xi Wan walked next to the window. She looked at the slightly yellowed trees outside the window and sighed lightly. There was something wrong about the young taijian who had come with the imperial decree today. She had seen it, and Yan Jin Qiu would definitely have seen it. However, he still went along and entered the imperial palace. This proved that Yan Jin Qiu had planned for this already.

But there was no plan in the world that would not have a flaw. How could she not worry?

If he failed, all of Xian Wang Fu would not end well. Perhaps, even her paternal family would be affected.

After she used a bowl of black chicken pearl soup, there was still no news from the palace. Hua Xi Wan’s expression became even more solemn. When the sky turned black, she heard shouts and arguing from outside.

Her expression changed slightly. She stood and took down the sword hanging on the wall, and threw her adornments such as bracelets and charms to the side. Then she said to her personal servant girls, “Go out to see.”

At the front, Bai Xia first gripped a short sword in her hand and strode after Hua Xi Wan.

Coming out of the inner yard, Hua Xi Wan saw that while the servants of the wang fu had nervous expressions, they were not panicked. She glanced at the wang fuguard captain kneeling in front of her. “What is the situation outside?”

“Wang Fei, Sheng Junwang’s people have surrounded the fu of many prestigious and noble families.” The captain’s tone was grave. “There is a troop of soldiers shouting outside our wang fu’s gates.”

Hua Xi Wan listened with focused attention and could hear the low cursing and mockery from the soldiers outside.

“The women are hiding inside and don’t dare to come out.”

“I heard that this Xian Wang Fei is really beautiful. I wonder if us brothers can…”

The soldiers immediately roared in laughter. The perverted laughed passed into the wang fu and caused the members of the wang fu to flush with anger. Some who were more fiery wanted to charge out to fight against the soldiers.

Hua Xi Wan sneered and then said, “Have someone with a good throat come!”

The soldiers outside Xian Wang Fu were enjoying their cursing when they suddenly heard a loud voice at the gates.

“I was wondering what animals were barking outside the gates. So it is a group of treasonous rebels. It would be all right if they were gentleman, but people of rough language like this are not ashamed to be rebels? If they succeed in the future, would the people of Jing have good lives?”

The soldiers who were laughing stopped and looked at each other. They had not understood what this meant yet.

The expression of the leader was slightly ugly. He had originally thought that Xian Wang Fei was a weak woman who was spoiled by Xian Wang. She definitely would be too embarrassed to come out after being mocked by his soldiers. Who knew that she wasn’t afraid and wanted to sway the minds of the people.

Before the rebels spoke, the loud voice behind the gates started again. “A group of rabble dares to dream delusively of shaking the throne. Our wang fei says that Xian Wang Fu is loyal to the Emperor, and to the entire dynasty. Rebels, leave quickly and do not dirty the lands of our Xian Wang Fu.”

“Motherf****, this woman really has a poisonous mouth. When I cleave open the gates of her fu, let’s see how she can posture.” One of the men among the rebels found the words displeasing and moved to charge.

“Stop,” the leader said harshly. “Do not act rashly.”

He had originally thought that it would be easy to take down Xian Wang Fu which only had a wang fei left. However, he was hesitant now that he saw the other’s fearless attitude. Was the other purposefully making them angry to enter a trap?

“Let’s wait.” He looked in the direction of the imperial palace. “Surround Xian Wang Fu first. If the matter succeeds, then this little Xian Wang Fu is nothing to fear.”

It would be better to go steadier. Since Xian Wang was already trapped in the imperial palace, even if Xian Wang Fei had great skills, it would be useless when Junwang Ye ascended the throne.

Hua Xi Wan heard the rebels outside were slightly more docile and looked at the servants in the surroundings. She then said gravely, “Today is the time when our Xian Wang Fu is at the brink of life and death. No one is allowed to move by themselves. Anyone suspicious will be beaten to death.” She unsheathed the sword in her hand and thrust it deeply into the flowerbed beside her. “Tonight, I will stand guard here.”

Bai Xia and the others stood silently behind Hua Xi Wan and looked with bright eyes at the flames filling the whole sky outside.

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