Dual Cultivation

Chapter 93 This is Not Prostitution!

Chapter 93 This is Not Prostitution!

When Su Yang heard Liu Lanzhi's words, he nearly burst out laughing from how ridiculously wrong she was in her guesses.

"After what happened at the Examination Hall, you still have the courage to speak with such arrogance? Do you have no face?" Su Yang shook his head, his words shocking the disciples there.

For him to use such a disrespectful tone towards the Matriarch of the Sect, does this guy have balls made of steel or something like that?

"The audacity!" The one surnamed Gu exclaimed loudly. "Who do you think you are speaking to!? Not only did you refuse to greet the Matriarch, but you also dared to show such disrespect towards her? Are you even a disciple of this Sect?"

Su Yang looked at the handsome young man surnamed Gu, and he lowered his head to look at the green robes on his body. "Are you stupid? Can't you see my clothes? If I am not a disciple here then what am I?" he said in a voice of ridicule, causing the young man to flush in anger.

"I swear to the Heavens that if I do not—"


Liu Lanzhi interrupted the two and said: "We are already late to the event because I had a meeting to attend; there is no time for your little games right now! If you wish to argue, then do it afterward!"

"Che! You lucked out for now… but just wait until after all of this is over!" The disciple surnamed Gu gnashed his teeth at Su Yang before turning away to ignore him.

Hearing his threat, Su Yang didn't even lift an eyebrow, as such empty threat was just that insignificant to him.

A moment later, Liu Lanzhi continued: "Anyway, let me brief you all on the situation before we head to the Chamber of Embrace. First and foremost, all of you here were handpicked by either another Sect Elder or myself, so I am very confident that you will not disappoint the Sect, as a great deal of our Sect's resource and reputation depend on this event."

"The next thing is that the female to male ratio here is clearly uneven with two-thirds of the participants here being female. But as you all know, the overall majority of the guests that will be coming here today are males, so the guests will have no trouble in finding a partner for the day. As for the males… you all should already know what will happen, right?"

"Yes, Matriarch!" The male disciples there looked at each other with intense gazes, looking as though everyone there had turned in rivals.

Because there will only be a few females attending this event, these male disciples will have to use their own abilities to outshine the next if he wants to attract attention.

As for the event itself…

"Matriarch." Su Yang suddenly raised his hand.

"What is it?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him and asked.

"Although I have an idea of what this event entails, the invitation was not exactly clear in the details…"

"Oh, right, this should be the first time you've heard of this event, as the previous one happened a year before you joined." Liu Lanzhi nodded, and she continued: "Our Profound Blossom Sect would organize this event every one to two years in order to raise resources and create connections with Sects and families near our Sect, and these Sects and families that we have invited may bring along with them at most two prominent disciples or descendants that still has their Essence intact to cultivate with disciples from our Profound Blossom Sect."

Hearing her explanation, the only thing Su Yang could think of was prostitution, as one party was required to pay the other for services that involve sexual activities.

"You actually dare to prostitute me to others?" Su Yang was dumbfounded. The jade slip he received only mentioned about the chosen ones improving the Sect's reputation by showing off their techniques and said nothing of prostitution.

Liu Lanzhi frowned at his choice of words, and she said: "This is not prostitution! This is the Sect assisting its disciples by giving them Yin and Yang Essences from talented individuals! Not only will our disciples grow, but our Sect will also become richer! Additionally, nobody will be forcing you to chose a partner! If you do not like the individual requesting for your time, then you may refuse it!"

Su Yang was speechless at her logic. No matter how she explained it, this method of exchanging their bodies for resources is fundamentally defined as prostitution. Even if she disguised its true intent by saying it benefits the disciples, they are still being paid to cultivate!

This is basically Cultivator prostitution!

"This is ridiculous. I will be damned if I am going to participant in this farce." Su Yang turned around and began walking away.

He was someone with great pride and dignity, and the thought of selling his body was unthinkable for someone like him. However, it was not as if nobody has offered him wealth in exchange for his time in bed before. Hell, in his previous life, there were countless times when someone would offer him heavenly treasures and divine herbs for his services!

This is also one of many reasons as to why Su Yang didn't go beyond massaging his clients during his earlier days, as he despised anything that resembled prostitution.

"Su Yang!?" Liu Lanzhi did not expect such a reaction from him and was shocked when he turned to walk away.

Although his presence was not necessary for this event, his god-like techniques would surely cause the Sect's reputation to soar, and Liu Lanzhi was not willing to ruin such a chance for her Sect to rise.

"Wait a moment!" Liu Lanzhi quickly chased after Su Yang, who was already far away from the group.

The disciples were dazed at the situation. Why would the Matriarch chase after such a rude kid? If he wanted to leave and miss out on the easy harvest, then she should just let him leave! This would mean less competition for the males, too!

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