Dual Cultivation

Chapter 890 - Qiang City

Chapter 890 - Qiang City

"B-Bullshit! There's no way you're her son! Show me some proof!" Jiang Chen was reluctant to believe Su Yang.

Su Yang nodded and said, "Very well. Then let me tell you about what my mother does on a daily basis and how some secrets about her sect that only she would know."

He then proceeded to talk about his 'mother' and made everything sound incredibly realistic and believable.

Furthermore, the way Su Yang talked without stopping or stuttering made everything even more believable, as a liar wouldn't be able to speak so casually and confidently.

"As for why nobody knows about my existence… Look at me. If you were my mother, would you dare to openly brag about having a pig like me? My mother is a goddess with countless admirers but look at me. I am the complete opposite." Su Yang sighed.

The Jiang Family was speechless by the time Su Yang was finished with his bullshit.

"Aiya… Forget it. I will just tell my mother to come here instead since you guys clearly don't believe a word I say. If I was a little bit more handsome, perhaps things would be different."

"Wait…" Jiang Chen stopped him.

"Why does your mother want this place? Is it because of the treasure in this place?"

"I don't know exactly why she wants this place, but my mother has been grieving ever since Su Yang's death, so maybe that has something to do with it." Su Yang shrugged.

Then he continued, "You know what? In order to compensate for your losses, I will give you these high-grade spirit stones."

Su Yang then placed twenty high-grade spirit stones on the table.

The Jiang Family was immediately dumbfounded by Su Yang's wasteful spending.

Even if this house used to belong to Su Yang in the past, it was definitely not worth 20 high-grade spirit stones.

With 20 high-grade spirit stones, they can move to an even bigger house and spend the rest of their lives there luxuriously.

Of course, that is if they didn't include the treasure in this place.

With that being said, if this unknown fatty is truly who he claims to be, it was definitely not worth offending his mother no matter what kind of treasure could be in this place.

In the end, it was only a house with some unknown treasure. If they refuse to leave and die as a result, it wouldn't matter what treasure was in this place, as dead people cannot use treasures.

After pondering for a few minutes, Jiang Chen grabbed the 20 high-grade spirit stones on the table and said, "Okay, this building is yours. Give us a few days to pack and leave."

Su Yang nodded with a calm smile on his face.

Sometime later, Jiang Chen handed Su Yang the keys to the house before Su Yang and Xiao Rong left the place.

"Master, is there really a treasure in that place? I couldn't sense any treasure." Xiao Rong said to him after they left.

"Ah, that was something I made up. Even though it could've backfired, it was worth a try, and it doesn't really matter if they were willing to leave or not since I have no use for that place. There's really nothing special about the building besides the sentimental feelings I have for it."

"As for being 'Su Yang's' descendant… Let's go with that from now on." Su Yang said with a smile on his face.

Xiao Rong nodded.

Su Yang and Xiao Rong proceeded to spend a few days in a nearby hotel. They also renewed their tokens for another month while they waited.

A few days later, they returned to the building, and sure enough, the Jiang Family were no longer there, leaving the house completely empty.

"I don't know how they were able to occupy this house in the first place, but I'm glad it's back in my possession again." Su Yang looked around the building before cleaning the place up.

"Xiao Rong, let's spend a few days here before we leave."

Xiao Rong nodded.

Thus, the two of them spent a few more days in the house.

A week later, Su Yang and Xiao Rong left the house before leaving the city.

"Where are we going to go now, Master?"

"We're going to go get some information. Although 2,000 years isn't very long in the grand scheme of things, many things can change in such a short time. And the best place to obtain information would be the information brokers. Most of them are incredibly knowledgeable with some of them even knowing secrets that even most immortals are unaware of."

"Once I have information on some things, I will see where we should go from there."

Xiao Rong nodded as she entered the flying boat with him.

"When it comes to finding information brokers, the best place would be the Tower of Intelligence at Qiang Province's capital city— Qiang City."

"In the Tower of Intelligence, you can find information about almost everything. Trying to look for a certain treasure? They will know the exact location. Looking for a specific technique? They will tell you where to go to obtain one. A missing person? They will find that person in less than a week. The brokers have connections around the Four Divine Heavens and are not to be trifled with."

"This is going to take at least a week so make yourself comfortable." Su Yang said to Xiao Rong.

During the next couple of days, Su Yang and Xiao Rong would encounter multiple cultivators on their own flying treasures on their journey to Qiang City. It was such a weird feeling at first to see other flying treasures for Su Yang since he had gotten used to dominating the sky alone.

And the closer they got to Qiang City, the more cultivators they would encounter.

Exactly a week later, Su Yang and Xiao Rong arrived at Qiang City, where a massive tower could be seen piercing the heavens from inside the city even from hundreds of miles away.

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