Dual Cultivation

Chapter 815 - Eastern Continent's Massive Gathering

Chapter 815 - Eastern Continent's Massive Gathering

Once the messenger left the Profound Blossom Sect, he returned to the Xie Family and notified Lord Xie that Su Yang had received the letter and agreed on the meeting time and location.

Meanwhile, Su Yang returned to his own routine.

Time passed quickly, and the date of the gathering grew increasingly closer.

A month flashed by, and during this time, Su Yang went to the Holy Central Continent one more time to bring Feng Xindou to the Profound Blossom Sect so that he could treat her whenever it was needed.

"Wow, so this is the Eastern Continent, huh? It's not much different from the Holy Central Continent other than the quality of Profound Qi." Feng Xindou said out loud while Su Yang gave her a quick tour around the Eastern Continent on his flying treasure.

"Well, the Heavenly Spiritual Root beneath the Eastern Continent is much worse than the one in the Holy Central Continent, so that's only natural," Su Yang said, and he began explaining about the Heavenly Spiritual Root to her.

"I see… I never knew that such a thing existed underneath us in the ground…" Feng Xindou mumbled in a dazed voice after learning this information.

After their tour, Su Yang gave Feng Xingdou a room in the Yin Yang Pavilion before treating her for a couple of hours.

The day before the gathering, Su Yang went to the Burning Lotus Sect to meet with Wang Shuren.

"You want me to attend the gathering with you?" Wang Shuren raised her eyebrows after Su Yang asked her.

"Yes. Your presence will make it more convincing once I reveal my identity."

"You really intend on revealing your identity, huh. Your life will no longer be the same afterward. Are you sure you want that?"

Su Yang nodded and said, "It's fine. We have less than a year in this world, anyway."

"Okay. If you need me there, I'll be there with you. What are you going to do until then?" Wang Shuren then asked.

Su Yang smiled and said, "How about I spend it with you?"

A beautiful smile appeared on Wang Shuren's face, and she nodded, "Sounds like a great idea!"

Thus, Su Yang and Wang Shuren spent the rest of the day together.

Meanwhile, hundreds of powerful families and sects from across the Eastern Continent began gathering in the city that was the closest to the gathering location, shocking the locals in that city.

Even though large gatherings have happened before, it was never at such a massive scale. This will definitely be an unprecedented event, and whatever is going to happen at this meeting will have a high probability of changing the world forever.

The following day, early in the morning, these families and sects left the city and made their way towards the gathering area that was only an hour away from the city, and there were so many people on the road that it made it seem like a war was going to happen.

An hour later, once these people arrived at the gathering area that was specifically made for this occasion, they took a seat randomly at this coliseum-like place except there was no arena in the middle, only a tall platform.

The Xie Family arrived half an hour after everybody was seated, and everybody there stood up and greeted them with lowered heads.

Lord Xie casually waved his hands, and the people there returned to their seats.

"Heavens… This is the first time the entire Xie Family has participated in a gathering… Even Ancestor Wang and Fairy Xie are here…"

The people there were shocked to see the whole Xie Family's presence there. Although Xie Xingfang was wearing her veil, everybody instantly recognized her identity from her immense aura alone.

Once everyone was seated, Lord Xie stood up and said in a loud voice that was enhanced by his spiritual energy, "Thank you all for coming here on such short notice. I'm sure you're wondering why I'd gathered all of you here, but as you all know, I was not the one who requested for your presence here."

"It was the Alchemy Master from the Holy Central Continent who wanted to meet us, right? I've been waiting for this meeting ever since he appeared last year!"

"Me, too! I wonder what he wants to talk to us about!"

"Perhaps he has more new pills to reveal today!"

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of miles away, Su Yang stepped out of Wang Shuren's house with her while in his disguise, and they began making their way to the location.

A couple of minutes later, they arrived at the area, and they hovered above the place for a moment before jumping off the flying treasure and landing on the platform in the middle.

"So that's the Alchemy Master from the Holy Central Continent… What a powerful aura! He's definitely the real deal!"

"That's Senior Wang standing behind him!"

"First and foremost, allow me to thank you all for coming here today," Su Yang spoke in a calm voice, quickly silencing the side conversations, and he continued, "I'm sure a lot of you have questions regarding my pills and the future of alchemy in the Eastern Continent, and that's why I am here today— alongside a few other minor announcements."

"I have introduced the Earth Advancement Pill and a couple of other new pills to this place not long ago, and while the Earth Advancement Pills are easily accessible by most people, the Heaven Transcendence Pill has not been sold publicly. However, that will change very soon, as everyone here will have the chance to obtain a Heaven Transcendence Pill in the near future."

The people there were immediately filled with excitement after hearing Su Yang's words. Although there has been an explosive increase in cultivators at the Earth Spirit Realm thanks to the Earth Advancement Pills, the number of Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators is still pathetically low. However, all of that will change once the Heavenly Transcendence Pills are available for the public, as there are many peak Earth Spirit Realm cultivators waiting for such a pill for their breakthrough!

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